The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 512 Years of extensive clinical experience

"Boss, why are you such a wimp!" The two went back to the emergency ward, and on the way, Su Yun began to nag.

"No wimpiness, what else do you want? A fight?" Zheng Ren laughed.

"I really want to beat him up."

"I see in the empire, the big black umbrella that time, you are quite agile." Zheng Ren's mind jumped and thought of that incident in the imperial capital, "You practiced?"

"Flawless I must be flawless at every angle." Su Yun's black hair in front of his forehead fluttered ah, handsome and unusual.

Zheng Ren laughed, shook his head, and did not say anything.

Su Yun also knew what he was laughing at himself, angry at Zheng Ren, and finally full of anger also turned into a sigh.

Still can really fight ah, bullshit ......

After walking a few steps and approaching the emergency ward, Su Yun suddenly asked, "Boss, is it really a metal allergy? How did you diagnose it?"

"With my many years of rich clinical experience."

Looking at Zheng Ren's serious bullshit, Su Yun felt full of slots and was about to strike a precise blow when Zheng Ren had already returned to the ward with quick steps.

After a morning of tossing and turning, there was very little time left before the end of the day.

At noon, he also had an appointment with Zhao to do 64-row CT three-dimensional reconstruction, Zheng Ren's plan to read a book was a bust.

Just returned to the emergency ward, Feng Xuhui quietly followed in.

Two Sinopec fuel cards, handed to Zheng Ren.

With an apologetic face, Feng Xuhui said, "Mr. Zheng, it's all my carelessness, I'm really sorry."

These words made a fuss over Zheng Ren.

"What's wrong?" Zheng Ren asked, puzzled.

"This kind of thing, I should have thought of it in advance, how could I make you bother." Feng Xuhui was incomparably guilty and blamed himself, "Here are two oil cards, each with a thousand dollars saved. Mr. Zheng, don't be polite, it's all as it should be."

"......" Zheng Ren was only a small doctor once upon a time, and still didn't know how precise the consumables business was to pat the directors on the back, so this kind of thing was new to him.

"I took it upon myself to give a Sinopec gas card. Sinopec's oil, mostly imported, is of good quality and resistant to burning. Sinopec is all our own production, the oil quality is poorer." Feng Xuhui saw Zheng Ren flabbergasted, immediately changed the subject away, afraid that Zheng Ren threw the extra card into his face.

Zheng Ren is also lazy because a thousand dollars and Feng Xuhui pretentious.

The supplies of thousands and tens of thousands of dollars are used, not bad for this thousand dollars.

Besides, Feng Xuhui is not the same as the patient. He is a long time to ask for himself, receive also received. For the sake of a thousand dollars oil card pretentious, then there is little meaning.

"Thanks." Zheng Ren smiled.

Feng Xuhui was relieved that the worst case scenario expected did not happen.

Yesterday he went back in the evening to Professor Rudolf Wagner needed someone to follow to Germany to report the matter to Ma Dong, that side directly silent.

Feng Xuhui is simply too capable, luck is also too good some, so quickly to hit the product out of the country?

Not just any hospital, but one of the largest medical centers in Europe, the Heidelberg University Hospital!

What a hell.

Ma Dong was also flabbergasted, he did not answer Feng Xuhui, but hung up the phone in silence, carefully recalling the news.

Feng Xuhui saw no movement on Ma Dong's side, but also some apprehension.

It just so happens that Zheng Ren first transferred a thousand dollars to run his own errands, and Feng Xuhui took it upon himself to run two oil cards.

"Su Yun ......"

"Don't call me." Su Yun looked down and played with his phone, not wanting to talk to this Zheng Ren at all.

Zheng Ren continued as if he hadn't heard, "Go to Sister Zhao at noon, 64-row CT 3D reconstruction of two patients. Do you want to try it?"

"Cut, I'm not going to try." Su Yun despised, "You just want to get rid of all kinds of work, so that you can spare a little. I'm not stupid, 64-row CT three-dimensional reconstruction I would have seen long ago, do not need you to teach."

Zheng Ren is also very helpless, Su Yun said he would see, it is estimated that will see. Just he does not want to do, he has nothing good way.

Has thrown the scientific research to Su Yun this guy, Zheng Ren is also a little embarrassed.

No way, can only do it themselves.

See Zheng Ren did not speak, Su Yun smug, hand speed seems to be 100APM faster, "At that time but you said yourself, the operator to do 64-row CT three-dimensional reconstruction, the best results."

Su Yun still does not forget to add a knife.

"Got it." Zheng Ren waved his hand, and his heart was a little sad.

Still too few people, they want to do surgery, and want to date Xie Yiren, and want to read a book, time can not hit the point ......


"Boss, you tell me about that patient how you judge the contraceptive ring allergy chant." Is distressed, Su Yun bias came up, playfully asked.

He deliberately did not restrain his voice, and the ears of Chang Yue, Zhong Min, Yang Lei and others in the office perked up.

Who doesn't like to hear gossip? Contraceptive ring? Did Zheng always have an affair?

This idea, although we all know it is not reliable, but a long time in the heart of the floating.

"What can't be judged ah, the patient is in his thirties, generally used with copper intrauterine device. The patient's symptoms are not heavy, intermittent, occurring frequently, and there are no abnormalities in all the tests, so how biased is how to think." Zheng Ren said.

"Mr. Zheng, if the IUD causes allergy, it should always be allergic." Zhong Min was puzzled and asked.

"I once met a patient with allergic edema and respiratory distress admitted to the hospital." Su Yun came to life at this time and began to gossip, "After emergency desensitization treatment, the search for the allergen began. Guess what the allergy was?"




Zheng Ren glanced at Su Yun and saw him smugly, his heart moved and he said with conviction, "Blood pressure medicine."

"......" Su Yun was dumbfounded.

He definitely did not expect Zheng Ren to casually say the correct answer.

This was an emergency case he had encountered when he was in graduate school. The patient was often allergic, and after the onset of the disease, he began to take oral desensitization drugs on his own, delaying treatment, and when he was sent to the hospital, he almost didn't suffocate.

After resuscitation, the patient's symptoms subsided, so finding the allergen became a top priority.

A veteran professor spent four hours asking the patient about everything trivial in his life, and later looked up English journals to find cases of allergy to the kind of antihypertensive drugs the patient was taking orally.

Later, the patient changed his oral antihypertensive medication for more than 10 years and never had any allergic symptoms again.

Some allergies are like that, with subtle changes in body conditions. With IUDs and oral antihypertensive medications, both release allergens on a daily basis, but only a few times do they flare up acutely.

The principle between this, if it is clear, is equivalent to reading the medical books on immunity, physiology and so on all over again.

Su Yun looked at Zheng Ren in surprise and wondered, "You are masked?"

"Many years of rich clinical experience." Zheng Ren said indifferently.

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