The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 505 - That Who

"Oh." The professor was a little disappointed, but since Zheng Ren had spoken, he subconsciously complied.

Su Yun saw that the professor was there and was happy to be free, so he didn't go to the operating room.

The professor knowingly went straight to putting on the lead suit and brushing his hands. Zheng Ren waited for him to start sterilization, then went to take out the lead suit from the system space, put it on and went to brush his hands.

Today in the provincial medical university hospital, Zheng Ren did not dare to use the system equipment, afraid to be seen differently.

While brushing his hands, he thought, or next time out flying knife, also carry a trolley case?

It should be possible, Zheng Ren's mind wandered for a while, brushing his hands on the stage.

Xie Yiren tied the sterile clothes for Zheng Ren, half squatted down, pulled the corners under the sterile clothes, stretched a little, so that the sterile clothes neatly some.

She examined it, felt satisfied, and made a cheering gesture to Zheng Ren.

Beneath the sterile mask, the corners of Zheng Ren's mouth lifted slightly, and his heart was warm with peace and joy.

The heavy lead door closed and the surgery began.

"Boss, what operation?" Professor Rudolph Wagner asked as he stood on the operating table.

"Shunting through the femoral vein." Zheng Ren replied.

The professor then began puncturing the right femoral vein and inserting an end-hole catheter into the descending aorta via the PDA.

At this point, the professor stopped and waited for Zheng Ren to operate.

The following is the matter of the operator, the assistant must have the awareness of an assistant, Rudolf - with a special force in his heart - Professor Wagner understands this.

From the first operation, after the two turned off the stage at the same time, they always remembered this point.

Zheng Ren started the imaging, and then selected the appropriate diameter controllable spring coils to be delivered via catheter into the descending aorta, placing 4 coils on the aortic side of the PDA and 34 to 1 on the pulmonary side of the PDA.

At this point in the procedure, halfway through, a ten-minute waiting period ensued.

The professor finally seized the opportunity and immediately said, "Boss, I know what's wrong with the prostate intervention!"


"The consumables you use, although they look rough and hard, are especially good for opening tiny arteries. Every consumable has its use, and I think your choice is simply a genius idea."

Zheng Ren smiled bitterly, the professor thought of this? Then he came up here and told himself that the consumables from Changfeng Minimally Invasive were better?

This is not fucking bullshit.

If you use Boston Scientific or Cook's supplies, Zheng Ren is sure to shorten the operation time a little bit more.

"Hey, hey." The professor opened the intercom and tried the microphone first.

"Fugui'er, is something wrong?" Su Yun sat outside and asked lazily.

"That who, you go there and there, bring in that whatchamacallit." Professor Rudolph Wagner said.

This eighth-grade northeastern language, everyone in the operating room did not understand, even Su Yun was also stunned for a moment.

Say what the hell it is.

But how high Su Yun IQ ah, his eyes rolled, mind agile, immediately knew what the professor said means.

"Manager Feng, the professor called you." Su Yun said.

"Ah? Me?" Feng Xuhui was dumbfounded in place, he was the who? But what the heck is that thing?

After all, Feng Xuhui is still young, when encountering unexpected situations are not very well handled.

Only after a few seconds did he stiffen up, open the lead door of induction and walk in.

"Professor Rudolph ......"

"Call me Fugui'er!" The professor looked askance at Feng Xuhui, and his eyes and tone were completely devoid of the meekness he had when talking to Zheng Ren.

Look at Feng Xuhui's eyes, condescending, as if the gods and goddesses open their eyes and look at a mole.

"Uh ...... Fugui'er, are you looking for me? What do you want?" Feng Xuhui asked politely.

This was his first conversation with Professor Rudolf Wagner.

It was just the name Fugui'er that made Feng Xuhui a little uncomfortable.

Under Feng Xuhui's rental house, someone had a giant poodle named Fu Gui'er.

The two names overlapped together, making Feng Xuhui very awkward.

Once you say Fugui'er, Feng Xuhui will appear in front of the shadow of that giant poodle, especially out of the play.

"Boss do prostate embolization guide wire, you get me ten ...... twenty sets." Professor Rudolf Wagner was not at all polite.

At the Heidelberg University Medical Center, the professor doesn't think about money at all, so he brings this habit right here.

"Fugui'er, what are you doing?" Zheng Ren saw Feng Xuhui was a little confused, so he relieved himself and said.

"Boss, I'm going to bring this kind of supplies kissed by the god of luck to Heidelberg! I want to complete twenty prostate interventions on that side! When I get proficient, I will operate on Dr. Mehar." Professor Rudolf Wagner said seriously.

"Consumables cost money." Zheng Ren was more thoughtful, and seeing Feng Xuhui standing there, he reminded the professor.

"Money, not a problem, was never a consideration." The professor said indifferently, "That who, let you people follow me, I will let that group of assholes in the medical center purchase your supplies directly. Damn, when I think of those assholes, I get angry."

The professor spoke casually, but these few words were like an explosive thunderstorm falling on top of Feng Xuhui's head.

In an instant, he directly crossed over.

Is this product going to the international market? How could it be so simple? And it was not just an ordinary promotion, but a direct entry into the Heidelberg Medical Center, one of the largest medical institutions in Europe?

Happiness came too suddenly, Feng Xuhui directly into a state of downtime.

The leg is too thick, and it feels bad to hold it. There are always surprises, the kind of surprises that make people's blood pressure rise.

"That who, I am serious, not nonsense." The professor said, "Your home guide wire is not good, but the boss uses it, I have to use it. It's settled, your side prepare, in a few days I return to China, you find someone to go back with me."

"Fugui'er, when are you going back?" Zheng Ren asked.

"Boss, the patient is stable, I will take him back." Professor Rudolf Wagner said respectfully, his tone transforming so quickly that it was uncomfortable, "On this side, it's not like you're going to let me be your patient."

The professor finally whispered a complaint, resentful and "Chu Chu" pitiful.

Zheng Ren did not speak, pressed to ignore the professor.

He took a look at the time, almost ten minutes.

"Manager Feng, you go out, this side is going to step on the line." Zheng Ren said, "What Fu Gui'er said, you contact your company as soon as possible. In a few days, he will be leaving."

Feng Xuhui was in a trance, nodded, and turned around like a puppet to go out.

Listening to Zheng Ren instructing himself, he still refused to believe that it was all true. Enter the international market, is this possible? The company's consumables are all imitations, will they be sued for intellectual property rights?

Feng Xuhui was thinking more and more.

Zheng Ren looked at the time, exactly ten minutes.

He started to step on the line and repeated the aortic arch descending angiography to confirm that the seal spring embolus was properly positioned, satisfactorily shaped, and without residual shunt.

The spring coil is released by manipulating the rotary handle, and then the sheath is withdrawn after repeating the right heart catheterization.

After the procedure was done, Zheng Ren turned around and stepped down from the stage.

Professor Rudolph Wagner went tacitly to compress to stop the bleeding.

"Boss, you don't leave later haha, I have something to tell you in this nook." Professor Rudolf Wagner saw Zheng Ren was going to leave, so he hurriedly said.

"Let's do it tomorrow, I'm too tired today." Zheng Ren waved his hand and refused the professor's invitation without hesitation.

What else could the professor be looking for himself, it was just to study prostate interventional embolization.

These things are not difficult at all for Zheng Ren, who is a gigantic craftsman.

The professor's conversation is really a waste of time.

If it were usual, it would be fine. But now, Zheng Ren is very tired.

It was a very busy day, but the most tiring thing for Zheng Ren was not the 4 TIPS surgeries and 1 arterial catheter failure surgery. Rather, it was the indifference of the patient's family, who wanted to pull out the tube.

To this day, Zheng Ren still seems to hear the sound of the patient clenching the tracheal intubation with his teeth when the tube was pulled.

The result is perfect and that's it.

Zheng Ren felt physically and mentally exhausted.

"Boss, I'm going to watch the ICU after the operation." Su Yun and Zheng Ren greeted to.

Zheng Ren was particularly relieved with Su Yun, especially since this patient himself belonged to the cardiothoracic surgery, and there was nothing to worry about.

The operation is finally over, Du Chunfang's life, it should be back, Zheng Ren fatigue in a trace of pleasure.

This is the first time in ten years from the medical small indulge yourself.

Hope that

Can have a perfect ending.

The most important thing is to have a good understanding of the situation.

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