The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 504 - Get on the bus first, then buy a ticket

Interventional procedures for arteriovenous catheterization are divided into several categories, and the most commonly used now is the controlled spring embolization method.

Because of the limited time for surgical training, Zheng Ren mainly practiced this surgical procedure.

The big piggyback also does not know what happened, recently rarely promulgated the task.

Zheng Ren has some regrets, if it was the usual, like Du Chunfang such patients, to a [save people in danger] and other tasks, happy to do, you can also accumulate some experience value and surgical training time.

But the big pig's foot didn't say a word.

Could it be the reason for his own improved level? Or is it because Du Chunfang, the patient, the difficulty is not in the surgery, but in the fact that her parents simply do not want to spend even a single penny on her.

Things that have nothing to do with surgery that Big Piggy doesn't care about?

About the big piggyback thing Zheng Ren also did not think much, keep the current state, Zheng Ren is already very satisfied.

A few months time, interventional surgery stood to the top of the world, this is already a rocket speed, okay?

There is nothing to be dissatisfied with.

The system operating room was raised, and Zheng Ren began training in the controlled spring embolization method of arterial catheterization surgery.

The surgery is very simple, for the titanic level Zheng Ren, basically no difficulty.

The only delay is that after the controlled spring coil is lowered in, you have to wait for ten minutes and then repeat the aortic arch descending angiography to be sure.

Therefore, each surgery consumes about 20 minutes.

After training 10 surgeries, Zheng Ren consumed all the surgical training time before he came out of the system space.

Smoke a mouthful of cigarettes to refresh himself, then Zheng Ren habitually put out the cigarette, the remaining half cigarette into the cigarette box.

Time is short, Su Yun has not yet sent the patient over.

Think about it, to the elevator all the way through, pinch the ball to send the patient on the surgery, must be a little more fully prepared to do.

Otherwise, the patient did not go on the stage, halfway there is a mistake, was suffocated, how can this thing be counted?

There is no better way to do bad things with good intentions than this.

In the operating room, Xie Yiren, Chu Yanran and Chu Yanzhi were busy preparing for the surgery.

They seem to be used to this kind of after-hours extra table.

Although there would be a lot of wailing and screaming after receiving the news of additional tables in the group. But once they arrived at the operating room, they were still very serious and burned their calories to the fullest.

Zheng Ren just wanted to help, the phone rang, took out a look is Feng Xuhui.

Open the door and let Feng Xuhui change into the operating room.

In fact, it is not compliant to let non-surgical personnel into the operating room.

But some surgeries that are rarely done, such as this blocking surgery for unclosed arterial catheters today. If there is no consumables vendor who can put out the fire to help, the patient can only wait for the long procedure process of the hospital to enter the consumables, and there will never be such a situation as the current one of getting on the train first and buying the ticket later.

First use, then go through the processional procedure.

Non-compliance is definitely non-compliance, but everyone does this, and Zheng Ren also feels convenient, so he does not feel there is anything wrong.

"Mr. Zheng, this operation of yours, really the more you do, the wider the face." Feng Xuhui met, and his waist unconsciously bent first.

Not every consumables business will grovel, many are like friends to deal with.

But in Feng Xuhui's view, Zheng Ren's level ...... is simply unfathomable.

The earliest because of the company to carry out activities, this is to contact the Hai Cheng City First Hospital. At that time, here can be said to be almost interventional surgery barren land, even the most basic supplies are missing.

Even the interventional department is not, the long wind is only in the spirit of dates without dates to play the attitude of three sticks.

But Mr. Zheng, surprisingly, carried out a bunch of surgeries one after another, each one is particularly superb. Now, also to carry out heart surgery.

When he thought of heart surgery, Feng Xuhui's heart couldn't stop beating wildly.

Of all the interventional consumables, the most lucrative ones are not the interventional consumables for liver cancer, but the stents and vascular stents for the heart.

When facing a strong person, especially his own lap, Feng Xuhui's mind and posture, first of all, went down first.

He also did not feel there was anything wrong with it.

Zheng Ren smiled, did not say anything, but began to check the supplies Feng Xuhui brought.

"Mr. Zheng, when can we do the interventional treatment for heart attack and brain infarction?" Feng Xuhui asked tentatively.

"For the time being, we are not going to carry out." Zheng Ren took a glance at the consumables, which were the 2nd generation amplatzer spring coils imitated by Changfeng minimally invasive.

The level of technology ...... is relatively poor, but it can deal with the use.

"Manager Feng, it's free, right. The patient's economic condition, but it is not good." Zheng Ren smilingly asked.

"Mr. Zheng you spoke, it must be free." Feng Xuhui replied affirmatively, "Going is the cost of the company's publicity and promotion."

"Hmm." Zheng Ren nodded his head.

"The quality of consumables is not a problem, it is ...... afraid that you, Mr. Zheng, will not use it smoothly." Feng Xuhui recently conducted an all-round study of various interventional consumables, and the more he pondered, the more he sweated.

The technological level of Changfeng Microtron is still in imitation, and the imitation is only the products of Boston Technology, Cook and other companies five years ago.

With Zheng Ren's ability, these big companies just need to pay attention to it, and all kinds of new consumables must be used casually.

Feng Xuhui thinks this is a hidden danger.

"No problem, as long as it's free." Zheng Ren was also a little embarrassed, always looking for free stuff from Changfeng Microtron, although he said he brought them enough opportunities, but it still felt weird.

"You don't mind as long as you don't mind."

As we were chatting, the door of the operating room opened and the sound of the flat car came in from afar.

Zheng Ren knew that the patient had been delivered.

He took a big step to the door to help.

Unexpectedly, Zheng Ren saw the figures of Professor Rudolph Wagner and little Oliver appearing at the door.

"Fugui'er, what brings you guys here?" Zheng Ren was surprised.

"Boss, I figured it out!" The professor said excitedly, "Do the prostate ......"

"Shut up and help!" Zheng Ren did not hesitate to reprimand, let the professor do not gush bleep, this side of the patient is still pinching the ball. A second earlier on the ventilator, the danger can be reduced a lot.

"What surgery?" The professor then saw Su Yun pushing the hospital bed and running over, the ICU doctor sitting on the bed, the patient's side pinching the leather ball.

"Arterial catheter failure."

"Boss, you still do these minor surgeries, simply too statusless ......"

"Come and help!" Zheng Ren originally did not want to disturb the professor's "scientific research", but since the professor threw himself into the net, then take it over and use it.

"Okay." Professor Rudolph Wagner also helped.

He was a tall, powerful savage, and quickly brought the patient to the operating table. Chu Yanran was the first to connect the patient to the ventilator, and the risks of this road trip were considered to have been survived.

"Change your clothes and get on the stage." Zheng Ren glanced at the professor still wanted to exchange something with himself and immediately stopped.

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