The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 502 - Destiny

What's the use of having money when people are not there.

Perhaps, this is love.

Zheng Ren nodded and looked at Director Zhou.

What one has to ask is done, what remains is the normal legal process and the most important personal authorization of Du Chunfang.

"Xiao Zheng, if you do the surgery, is it sure?" Director Zhou did not evade and asked the question directly in front of Du Chunfang's boyfriend.

"Great, there is only a small chance that something will go wrong. But no matter what, I will do my best to get a good result." Zheng Ren said frankly.

This is not the same as other times and accounts to other patients.

Already deeply involved in this matter, Zheng Ren did not mind saying it with certainty.

A shine of hope appeared in the young man's eyes.

"I was going to wait for a few more months to save up 20,000 yuan, and then take her to the provincial capital for surgery." The young man said to: "I did not expect life would be so bad ...... this is all my fault, I would have borrowed money earlier."

What he said has nothing to do with what Zheng Ren and Director Zhou said.

But from his tone could hear a hint of guilt and a hint of elation.

Today, he also asked someone to inquire, now in this situation, there is no one willing to operate on the patient.

And without surgery, the amount of money spent in the ICU first, this is just the beginning.

Next, if the blood oxygen never improves, long-term tracheal intubation and the need for tracheotomy. Next, the complications that often occur in the ICU, such as pneumonic pneumonia, are life-threatening diseases.

Whether or not they can be pushed out of the ICU alive are two words.

And that looks a little naive Dr. Zheng, surprisingly said that you can give surgery, and sure enough, the young man was surprised.

Even if the medical level of Haicheng is worse than the provincial capital, but as long as they dare to go on stage, they should have some skills.

Zheng Ren walked out of the accounting room, took a deep breath, feeling a few smooth emotions.

The old director Pan stood outside, hands behind his back, eyes looking straight out the window, the bright lights of all the families in Haicheng, and this face of life and death decisive incompatible.

"Zheng Ren, the operation is not big, is it." The old Pan director said, "I have done surgical operations for unclosed arterial ducts before, it is not difficult. It is said that recently it can be plugged with an interventional umbrella, what do you think?"

"The surgery is simple and the patient is in an okay state. If there are no circumstances occurring that cannot be explained by modern medicine, basically it will not fail." Zheng Ren and Director Lao Pan told the truth.

"Well, do it tonight or tomorrow?"

"The sooner the better, the less money spent and the quicker the recovery." Zheng Ren said.

Old Director Pan's hand was behind his back, and the fingers of his right hand tapped the back of his left hand as if he was tapping on the Book of the Cone of the Pipe.

He did not ask Zheng Ren if he had done it, how many similar surgeries he had done, and what the success rate was.

Everything, all rooted in the confidence built from the success of countless surgeries after these months of contact.

Su Yun stood quietly at one side, as if pondering something. Once this person is quiet, it will make people feel very odd, not as normal as if he stood out and sprayed this, sprayed that.

After a few minutes, Director Zhou and the young man came out, and the hospital's legal adviser held a document with the young man's signature and handprint on it.

"Prepare the camera equipment, and then start." Director Zhou waved his hand and said.

"Su Yun, how long will it take for the patient to come out of sedation?" Zheng Ren asked.

"5-10 minutes. Because the patient is young, the drug metabolism rate back slightly faster, it is estimated that 5 or 6 minutes." Su Yun said.

Zheng Ren nodded his head.

Changed clothes, the crowd entered the ICU.

The young man was a little nervous, his hands were hidden in his sleeves and trembled slightly.

Entering the ICU, Su Yun and the doctor on duty tonight said, "Stop the midazolam pump, flumazenil midazolam 4mg intramuscularly."

The ICU doctor's face showed a hint of joy and asked in a whisper, "Brother Yun, you can stop pulling the tube?"

Su Yun, however, was not overjoyed, and with a rare heavy expression, nodded slightly.

The ICU doctor cheerfully went to assist the nurse to stop the intravenous pump and give the patient an intramuscular injection of antagonistic drugs.

"Do you see any problems?" Zheng Ren saw that Su Yun's state was a little off, so he came over and asked.

"I'm worried." Su Yun said directly, "I am worried that once the patient comes to his senses, he will be agitated because of fear, resulting in a drastic drop in blood oxygen and inability to complete the signing procedure."

This, too, was expected by Zheng Ren.

But there was no good way out.

"That's not the biggest worry." Su Yun unexpectedly continued, and Zheng Ren was stumped for a moment.

"What else are you worried about?"

"The patient knows that the cure needs money and doesn't want to drag her little boyfriend down. And do not want to die, but also do not want to drag people, once this kind of dogma drama happens, boss, you will be embarrassed." Su Yun's expression was somewhat cold, and the black hair on his forehead fluttered and floated.

This is what Zheng Ren did not expect.

He thought carefully, there was indeed the possibility of this happening.

However, the

There was still no good way.

Everything that can be done has been done.

The rest.

Leave it to fate.

A few minutes later, Du Chunfang began to stir, and the oxygen saturation on the monitor began to drop from 98%.

"Du Chunfang, don't be afraid." The ICU doctor spoke loudly in the patient's ear.

Repeated shouting seemed to wake the patient up a bit.

Her breathing calmed down a bit and her oxygen saturation stabilized at about 92% with the supply of pure oxygen.

The young man appeared in front of the hospital bed, holding Du Chunfang's hand, unable to stop the tears from falling down.

"You are emotionally stable, she can't last too long in this situation." Zheng Ren whispered admonition.

The young man nodded vigorously, tears flying.

The camera began to work, and Director Zhou replaced the ICU doctor and recounted what happened in the most concise words.

The patient was only in a sedated state, used to relieve the discomfort caused by tracheal intubation, so as not to spasm the airway and cause severe lack of oxygen.

There was no problem with sanity.

Director Zhou's words, she quickly understood and nodded with effort.

She looked at her lover with infinite attachment in her eyes.

"Below, you come to determine the guardian during the illness, there are cameras on this side, which will record all your movements as evidence." Director Zhou said, "Here is a document that needs your signature. If you don't have the strength, just press your handprint."

The ICU doctor took out the big red seal clay and prepared it on the side.

The patient used all his strength to hold the young man's hand.

The camera recorded it all.

"Ms. Du Chunfang, next, please make sure of one thing. During your illness, the guardianship of your treatment at City Hospital No. 1 was handed over to Mr. Li Liang?" The hospital's legal advisor said solemnly in front of the camera.

Du Chunfang nodded vigorously.

Zheng Ren and Su Yun let out a sigh of relief.

At this time, it wouldn't be fun if the dog's blood spilled everywhere.

The next step was to press the handprint, because the patient did not have the strength to sign, so he reluctantly pressed a bright red handprint on the legal document with the help of the nurse.

The procedure was completed.

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