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Chapter 501 - What's the use of money if people are not here! (The alliance owner distant tea deed a

Ge lawyer went to the side busy, although this time did not bring an assistant, but his business skilled a forced.

Zheng Ren immediately came to the old Pan director and Director Zhou, the matter made a detailed report.

Director Zhou was old Pan director forced to pull over, some unhappy. But hearing Zheng Ren report, also serious.

Essentially, this incident, there is no need for the Medical Department to step in, and it has nothing to do with the Emergency Department.

The patient's parents approved, extubation, respiratory failure, death, cremation, this is the normal process, no one can say a word.

But ...... a girl in her early twenties, it is so lost?

The key is that she has not incurable disease, just an arterial catheter is not closed.

"Zheng Ren, what did the lawyer say?" Director Zhou has little good impression of Ge lawyer, at that time in the traffic police brigade Ge lawyer's arrogant face, so that Director Zhou still vividly remember.

Therefore, he also did not want to ask Lawyer Ge, only Zheng Ren.

"As long as the patient is not in a sedated state and signs a legal agreement, she can be treated according to the advice of her trustee." Zheng Ren said.

"Is there someone to entrust?"

"She has a boyfriend that has been holding out." Zheng Ren continued, "In terms of fees, I will discuss with her boyfriend and try not to default on the hospital's fees."

"This matter, I will submit an application to reduce some of the fees." Director Zhou said, "Not all of them can be waived, but more or less the financial pressure will be reduced."

After saying that, he smiled, "Good people, can't let you be alone not."

Zheng Ren knew that this was Director Zhou supporting himself.

If other people, perhaps the director of the Zhou flushed his face, splitting his head and scolding a possible.

This kind of patient in the end under the control of who, Zheng Ren also do not know. Maybe it's the Civil Affairs Bureau? Who knows.

But as a witness, as a doctor, as a doctor who can treat patients with diseases, Zheng Ren decided to trip this muddy water.

In itself is a risky behavior, but has received a lot of support, Zheng Ren knows he owes a lot of favors.

But the favor, slowly pay it back is also.

How many favors he owes, can have a fresh life important?

"This matter, it is better for the hospital to come forward." Director Zhou firmly said, "the document will use Ge lawyer, but the hospital's legal counsel to take a look."

Zheng Ren nodded, old director Pan stood quietly on the side, did not say a word.

He also do not need to speak, can carry Director Zhou from home after work, has done the best effort.

Ge lawyer also knows that the director Zhou said is the normal process, the hospital to come forward means a variety of pressure will be much less, so readily agreed.

"What are the chances of the patient being rescued?" Director Zhou asked.

"The patient was diagnosed with unclosed arterial ducts and double pneumonia. The inflammation has been basically controlled, only that it is still in the absorption period, because there is an unclosed arterial duct, resulting in the blood oxygen has been very low." Su Yun said, "If the situation allows, grasp the emergency to block the arterial catheter, will be three days ...... within a day to remove the tube."

Director Zhou nodded his head.

Su Yun then looked at Zheng Ren.

"I'm fine on this side, if needed, the surgery can be done overnight." Zheng Ren also went out of his way to make a big deal. The risk or whatever, is no longer a problem.

Besides, plugging an unclosed arterial catheter, I'm afraid it won't take ten minutes. Risk, almost negligible.

"Right, in terms of consumables, Changfeng Microcreative can provide them for free, I've said hello to Changfeng Microcreative." Zheng Ren added.

Director Zhou nodded his head and took stock of the matter.

The key to the matter was the patient's own will to sign when she woke up.

Whether this could be done or not was still between two possibilities.

After all, once the patient is now out of sedation, there will be blood pressure, heart rate and other physiological changes under the stimulation of various uncomfortable sensations.

All this, too, can only be done to the best of one's ability.

Director Zhou made up his mind, asked the patient how long he had been awake, estimated, and then took Zheng Ren, Su Yun and the ICU doctor to communicate with the patient's family.

With legal counsel from all sides, Du Chunfang's parents' emotions softened.

They were just afraid of trouble, and finally threw down a sentence - no matter who is in charge, just don't let us be in charge, just to save money. Then, the long way away.

Although very indifferent, but also let Zhou Director and Zheng Ren both put down their hearts.

Zheng Ren has prepared himself to bear all this.

Perhaps it was impulsive and nonsensical, but when he saw the moment when the patient was sedated and biting the tracheal cannula with the only remaining vague consciousness during the extraction, Zheng Ren made the decision.

No regrets!

No regrets!

After dealing with Du Chunfang's parents, Director Zhou and Zheng Ren and Du Chunfang's young boyfriend came to the accounting room.

Zheng Ren calmly looked at the young man in front of him, he looked like he should be 23, 4 years old, a tired face, dark circles under the eyes, flesh on the forehead, and blood flowing down.

Wanted to take him first to dress the wound, but was refused. The young man also knew that there was a chance to save his girlfriend in front of him, and he dead set refused to let go.

Sitting down in the condition account room, several people sat down.

"Open the door and say, Du Chunfang's life and death may have to be put in your hands." Zheng Ren crossed his arms and placed them in front of his chest. Eyes narrowed up, staring at the young man in front of him.

Involving responsibility, involving life and death, I wonder if this young man can but hold.

Perhaps, before he was just a momentary impulse.

A number of perhaps, crocheted together, became lying in the ICU Du Chunfang life can not continue the possibility.

The young man did not hesitate, his eyes were bloodshot, staring at Zheng Ren, said: "Doctor, I know you are good. I can take it on, please believe me."

"How long have you known each other? What kind of work do you both do?"

"Six months." The young man said, "I am a chef in a restaurant, and at first she came to work part-time, picking and washing vegetables every day.

Later learned that she has a congenital heart disease, the two also on, I gave her a sum of money, to learn nail art. This disease, she can not be tired, a tired lips will be purple, look scary."

"She can survive this time, but also certainly can not do heavy work, there may become a burden for you." Zheng Ren's low voice echoed in the condition explanation room.

"Doctor, I have thought about all these." The young man's eyes were red, but there were no tears, as if they were dripping blood, "I am a man, it is right to take care of her. Please rest assured that I am definitely not impulsive. I am usually very calm, before and after, I have considered especially clearly."

"The medical expenses are likely to be more than one hundred thousand."

"As long as I can live, I can go and borrow." The young man said firmly, "I am usually very frugal, and the boss likes me quite a lot. I went to the hotel in the morning and talked to the boss about the situation. The boss said that he could lend me money as long as there was a need."

"How to pay back?"

"Slowly, as long as the person is here, there is money. People are not here, what is the use of money!"

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