The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 50 Suspected nasal NK/T-cell lymphoma

"Go ahead." Zheng Ren said.

Usually the patient's family treats them to dinner, they want to communicate with the doctor for good feelings, and later if they see the doctor it will be easier.

But it seems that this kind of problem should not be considered by the richest man in Haicheng, right? Zheng Ren vaguely felt that it was another troublesome thing.

"Then I'll trouble Dr. Zheng." Bu Li clapped his hands and a female assistant walked in, holding a pile of films.

"These are my brother's films." Bu Li said.

Zheng Ren noticed that when Bu Li said the word brother, there was some unspoken boredom in his eyebrows.

"Let Dr. Zheng laugh, he is my half-brother." Bu Li keenly perceived a momentary thought in Zheng Ren's heart, explained, and then continued, "He recently half a year nasal ulcer, how to treat it is not getting better."

This should go to the second-rate monkey department to see it, but he is a general surgeon. Zheng Ren belly slandered a sentence, lending serious listening.

"The country's top experts considered nasal NKT cell lymphoma, but three pathological tissue biopsies were done, and the test results were all inflammatory." Bu Li said, "The old man was too worried, too much hurt, and later the examination found pancreatic cancer."

Zheng Ren was not interested in the feud of the rich family, even though he had outlined the countless feuds of the richest family in Haicheng from Bu Li's words.

This kind of gossip will kill people, Zheng Ren does not want to touch.

So he picked up a thick pile of films, just to look at the light, the assistant next to Bu Li then moved in from the outside to a brand new film reader.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

"I want to see the patient with my own eyes."

"He's a little cranky, I guess I can't let the body check." Bu Li said.

"Just take a look, I already have a rough guess." Zheng Ren said.

Without seeing the patient, how do I know if it's nasal NKT cell lymphoma? Specialists have been doing this for decades, but they can't diagnose it, so you let a general surgeon diagnose it, is this an emergency?

But luck seems to be good, encountered with the system of his own body.

Zheng Ren's words made both Bu Li and the third master stunned, eye to eye, the third master then quietly left.

The room went silent, the chefs had long packed up when the assistant came in and went down.

Zheng Ren pretended to be serious, but in fact distractedly looking at the film in his hand, one by one comparison. From the beginning of school, Zheng Ren has been a doctor for more than ten years, life's best years were spent in this, can not understand is one thing, pretend to be professional this skill still has.

More than twenty minutes later, an unruly voice came from the corridor. The voice was slightly slurred, Zheng Ren did not hear what he was saying.

Soon, the room door opened.

The third master walked in carrying a young boy of 14 or 15 years old in one hand.

"I've made Dr. Zheng laugh." The third master said, "The child has seen the doctor too many times and has developed a resistance to hospitals and doctors."

Zheng Ren was stunned to see the third master lifting a heavy hand to carry a boy who kept struggling, and sighed in admiration, no wonder those people were so respectful to the third master. The strength of the hand alone, afraid there must be hundreds of pounds?

When seeing the boy, Zheng Ren gaze upper right corner of the case and the final diagnosis.

This time Zheng Ren some laughter.

The big family, really messy ah.

"Third master, you're welcome, let the child go, it's not a matter to make such a mess." Zheng Ren said.

Standing behind the third master don't one person's face a ****: "Miss, are you humiliating the young master?"

"Hmm?" Bu Li stretched his nasal voice, looked askance at that person, and his phoenix eyes were vaguely stern.

"You said to bring the young master here, so you caught here. One look and let go, you think you are playing a monkey?" The man did not budge, "The old master is sick, the young master is also in a bad mood, and today at noon even had a nosebleed. If you trample on the young master like this and cause his condition to progress further, I will definitely report it to the master."

"Feel free." Bu Li waved his hand, unconcerned.

The man gritted his teeth, but had no choice but to look at Bu Li and said, "Which hospital are you a professor of?"

He bit the word professor to death, and the mocking emotion in his tone was unmistakable.

Zheng Ren was less than thirty years old, so how could he look like a professor?

"I don't dare to be." Zheng Ren did not care, the hospital all kinds of things encountered more, this mocking tone is like a gust of wind, do not feel at all.

"You tossed the young master to see what the disease is?" The man said viciously.

"Unbridled!" Bu Li scolded, "He is the doctor who operated on the young master."

"The one who operated on the master is Professor Ichiro Moriyu! If Miss doesn't give a statement today, then I will take the young master and ask the old master for a statement! Bu family, now you say it does not count!"

Zheng Ren had a headache, the feud of the gentry, ah, really boring.

"Are you sure you want to hear it?" Zheng Ren tilted his head, the corners of his mouth with a smile, looking at the man.


"If you want to hear it, come in and close the door."

The third master and Bu Li were also a little surprised, but neither said anything and quietly looked at Zheng Ren.

"The condition is a bit special, there is no one here who is not suitable to listen, right?" Zheng Ren asked.

"If you have something to say, just say it, if you have a fart!" The man was impatient to.

"No, that's fine." Zheng Ren pointed to the latest set of MRI films on the reader and said, "The patient's imaging diagnosis is fine, and it is indeed a symptom of nasal NKT cell lymphoma."

"But the diagnosis does not hold up in light of the comprehensive medical history."

"Nonsense!" The man grew more and more impatient.

"In my opinion, the patient should have inhaled certain prohibited substances." Zheng Ren said.

A single sentence, as if a small stone was thrown in the pond, caused layers of ripples.

The third master's face was stunned and thoughtful.

Bu Li was a little puzzled and looked at Zheng Ren. Only a glance at the patient, and then is to see more than twenty minutes of the nuclear magnetic film, how he diagnosed?

Those old professors in the imperial capital and magic capital did not have such a certain tone, where on earth did he get the confidence?

"Nonsense!" The man said angrily, then looked at Bu Li and said viciously, "I will definitely report everything that happened today to the master."

"Feel free." Bu Li asked, "Dr. Zheng, there are no needle eyes on him."

"It's mixed with broken glass, the process of sucking will cause the capillaries in the nose to rupture, directly into the blood, increasing the pleasure."

The child who was carried in the hands of the third master suddenly stopped struggling and looked at Zheng Ren with some fear, as if he had seen a ghost.

This thing he did very stealthy, never thought it would be easily seen through.

"Go to the hospital to take blood tests, if the morning is still nosebleeds, now the blood chemicals should not be metabolized completely and can be detected." Zheng Ren finally said.

Seeing Zheng Ren said for sure, the boy's face panic, the other three instantly believed Zheng Ren's statement.

This must be the case, who would have thought that the truth would be like this?!

The third master put the child down, and with an arch of his hand, said, "Old man has looked away, Dr. Zheng is really deep in hiding."

Zheng Ren did not think about the deeper meaning of the third master's words, he did not care whether the third master was the person of Bu Li or the person of the child in his hands, the luxury family property dispute these rotten things, the end is bound to be a chicken feather.

The other person with a puzzled face, see the teenager was put down, want to go forward to help. Just suddenly heard the truth, legs a little soft, a step, hit a stumble, almost fell down.

"Dr. Zheng, you're tired, I'll ask someone to send you back." The third master was as bland as yesterday, and Zheng Ren did not want to linger, so he obeyed the third master's words and left the place.

At the door stood a group of people dressed in black, led by the same strong man who was holding a baseball bat in the emergency room yesterday and was called Xiao Liuzi by the third master.

"Send Dr. Zheng home." The Third Master arranged, "Also, give Dr. Zheng an account of what happened this afternoon."

After saying that, the Third Master arched his hand and said goodbye.

"Doctor Zheng, this side of you, please." Xiao Liu Zi politely said.

"I haven't asked your name?" Zheng Ren said.

"You're welcome, just call me Xiao Liuzi. You are the benefactor of the Bu family, which means that I am Xiao Liuzi's benefactor, what is your surname or not." Xiao Liuzi tone humble to the dust, keep accompanying smiling face, where there was then in the emergency room with a baseball bat in hand domineering look.

Out of the gate, one person outside the door stood lost in thought, and Zheng Ren's brow furrowed.

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