The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 5 Brain hemorrhage?

"Silly, we in the medical field still focus on technology, so what can we do if we hug Director Pan's thighs." A doctor saw Zheng Ren floundering in the corridor and whispered.

"The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

The actual "I'm not a big fan of the idea," he said.

Some people were still fighting for Zheng Ren because of Yuan Li's unruly attitude, but once they saw that he did not even go to the consultation, they began to despise it.

I don't blame them, to be a doctor, you have to rely on your skills.

People who can only slink, go to the authorities well, in the clinic can not do anything career. Touching a medical incident, the family lost all their money.

Topped with many people's strange eyes, Zheng Ren felt a little embarrassed, and hurriedly re-read all the information that appeared, and had a more accurate understanding of the condition in his heart.

He put the bag in his hand on the chair at the nurse's station and spoke to the head nurse, "The patient was just diagnosed with brain hemorrhage, the amount is not large, but there are risks. Send someone to follow with the first aid kit when you do the cranial CT later, and send it directly to the neurosurgery department afterwards."

"......" The head nurse froze.

"......" A corridor of doctors and nurses all froze.

What the hell is this? Without even doing the most basic questioning and examination, they judged a patient who walked in on his own to have a brain hemorrhage? Or a patient who walked in on his own and looked fine.

Are you kidding me?

"No wonder he was whisked away from general surgery to the emergency room, that's the level." A gynecologist glanced at Zheng Ren, not even bothering to look at the hilarity, and turned around to go back to the consultation room.

"Haha, this kind of stupid doctor, haven't seen in years."

"Yes, send it to the neurosurgery department, not waiting for a fight? There will be hilarious to watch later." The others gloated.

"Xiao Zheng ah, we can not see the patient like this." The head nurse was a bit intolerant and spoke in a serious manner.

"Chief nurse, I am not familiar with this side, please find someone to send him to do the examination." Zheng Ren smiled, "Is my locker key in?"

This person ...... head nurse speechless.

Really people want to make death, how can not pull back ah.

Even if you are a relative of Director Pan's family, no! Even if you are Director Pan's own son, so nonsense to see the doctor, the following doctors also no one listen to you ah.

The head nurse saw Zheng Ren said very firmly, angry in his heart, took out a key and threw it to Zheng Ren.

"Thanks." Zheng Ren picked up the bag and began to pack up his things.

Soon, the internal medicine doctor finished the consultation and examination. The patient was given a checklist for a cranial CT and told to go do the test himself.

Yuan Li, on the other hand, wandered outside, feeling secretly happy, this kid is really a wimp, too scared to even enter the consultation room.

The patient hadn't even waited to get out of the room when a small nurse came in, "Let's go, I'll take you to pay the fee and do the test."

Yuan Li, who was hovering outside the consultation room, saw the little nurse carrying a first aid kit in her hand and was flabbergasted.

"What's this about?"

"Mr. Zheng said that the patient is in danger and asked someone to follow." The little nurse was also upset and muttered under her breath.

A first aid kit was at least five or six pounds, and it was quite tiring to run around carrying it.

The new chief resident is really able to toss people around, not daring to fight with Dr. Yuan and taking it out on the nurses. The young nurse was unhappy, cursing in his heart.

This is not bullshit, right? Yuan Li cursed in his heart.

"My condition is very serious?" The patient's face was a little white with fear and asked cautiously.

"Nothing sick, just a neurological headache caused by poor rest and physical fatigue." The internal medicine doctor immediately explained, "The CT was done as a precautionary measure, don't worry, it's fine."

After reassuring the patient and waiting for the little nurse and the patient to turn the corner of the corridor and lose their backs, Yuan Li then angrily ran to Zheng Ren and scolded, "Are you a doctor? Do you have any medical ethics left?"

Yuan Li was ready to stand on the moral high ground and deal a fatal blow to this parachuted chief resident.

"Huh? What's wrong?"

"The patient just now, came to the clinic because of a headache. Asking for medical history, he has headache after every jerking off. Yesterday, he jerked off a bit too much and had pain overnight, so he came to see." Yuan Li said sharply, "It's a neuropathic headache caused by poor rest ......"

"The patient's diagnosis should be brain hemorrhage, pushed in a wheelchair to do the examination, and after doing so, go directly to the neurosurgery department." Zheng Ren said very calmly.

"With a wheelchair?" Yuan Li sneered, "Shouldn't you be taken to the neurosurgery department with a flat car to see if you also have a brain hemorrhage?"

"Forget it if you don't believe me." Zheng Ren did not care, it would have been hard to believe. If he hadn't completed a combined pancreaticoduodenectomy by himself yesterday at his peak, even he wouldn't have believed it.

The patient's medical history was so bizarre that the nurses covered their mouths and snickered, while several doctors gossiped about similar cases they had experienced.

At this point, no one was paying attention to Zheng Ren anymore, a small doctor destined to flounder, did he need attention?

Yuan Li sneered and said, "Rotten mud can't hold up the wall."

After saying that, he slunk back to the surgery office with his hands behind his back.

In Yuan Li's opinion, the new chief resident can't even see a doctor. It is estimated that he had a medical accident and was whisked away to the emergency room.

Thanks to the old director Pan still treats him as a treasure.

But the hand has such an example, even if the old Pan director back, himself and Zheng Ren what dispute, he also has nothing to say right.

This case is the sharpest tool to hit the face!

Twenty minutes or so later, a tall, fat doctor barged into the emergency department in a blaze of glory.

"That patient just now, who sent him to the neurosurgery department?" The tall fat doctor's voice was also loud, and his voice echoed and buzzed throughout the corridor.

Fortunately, early in the morning is the most leisurely and least patient time in the emergency department, or else this voice alone would have caused someone to have a heart attack.

"Haha, the neurosurgeon has come to find out what to say." The internal medicine doctor was watching the fun, "I told you that Zheng was unreliable, how about it, people are looking for it here."

"Nothing happened to the patient directly to the ward, this matter I say I am ashamed for him."

"Alas, when can we have a powerful doctor in the emergency department, don't stuff everything into the emergency department."

A map gun shot out, watching the side of the doctor's face have changed. You're fucking damaging yourself?

You rotten goods, you say who is rotten goods it.

Zheng Ren heard the question and walked over and said, "Brother Zhang, I sent it over."

"Zheng Ren? You really came to the emergency room?" Dr. Zhang also knew Zheng Ren, but after greeting his face, he said seriously, "Today we have three aneurysm surgeries, can you not add to our chaos?"

"Adding to the chaos?"

"If there is nothing wrong with the patient, the emergency room can just dispose of it casually, why send it to the ward?" The more Dr. Zhang said, the more upset he was, "I heard the nurse say that you diagnosed a brain hemorrhage. There is not even a CT, and the signs of cerebral hemorrhage do not exist, how did you diagnose it? The level is so high?"

"Three aneurysms, ah, then you guys have something to do today." Zheng Ren said, "The patient is a tiny aneurysm seeping blood, I hope it's okay."

"......" the more Dr. Zhang listened, the more angry he became, but also tiny aneurysm bleeding, you a general surgeon know what the chances of tiny aneurysm is? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items. You know what the clinical manifestations are?

"Hello?" Dr. Zhang picked up the phone.

"What are you doing? The patient just came in unconscious, with bilateral dilated pupils and loss of light reflex." A voice hurriedly said, "CT has just been uploaded, it's a brain hemorrhage from a ruptured aneurysm, hurry back to resuscitate!"

Hearing the call, everyone present froze.

The corners of Dr. Zhang's eyes twitched twice, and he turned and ran, the thud sounding like an elephant running wild.

Yuan Li heard the neurosurgeon coming for something and poked his head out to see what was going on.

But he guessed the beginning, but not the end.

"A real brain hemorrhage?" Yuan Li was stunned and muttered to himself.

Zheng Ren happened to pass by Yuan Li, heard his doubts and smiled slightly.

"Or what?"

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