The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 498 Change

"Is it confirmed that it's the biological parents?" Zheng Renji whispered to the ICU doctor in a low voice, still holding on to a sliver of unrealistic hope.

"Bring your family register and ID card, it's confirmed." The doctor in the ICU sighed.

Zheng Ren sighed, brushed past the ICU doctor and went inside the house.

When closing the door, the sound of the young man hitting his head on the ground came in with a thump, thump, thump.

Zheng Ren and Su Yun did not speak, their expressions serious and cold.

Entering the ICU, Zheng Ren first took a look at the teenager with a steel penetration injury. He was already awake, with a piece of saline gauze over his eyes.

With ventilator-assisted breathing, the vital signs were stable and the ventilator values were optimistic.

Su Yun went to look at the lab report, and soon, he made a "V" gesture to Zheng Ren.

It was a very happy thing, but because the two had something in mind, no one laughed. Instead, they communicated with each other through tacit understanding and gestures.

The boy was likely to survive, and Zheng Ren took another look at the perianal drainage, which was not very large, and it was estimated that the drainage strip could be removed in a day or two.

After seeing the patients he should see, Zheng Ren wanted to leave.

The ICU doctor who had just interacted with the patient's family at the door came back with a gloomy face and came in and slammed the medical record folder in his hand onto the table.

"Extubate!" The ICU doctor said.

When the nurses on duty saw her lose her temper, some were silent and did not speak, some sighed, and some simply went out of the ICU and went to the duty room, not willing to witness it.

Zheng Ren stopped in his tracks and watched coldly as the ICU doctor took the sterile bag and went to extubate the young female patient.

She can still be treated, the hope of being cured and discharged from the hospital is great ...... no! The hope of being cured and discharged from the hospital is great.


Just like that.

The family gave up.

Zheng Ren suddenly remembered that when he came to see the patient yesterday, the ICU doctor said that the young man said nothing to find the patient's family to come.

He should have expected that once the girl's parents were found, they would give up treatment.

True ...... damn it!

The ICU doctor with a gloomy face withdrew the ventilator and began to withdraw the tube.

A young and vivid life, just like this cut off ......

Zheng Ren is silent, a fire rises in his heart and burns.

A few seconds later, the ICU doctor suddenly gave up the operation and cursed angrily. Then with trembling hands, he repositioned the tracheal cannula, fixed it and connected it to the ventilator.

It was a simple action, but it was like all her strength was exhausted.

Turning away, she squatted down and cried out, holding her head.

"What are you crying for?" Su Yun grimaced and walked over to try to comfort her a few times.

"When I pulled out the tube, she used her teeth to bite the tracheal intubation ......" The female ICU doctor could not stand this near murderous move, and her spirit was already starting to show precursors of a breakdown.

Zheng Ren felt his whole body rolling, frowning, said in a deep voice: "Do not pull the tube first, I contact."

In front of his eyes, the young man kept kowtowing, his forehead hit the ground, the skin opened, the blood dripping image seems to be erased no matter how. And the soundtrack of the picture is the sound of a girl clenching a tracheal tube with her teeth in an empty space.

This is not a patient with advanced cancer whose family, worried about the elderly suffering too much, decided to forgo treatment.

Nor was this a patient who could not be saved.

This is a patient with the simplest condition of congenital heart disease, unclosed ductus arteriosus, which requires only a minor surgery to solve the problem.

Perhaps twenty years ago, there would have been open-heart surgery to treat it. But now, interventional surgery is completely capable of completely curing an unclosed arterial duct.


Femoral artery.

One needle hole.

Thousands of dollars.

A life!

The most critical thing is that Zheng Ren has contacted Feng Xuhui, and supplies can be provided by Changfeng Minimally Invasive.

If this doesn't work, what else can we do?

Zheng Ren was already out of his mind.

Perhaps twenty years ago, when the girl was still in infancy, she was already given up.

These twenty years, it is her life, has not been sick. Or had committed a disease, but have survived on their own.

A flu upset this fragile balance.

Zheng Ren decided that something had to be done.

Perhaps in the old days, Zheng Ren would silently respect the family's opinion. But today, after unexpectedly meeting Liu Tianxing in the provincial capital, Zheng Ren underwent certain changes that he didn't even notice.

"Director Pan, there is such a patient in the ICU, I would like to report to you." Zheng Ren coldly took the phone and reported the condition with the old Director Pan.

Su Yun stood beside Zheng Ren, his head slightly bowed.

The black hair in front of his forehead was floating breathlessly.

Zheng Ren briefly reported, holding the phone, both sides at the same time silent.

This kind of event looks very simple and clear enough to understand. But to reverse it, is definitely beyond the doctor's ability.

"Director Pan, please help me think of a solution." Zheng Ren said, "I'll contact again on this side and think of another way."

"Well, okay, I'll give you trouble." Zheng Ren finished speaking and hung up the phone.

He thought about it, found a number in his phone, and dialed it out.

Su Yun habitually wanted to spray Zheng Ren with a sentence, but when the words came to his mouth, he held back.

"Director Kong, this is Zheng Ren."

"Oh oh, okay, I'm always at your beck and call."

"That, there's something I want to trouble you with. A while ago, I did not touch a sports car, I remember a barrister came to sue me for intentional injury."

"No, no, I'm not going to trouble him. I have a patient here has some problems, I want to consult the relevant provisions of the law."

"Yes, Imi Lin Jiaojiao phone number just give me a moment."

"You do not worry, I am here at your greeting, a phone call, I will fly over."

After saying that, Zheng Ren hung up the phone.

Su Yun saw Zheng Ren's expression was unusually serious and earnest, and even ...... carried even a few hints of firmness.

Su Yun is also very strange, for Zheng Ren who hates all troubles, today he did something that really is considered a breakthrough persona.

"Boss, what do you want to do?" Su Yun asked.

"First so maintain, I look for ...... that lawyer, I remember seems to be surnamed Ge. Get Ge lawyer to fight the lawsuit, I'm thinking about whether to find the Haicheng City News." Zheng Ren said.

"Yo-ho, boss, medical trouble of this set you quite skilled ah." Su Yun endured for a long time, this time finally could not hold back, began to spray up.

"See also see will, and is not a difficult thing." Zheng Ren sneered.

Su Yun was slightly surprised, the first time he saw such an expression as a sneer on Zheng Ren's face.

With a few disdain and determination, giving Su Yun an illusion that Zheng Ren has been calm and crazy.

Being surprised, Zheng Ren picked up the phone again and called out.

"Tang editor-in-chief, this is Zheng Ren."

The sound of delicate laughter on the other side of the phone could not be blocked out, and Su Yun heard a full spring in the laughter.

"Well, yes, there's something I want to trouble you with."

"Good, then come to my office, let's meet and talk. I don't have a clue what to do, and I need to hear your opinion."

"Okay, see you later."

"Boss, you're spelling it out?" Su Yun was surprised.

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