The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 497 We give up

When they returned to Haicheng City First Hospital, it was just past the point of closing time.

Zheng Ren first reported to the old Pan director, and then called Xie Yiren.

Little Yiren has gone home, Zheng Ren was not in this day, very quiet, nothing happened.

This was taken out again by Su Yun a spray, Conan body, to where is a large number of patients and so on.

Zheng Ren did not bother with him, changed clothes, with Su Yun began to check the room.

The ward is very quiet, the female patient who was admitted yesterday to get married and checked out for advanced liver cancer is not in the ward.

There is no drip, the patient is not in the ward is the most normal thing, Zheng Ren was not surprised.

Coming to the innermost ward, Professor Rudolf Wagner was sitting at the patient's bedside as if he had been there before he left, without the slightest trace of weariness.

"Fugui'er, how is the patient's state?" Zheng Ren asked.

"Boss, you're back! I missed you so much!" Professor Rudolf Wagner made an exaggerated expression and stood up to give Zheng Ren a big hug.

"I asked you a question!" Zheng Ren reprimanded in a deep voice, and only then did the professor remember that this was Haicheng.

"Boss, the patient is in exceptionally good condition, without any complaints of discomfort." Professor Rudolf Wagner reported to Zheng Ren, "I think we can remove the urinary catheter early tomorrow morning and try to see how the urination goes."

"It's a little early for the second day after surgery." Zheng Ren directly denied the professor's statement, "At least three days, you can try it first thing in the morning on the fourth day."

"Okay, boss." Professor Rudolf Wagner considered the problem from the perspective of a researcher and just wanted to gather first-hand information, the big deal was to get a new urinary catheter from the good.

And Zheng Ren is thinking about the problem from a clinician's point of view, even if the embolization procedure is done exceptionally well, it will take at least three days for the hyperplastic prostate tissue to necrotize before there is a qualitative change.

The main principle was set down, and Professor Rudolf Wagner reported to Zheng Ren all the changes in the patient's vital signs and urine output after the operation.

With everything clear, Zheng Ren left the ward.

Professor Rudolf Wagner had to personally stick to the ward, this patient, for him, was simply too important, and all the data the professor had to get first-hand.

Back in the office, Zheng Ren said hello to Chang Yue, who was on duty, and found a computer to sit down.

Zheng Ren called out her data and saw that the 64-row CT 3D reconstruction had been done, and he suddenly got a big head.

"Su Yun, I want to go for reconstruction."

"Boss, how about buying yourself a machine." Su Yun spurted to, "dealing with the CT room for so long, you do not go to contact the relationship, just rely on me to brush my face?"

Zheng Ren sweat, Su Yun said seems to have a little bit of truth.

"I made a note of it, I will strengthen the contact with the CT room sometime." Zheng Ren said, "Take a look and see if you can do it tonight and tomorrow."

"Why are you so nosy?!" Chang Yue was not happy and glared at Su Yun, rebuking to.

To say that there is someone Su Yun does not dare to spray, then Changyue certainly occupies a place.

Chang Yue crossed his eyes, Su Yun will be abashed, this has been verified by the facts.

There is no way, Su Yun smiled, who let himself drink but she, or do not make a fool of himself. If really forced, often Yue said to invite himself to dinner in the evening, the end is still very uninteresting.

Pick up the phone, Su Yun began to contact up.

Zheng Ren began to look at the patient's various laboratory indicators.

Methemoglobin 2000+, liver function looks good, but indicators like bilirubin and total bile acids have started to be somewhat high.

This means that there is a break in the hepatic ducts under tumor tissue infiltration.

The overall indicators are not bad, and no signs of metastasis are seen for the time being, except for the liver.

Then we'll wait for the opportunity to do a 64-row CT 3D reconstruction in the CT room itself, and then it's good to operate on the patient.

"Boss, you're lucky, Sister Zhao is working overtime, let's go over in half an hour." Su Yun said.


"Don't you forget to find time to thank Sister Zhao." Su Yun admonished.

Human affairs, Zheng Ren could not care, but Su Yun must care, and this is what a perfect assistant must do.

"Got it." Zheng Ren lifted his head, thought about it, and said, "Go see the patient with the penetrating injury."

There was still half an hour left, and there was no point in going too early, so Zheng Ren and Su Yun went to the ICU to take a glance.

When they got off the elevator, before they reached the ICU, Zheng Ren heard a clamor coming from the entrance of the ICU, as if someone was arguing about something.

ICU is the department responsible for wiping the ass of the whole hospital, the cost is huge, many patients' families would disagree with the $10,000 medical cost for one day and one night after going in.

It is normal to be noisy, it is not normal not to be noisy.

Turning the corner of the corridor, Zheng Ren froze for a moment.

A familiar-looking young man was kneeling on the floor, and in front of him were two middle-aged men, a man and a woman, who were saying something to the ICU doctor.

Zheng Ren slowed down his pace and walked over.

"Let's give up, that's all." The middle-aged man said indifferently, "Where's the signature form? I don't know how to read, can I put my handprint on it?"

"Uncle, please, don't give up." The young man knelt on the ground, terrified to the extreme, his voice trembled, "I went to borrow money, do not need to take money from home, really do not, not a penny."

Zheng Ren's body suddenly a cold, involuntarily shivered.

"Young man, it's useless. Besides, what does it have to do with you?" A look of disgust surfaced on the middle-aged man's face, as if the young man in front of him had delayed his business.

"Uncle, please don't give up, don't sign, I'm going to borrow money!" The young man was in tears, begging.

"Do you think I don't want to cure her?" The middle-aged man said indifferently, "She is a problem since childhood, the town's doctor has seen, said it is not to live 30. since it is already like this, let her live on her own."

Zheng Ren shivered again.

From the inside out, the heart is a cold.

Su Yun's eyes narrowed, eyes like a knife, looking at the man who spoke.

"Uncle, please!" The young man knelt on the ground, and there was nothing to do, a head kowtowed with a thud.

There were other family members of patients hospitalized in the ICU gathered nearby, and everyone's face showed an intolerant look.

"What's going on?" Zheng Ren came to the side of the ICU doctor and asked in a whisper.

"They are the parents of the girl with prediabetes." The look on the ICU doctor's face indicated her attitude, "After contacting them, they came and directly said to give up resuscitation."


"It is said that they came with them, and the old home funeral home car, now want to pull the tube, carry the person back a fire."

The cold shrouded, snowy, small knife-like wind rolled up snow, in Zheng Ren heart fly ah fly.

Then turned into ice.


Smashed in the heart of Zheng Ren.



A senior brother working in the south said, not his personal experience, but also drinking to hear other doctors regret talking about. Some years ago, occasionally remember. When it comes to this kind of thing, doctors are really powerless.

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