The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 49: The vicissitudes of the world

Zheng Ren rushed back to the emergency department, and in the lobby, he saw old Director Pan chatting with a man. Both of them seemed to be very happy and let out a hearty laugh from time to time.

That person was a bit familiar, who was it?

For Zheng Ren, a patient with advanced face blindness cancer, it is hard to remember if it is not someone he meets every day.

Even if he has an IQ of 150+, even if he is unforgettable.

To ask a face-blind patient to rely on the back to determine a stranger who has seen a few times, the difficulty is undoubtedly SS level.

"Director Pan, I'm back." Zheng Ren came to the two men and said.

"Lao San is looking for you and said he wants to thank you, hurry up and get off for dinner and go back to rest." Old Director Pan said.

Only then did Zheng Ren see clearly who the visitor was, and together with Old Director Pan's words, he remembered that this was the housekeeper of the richest man in Haicheng - the third master.

He also didn't know what the relationship between Old Director Pan and Third Master was, and why Director Pan would call Third Master Old Third.

"Third Master, we meet again." Zheng Ren smiled, the corners of his mouth rose, gentle and elegant.

"Dr. Zheng, young and talented, really great." Third Master said.

"Don't stand here being polite." Old Director Pan waved his hand, somewhat domineeringly stopping the two from exchanging pleasantries, "The corridor is almost added to the head, so I won't let you sit in my office. I heard that Zheng Ren just hypoglycemic coma, Lao San ah, you hurry to take him to dinner. I tell you, if anyone dares to pour him a drink, tomorrow I will go to your trouble."

The third master smiled and waved his hand, indicating that such a situation as the old director Pan said would not happen.

"Director Pan, that patient ......" Zheng Ren still thought about the hundreds of nitrite poisoning patients, afraid that there are accidents.

This is how the medical industry is, no matter how awesome the big hands are, they can't avoid accidents.

The first thing you need to do is to save it, but who can guarantee that there is no liver or kidney failure? Who can guarantee that a state of transient toxic shock will not induce other diseases?

"Without you, the hospital will not function?" Old Director Pan scolded, his eyes full of love, like looking at his youngest and most favored son, "Tonight you are approved to sleep with your phone off, the sky is falling and not looking for you."

Zheng Ren nodded his head.

Whether it's a small doctor or a perennial veteran attending, or living in a hospital with no home to return to the chief resident, or deputy director, director, will have a habit - the phone is on 24 hours a day.

The phone rings in the middle of the night, if the hospital calls, did not wait to pick up the phone, the adrenaline will immediately spike. The goddam lazy nest, the goddam wake up, the pressure does not exist, said.

Just like this big rescue, the city hospital mobilized the entire hospital, hundreds of patients, the number of medical and nursing staff need only more than less concerted efforts to collaborate.

To rely only on Zheng Ren ...... estimated that the vast majority of patients have been cooled.

Zheng Ren smiled and nodded his head.

"Dr. Zheng, this side please." The third master is warm and welcoming, and his words and mannerisms make the heart happy.

Saying goodbye to Director Lao Pan, Zheng Ren and Third Master exited the door of the emergency building.

A black elongated car was parked in front of the door. What kind of brand and how luxurious it was, Zheng Ren didn't study luxury cars and had no idea.

A simple and honest-looking driver in a suit and bow tie opened the door and bowed to invite the two of them in.

Zheng Ren found that the car's doors are opposite, rather than ordinary family cars, SUVs like the direction of the door is the same.

Sitting in the car, and the third master chatting a few words, Zheng Ren felt a tiredness with the body.

People, not iron.

The body automatically secretes adrenaline when rescuing, so he forgot about fatigue and hunger. And now everything has become more feedback back, Zheng Ren just want to lie down on the bed, a good sleep.

The early lights, even the most luxurious car can not go fast.

Nearly half an hour, this black luxury car came to the door of a plain, ordinary small courtyard.

There was a black signboard on the lintel with four big, ancient words - Red Clay Pavilion - written on it.

Two waiters stood at the door, opened the car door and silently and professionally escorted Master San and Zheng Ren inside.

The courtyard is not large, there is a rockery, flowing water, hard in the hustle and bustle of the city to create a taste of a paradise.

But Zheng Ren's whole body does not have a ya bone, not interested in these ingenious designs at all.

Just kidding, can afford to play these people are not bad money, Zheng Ren in order to support themselves, what sufferings have not eaten? Where is the leisure to poke at these things.

Just walked into the compound, a woman in a red trench coat with black hair draped over her shoulders greeted out.

"Dr. Zheng, finally meet you." The woman ...... should be a girl, politely and gently said.

This person looks extremely beautiful, snow-white skin, with a layer of luster, as if a large piece of original jade carved out of the fairy sister seems to be.

Eyebrows like a painting, green silk like the wind. Bright eyes like stars, can look straight into the heart of Zheng Ren general.

This person can not see the age of the size.

In her hands and feet between the volatile, comfortable judgment, like more than thirty, about forty, into the mall for more than a decade of strong women should be the temperament.

And look at the eyebrows, still slightly childish, and just about twenty years old appearance.

Zheng Ren froze for a moment, then reported a gentle smile, walked up and extended his hand.

Icy fingers crossed Zheng Ren's hand, dragonfly-like, so that people could not feel a trace of smoke and fire.

"I am the daughter of Bu Yunge, Bu Li. Doctor Zheng, please come inside." The woman named Bu Li politely made an inviting gesture.

Zheng Ren had an impression of the richest man in Haicheng, indeed the surname was Bu. Moreover, Bu Yunge had done at least ten hospital-wide consultations before his surgery, and Zheng Ren had a vivid memory of his name.

It is just that the daughter of Bu Yunge is called Bu Li, this name is too quaint some right.

Into the house, seated, there with almost to the top of the shed white hat chef with household goods at the table live cooking all kinds of delicious.

Zheng Ren has never seen such a scene, and not interested, much less let him produce some kind of stunning emotions followed by kneeling.

In his opinion, it is just snails with vegetables and uncooked meat steaks.

Seeing that Zheng Ren's mood is calm and does not show the slightest surprise, the third master is a bit more interested. Between laughing and talking about the strange and exotic stories from the north and the south, but all and Zheng Ren's appetite, talking about each other very happy.

Bu Li occasionally said a couple of words, tasting dishes, pointing out the rivers and mountains. Although there are not many words, but the three masters of the laughing and talking to add a lot of color.

Things are very light, the beef is not cooked, Zheng Ren did not eat enough, some miss the small skewer store in front of home.

This time to jerk off a few skewers, drink a bottle of wow cool coke, that is life.

Seeing Zheng Ren's face growing weary, the third master and Bu Li are shrewd people, after glancing at each other, Bu Li said, "My father's surgery, but also thanks to Dr. Zheng's righteousness to help."

"You're welcome, it's all what a doctor should do." Zheng Ren smiled.

"Which there is no should or should not, with my understanding, no matter how far you go, the next is to take the blame." Bu Li did understand.

World affairs, much the same.

Zheng Ren smiled, did not speak.

"The plug is lost, how do you know it's not a blessing. Dr. Zheng this is not to the emergency department, by the old Pan to see, future prospects are unlimited." The third master said.

"Oh, get used to it." Zheng Ren lightly said "in the hospital, can see the human condition, so many things will gradually lighten up.

For example, the vast majority of caregivers of vegetative people are mothers.

For example, spouses usually prefer to give up treatment.

For example, the child who dies for the parents is usually not the most favored one in the family.

For example, if a girl comes in for an ectopic pregnancy that must be the first to catch the man who sent her, don't let him get away, or no one will pad the medical bills."

Zheng Ren's voice was plaintive, as if an old man who had seen through the world was sitting in front of the fire. Outside the house is cold and windy, inside the house is cold and silent. Covered with a blanket on his knees, he roasted the fire and recalled the past.

An air of vicissitude greets you.

The third master nodded his head, these crap he, an old man, had long seen through.

Bu Li's eyes were a bit bleak and said: "Dr. Zheng sees it clearly. Each family's situation is different, but the things in the human world are similar, it's really not worth it."

After a lament, Bu Li then spread his face and smiled, and the house was filled with spring flowers, "Do not talk about these literary topics, there is something to trouble Dr. Zheng."

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