The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 48 Doctor, thank you

The middle-aged man was slightly fat and looked well-mannered, and his face was red from being beaten and scolded by his own old man.

The patient may not have known what was happening when he was brought in. But the hundreds of patients' families present knew the whole resuscitation process and witnessed everything through the unclosed door of the resuscitation room.

Most of them didn't know what Zheng Ren had done to offend the unreasonable old lady. But no one is stupid, we can vaguely guess what happened.

That slap on the face of the old man's son, but the faces of many people present were red.

Looking at the old man struggling to get up in bed, refusing his son's persuasion again and again, people's hearts seemed to be stuck by a needle like.

It hurt, but not numb.

"You still have the face to come!" A woman in her thirties stood up and angrily pointed at the old woman who was towering next to the black tower and said, "Aren't you sick? Aren't you dying? Why are you alive and kicking? Back to light? Hurry back to buy coffin board, on your virtue, coffin board have to buy thicker, or you can not be pressed."

"You ......" the old lady was scolded a little confused, just to return the mouth, the woman came out, standing in the middle of the corridor, forked waist, spirited to the point of no return: "My family that is the first to send, just a breath. You don't have a fucking thing to do, and you're stirring things up."

"Yeah, and I saw her hit a cop."

"Yeah, said she was dying and grabbed the dean by the collar. If Dr. Zheng hadn't pushed her away, the resuscitation drugs wouldn't have been dispatched on time, and maybe someone would have died."

"It's not just one or two people who are going to die."

A corridor of patients' families empathize.

The patient was delivered with a blue-gray body, looking a strange. And the disease progressed very quickly, looking at a good person, began to turn blue, collapsed, life and death do not know, no matter who can not stand.

To the hospital, resuscitation in time, gradually improve, it is all there for all to see.

One person stands out, there is a second.

The third ......

The fourth ......

More and more people are coming forward.

The more people there are, the more courageous they become, and the guilt of not stopping the black tower before grows stronger and stronger.

Like a ghostly fire, it burned hard in people's hearts.

The old man was right, the doctor is a life-saving Bodhisattva, and the old woman who made the trouble ...... is just a brat.

The curses were in a row, and I don't know when someone threw a bottle of pure water at the minions behind the black tower.

At once crackling countless bottles of pure water smashed to the group of troublemakers.

Black Tower saw himself provoked the wrath of the crowd, a face suffocated into purple, pointing his finger at the surrounding crowd, want to say a word of honor to let himself off the stage, but where dare to stay here, with a rainstorm of bottles "send off", clutching his head, fleeing from the hospital.

The doctors and nurses of the emergency department blocked Zheng Ren's body, saw that the group had left, and began to persuade everyone to be quiet, or to get well.

"Dr. Zheng, thank you." A patient's family member came over and bowed deeply to Zheng Ren.

"You're too kind, it's all as it should be." Zheng Ren smiled nervously.

Xie Yiren poked her head out behind Zheng Ren and looked at the scene in front of her curiously.

One, one, and another patient's family expressed their gratitude to Zheng Ren.

The simple people may cower and bow down in the face of the dark forces, but that doesn't mean they don't understand reason. Perhaps they are the silent majority, but as long as there is some kind of opportunity, no one will back down.

There has been a lot of noise and bickering for a long time before Zheng Ren was exhausted and accepted the thanks of almost all the patients' families.

That scene ...... Zheng Ren felt a bit like a posthumous farewell. Of course, himself is the remains ......

"Where is Xie Yi Ren?" Zheng Ren looked behind him and saw that Xie Yiren was nowhere to be found, so he asked.

"Said she went to buy food for you." A doctor from the internal medicine department finished speaking and hurried back to write the medical records.

Emergency first aid is one thing, after saving a person, there is a whole lot of tiresome paperwork to be completed, making people desperate.

Oh, or Xie Yiren is more knowing.

Just now he bumped into her, I wonder if I need to apologize, Zheng Ren thought of such a question in his head.

But he's a straight man, it's strange that he can think about such things.

After the ward and corridor quieted down, he decided not to think about it, or check the room.

Zheng Ren toured around the ward, there were still about a hundred patients left in the emergency department. The emergency observation room was full, and even the corridor was full of extra beds.

At this time, no one ran over to say that tertiary hospitals do not allow extra beds.

The patient's condition is stable, and the blue-gray avatars are gradually revealing their yellow skin one by one, giving a particularly metaphysical visual impact.

The fact that it is stable is good, Zheng Ren put down his heart, and the medical and surgical doctors on duty to say hello, if the patient's condition has changed immediately tell themselves.

The body is sticky and uncomfortable, that is caused by hypoglycemia resulting in profuse sweating.

Zheng Ren thought about it and called the anesthesiology department and said he wanted to take a shower after he knew he wasn't busy. I didn't expect the anesthesiologist to be very enthusiastic, so Zheng Ren hung up the phone and went straight to the operating room.

The anesthesiologist's attitude toward Zheng Ren was completely different from the past, presumably because last night's dozens of consecutive surgeries brought Zheng Ren countless admiration values.

Generally clinical departments do not have showers, only the operating room has this high-end configuration. So anesthesiologists are impatient with doctors who have nothing to rub the shower, Zheng Ren originally wanted to discuss politely, did not expect the anesthesiologist would be so polite.

In the hospital, although also less social those hooks and crooks. But the technical level is excellent, will certainly be more convenient, there is no doubt about this.

After rubbing the bath, the body is soothed. The anesthesiologist handed over a Yuxi, and the two sat in a small smoking room to smoke up.

The hospital is a no-smoking facility, but it can't help that there are a lot of old smokers.

The anesthesia department converted a small storage room with a window into a smoking room, so that the smoking problem can be solved, and not to let the second-hand smoke run all over the corridor.

"Chief Zheng, when did you practice your craft?" The anesthesiologist had a face of admiration: "The three brothers who came to work overtime last night were admired to death, although tired as a dog."

Zheng Ren smiled nervously.

"Really cattle, a night to do dozens of appendicitis." The anesthesiologist laughed: "I tell you, watch out for Director Liu, that guy is not a good bird."

"Yeah, I know."

"I've been working for a little over thirty years, and I'm also over fifty years old, what have I never seen?" The anesthesiologist said in a serious voice: "Ten years ago, a graduate student from Concordia came to our hospital. Three years later, the director of Liu caught a medical dispute that was not even his fault, instigated the family to make a big deal out of it, and later that doctor was whisked away to the suburbs to raise rabbits."

City Hospital has a long history of asking the city to ask for a piece of land in the suburbs when a certain starvation era, when the farm, their own farming to feed themselves. Later, after the reorganization, living conditions became better and better, and the crops produced there became the welfare of the employees of the city's first hospital.

But now the farm has long been sold to real estate developers, turned into a building rising from the ground high buildings.

But there Zheng Ren is heard of.

"We engage in medicine, who can not have some mistakes at times? Just be afraid that someone is always watching you." The anesthesiologist continued to instill experience in Zheng Ren: "Nothing to toss to something, a small thing to you into a big thing."

Zheng Ren felt the same way and nodded his head repeatedly.

"Follow director Pan well, that is a great god." The anesthesiologist who has seen a lot of things finally admonished.

This kind of heart-to-heart words, certainly will not say too clear, too direct. The anesthesiologist on duty today said so much, already considered a shallow and deep friendship, Zheng Ren is grateful.

As we were talking, the phone rang, and it was Chief Pan.

Zheng Ren hurriedly picked up the phone and pointed to the phone with his finger, indicating that he was leaving.

The anesthesiologist was a little regretful that he hadn't asked about nitrite poisoning. But Zheng Ren just finished emergency resuscitation, estimated tired enough. It's not good to stop yourself. Saying goodbye to each other, Zheng Ren left the operating room and picked up the phone.

"Xiao Zheng, someone is looking for you." Old director Pan said.

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