The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 4 Super System Features

Zheng Ren, who was drowsy and asleep, was awakened by an ear-splitting cell phone ringing, and he reflexively bounced up from the bed and immediately picked up the phone.

Answering emergency calls 24 hours a day is a necessary skill for a young surgeon.

In this skill, Zheng Ren had already ordered the skill tree all the way up.

"Zheng Ren, what kind of assholes did you do yesterday!"

On the other end of the phone came the hoarse roar and rude curses of Director Liu of the First Department of General Surgery, and Zheng Ren seemed to be able to feel Director Liu's spit splashing in all directions and spraying across the phone onto his face.

"Director Liu, what's wrong?" Zheng Ren asked calmly.

"You know exactly what you did yourself!" Director Liu did not answer Zheng Ren's words positively, "Unauthorized surgery beyond the level, disobedience to higher leadership arrangements, combined pancreaticoduodenectomy is what you can do! The patient appears all the consequences, you are responsible for yourself!"

Director Liu shouted angrily.

Zheng Ren wanted to explain, but for a moment, he didn't know what to say.

"Roll up to the emergency department tomorrow and report to the emergency department, this is the meaning of President Fu." After saying that, Director Liu hung up the phone directly, not giving Zheng Ren a chance to distinguish himself.

Uh ...... Zheng Ren wasn't annoyed by Director Liu's bad attitude, but his mood was a bit low.

The unreliable system seemed to have disappeared, and he went back into the previous space to look around, and nothing had changed.

Could it be that his surgical career was about to end?

Zheng Ren was frustrated.

Although frustrated, the day must be lived.

Raising his eyes to look at the phone, Zheng Ren was shocked. He had slept for more than ten hours and woke up at six o'clock the next day.

Director Liu called himself so early, did he not sleep?

Just wondering, the phone rang again.

It was a good friend of Zheng Ren in the department, Yang Lei called him, his voice was a bit anxious.

"Zheng Ren, I'm telling you, something big happened yesterday."

"Hmm? What happened?"

"The patient pushed down smoothly after the surgery, and Professor Ichiro Mori went to see the pathology specimen and found that the surgery was surprisingly done after he got off the stage.

He went into a rage and scolded Dean Fu like a grandson.

I also heard that Ichiro Mori U did not do down the surgery, we did the surgery down. Hey, hey, you say it's not a slap in the face."

The voice on the other side of the phone was somewhat gloating.

"But in the end or you take the blame, pay the dean said to fire you, fortunately, the emergency department old Pan director to step forward, and pay the dean shot table scolding mother."

What does it have to do with the emergency department? Old Pan director of this person Zheng Ren know, he is the military hospital retired old director, was rehired to the First People's Hospital in Haicheng.

Military origin, temperament is already hot, coupled with a straightforward nature, this kind of thing only old Pan director will do.

Did he know something?

"But in the end you were still whisked away to the emergency department." Yang Lei said, "Ask you one thing, you were in the operating room, who ended up doing that surgery yesterday?"

"......" Zheng Ren then probably knew what had happened to his peak experience and exhausted energy to sleep for a day.

It is estimated that Mori Yu Ichiro felt humiliated and just walked away.

The first thing you need to do is to make a big mistake, someone has to take the blame, and the last thing you need to do is to block the news so tightly that no one knows that you did the surgery.

It's not that no one knows, it is estimated that the old Pan director is aware of. Otherwise he wouldn't have directly slapped the table with Dean Fu to curse and speak for himself across the department.

"I don't know." Zheng Ren thought about it and answered.

He could not say that he did it himself, after all, that was only a one-time peak experience, and the original form would definitely be revealed if he did it again. After the surgery last night, Zheng Ren said in a trance with Director Liu and the patient's family, and now slightly regrets.

This is to make a face.

Anyway, I have the system, everything is not urgent, I just hope the system can quickly "live" over.

Zheng Ren hung up the phone and simply washed up and went to work.



The first thing I saw when I arrived at the department was Director Liu's stinky face.

The first thing that I saw was Director Liu's foul face. This is not Zheng Ren's character.

The person as its name, Zheng Ren is a gentleman, the shrew scolded such things Liu director can do out, Zheng Ren can not do out.

The truth about yesterday's truth is that Zheng Ren will not do, his good friend asked not even told him, let alone in public.

I believe that the day of hitting Director Liu's face with technology is not far away, Zheng Ren firmly believes.

Zheng Ren chose to ignore Director Liu and said hello to his colleague and came to the doctor's duty room. After packing up the cabinet, put the white suit, stethoscope, percussion hammer, and several professional books in a plastic bag, carried them and left the first department of general surgery.

"What exactly did Zheng Ren commit?"

The atmosphere was oppressive, and colleagues did not dare to ask. Until Zheng Ren left, Director Liu returned to the director's office with a stern face, only then a small nurse quietly asked the people around.

"It said that yesterday's surgery, he violated the principle, Professor Mori Yu Ichiro was very angry, this is ......" an old nurse said.

"What a nice person, how can it be?"

"Don't send out good man cards, I guess this time Dr. Zheng is going to have bad luck. You do not know, yesterday Director Liu was scolded by President Fu all night, scolded that is a bad."

Zheng Ren did not hear his colleagues' comments, took the elevator downstairs and came to the emergency department facing the hospital's main entrance.

This is a five-story building, according to the original planning design, should be a separate emergency building, all emergency patients will be treated in the emergency building.

However, the work of the emergency department is difficult, and it is impossible to retain doctors. If they are forced to stay by administrative means, doctors will also choose to resign.

This situation does not only exist in the First People's Hospital of Haicheng, the whole country is the same.

No doctor, the hardware conditions are good emergency department or no way to develop. So the first floor of the emergency building is the emergency internal and external women and children, the second floor and above are idle.

To emergency medicine, the equivalent of the former Soviet Union was sent to the Far East Siberia criminals, this is the consensus of the doctors.

Zheng Ren is not much aggravation, he is at least a man with a system, not to be common sense with the villain.

I came to the emergency department to report, but Director Pan was not there.

The head nurse told Zheng Ren that Director Pan had arranged for him to be the chief resident, responsible for the clinical work of surgery.

Zheng Ren's speculation materialized, and it looked like someone did know that the person who did that surgery was himself, such as Director Pan.

"Yo, is Chief Zheng an attending physician." Before Zheng Ren could receive the key to the locker, a shady voice came from the side.

Zheng Ren took a look, it was Dr. Yuan Li of the emergency department.

Usually, although not often come to the emergency room, but after so many years, always know who it is. But that's all, a nod of the head.

"Brother Yuan, I was Jin's primary care last year." Zheng Ren was good-tempered and replied with a smile.

"In the future, you, the attending physician, will have to teach me well." Yuan Li leaned against the door frame of the emergency surgery department, and his tone became more and more strange.

"You are the big brother, so out of sight." Zheng Ren had a bit of a headache and would not fight at all.

"Don't, Director Pan gave the word, from now on, you are the Chief Zheng." Yuan Li coughed and spat a mouthful of spit on the ground, "Yuck!"

"Yuan Li, how do you talk!" The head nurse quit first, Director Pan was not there, she first ensured that Yuan Li and Zheng Ren could not fight.

"Chief Nurse, I'm just not convinced. Why can't I do the chief resident after so many years in the emergency department, and he can do it when he just came?" Yuan Li said with some excitement.

"You go to Director Pan to say, Xiao Zheng just came to ......"

"Don't worry, can't fight." Yuan Li looked at Zheng Ren with a disdainful face and said, "Kid, can you understand the disease?"


"Do not say anything, is the chest is ready to do so?" Yuan Li said.

The head nurse saw that the fight was not going to start, so she did not say anything.

In fact, she was also curious, why the old director Pan delayed to arrange the chief resident position, but gave Zheng Ren.

And yesterday, the old Pan director in the dean's office to beat the table cursing mother, and even pointed to the dean's nose, said, if a few years earlier a phone call to two cars of soldiers to fuck your mother.

Pan director although bad temper, but is a reasonable person.

There must be a reason for all this.

Early in the morning is the most free time in the emergency department, internal medicine, pediatrics doctors also ran out to see the fun.

Seeing Zheng Ren's helpless face, Yuan Li felt that he ate this kid, thinking that you do not think you can do whatever you want by relying on Director Pan. We are doctors, we have to live by our craft!

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

"Which department?" Yuan Li asked.

"Headache." The young man had never seen such an enthusiastic doctor, and he was too busy to answer.

"Did you suffer any trauma?"


"Go to internal medicine." Yuan Li had some regrets.

Zheng Ren, however, stayed in place and wandered off.

When he saw the patient, his vision began to go three-dimensional.

That translucent screen appeared in front of his eyes again, and Chinese characters kept appearing in the upper right.

The system was still there, just not talking. Seeing this screen, Zheng Ren was completely relieved.

The words on the screen kept extending, and Zheng Ren looked at them carefully.

Male patient, 17 years old, headache with nausea and unemetic for 10 hours.

Next are the patient's vital signs and the results of various tests, as well as the final diagnosis ......

Zheng Ren seems to be able to hear the sound made when the text appears, is this a fucking system? This is a direct diagnosis of their own skill points all point full of pro father ah.

Is it possible to transform yourself into a terminator?

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