The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 38: The misery of happiness

Peng Jia is the CEO of Apricot Garden website, and his office is located on the 38th floor of the landmark building in Magic City.

He sat in a bright and spacious room looking at the slowly flowing Huangpu River downstairs and stared.

Today I met a ghost!

Apricot Garden website is taking the professional route, set an extremely high threshold, even the registration requires the number of the license to practice medicine, and refused to visitors to browse.

To be professional, we must do the limit, this is the character of Peng Jia.

There is a goal, there is the execution, after five years of hard work, the Apricot Garden website to achieve the first position in the country, and left behind the second place a long way.

At least within five years, no one can shake the status of the Apricot Grove.

It is smooth and smooth, a time to show their ambitions, early in the morning just to work, Peng Jia received a forum department manager reported that a post because of too many viewers server out of control reboot.

This kind of thing is also called a problem?

Peng Jia answered a few times, not wondering what kind of posts could crash the server like he did a few years ago. All his thoughts are on the capital market, how to list is the most important thing for the Apricot Grove website.

It's just a server reboot, all right, all right.

But just after the department manager finished reporting, Peng Jia received a phone call.

It was an old professor from Concordia who called, the caller was his life secretary, asking why the live surgery room would suddenly crash.

There are not many doctors in the country who can match a life secretary.

This big man was one of Peng Jia's valued friends, so now he didn't dare to take it lightly. After a series of good and nice answers and apologies, Peng Jia was ready to get up his spirits and see what kind of live broadcast would interest the old man.

But before the call was finished, there was a beeping sound, and another call came in.

After taking a look at the label, Peng Jia hurriedly apologized to the old man and promised to fix it as soon as possible and put in manpower and resources to maintain it properly.

Hang up the phone of one old man and pick up the phone of another old man.

It was still asking about the live surgery room.

Peng Jia was baffled, and he was also curious about what kind of live surgery could attract the attention of these big cows.

Fortunately, there was no third one, otherwise Peng Jia would have thought that there was a paranormal event.

You have to know how high the journeyman status of these old people is and how hard it is to see. Usually to give them a call, you have to ask permission from the life secretary first. The CEO of a top domestic website has to pretend to be a grandson to be small to be able to, but today the elderly discussed the same, call to ask.

Asking is even, the old man's words slightly unpleasant, which makes Peng Jia is very afraid.

Put down the phone, he hurriedly asked what happened, and rushed to the technical room to personally participate in the debugging work.

He had many guesses along the way, and his cell phone kept ringing, all from the big calf doctors around the world who had his contact information to ask questions.

But when he arrived at the technical room, in the background to see the live video of the operation a moment, he understood.

This is a big fucking bull coming to his website to open a live show, show surgery ah.

A great thing!

Peng Jia immediately began to contact, buy a new server, the maximum tolerance limit of the live surgery room to 3000 people.

For the server, which is usually considered expensive, Peng Jia did not even talk about the price, only one requirement, installation in place within one hour.

As long as the price is given in place, everything is not impossible.

Without saying a word, the manufacturer overcame all difficulties and the server was installed in 56 minutes.

Debugging, running, Peng Jia gave a deadly order, even if there are irresistible factors, the entire site all posts are closed, but also to ensure the normal operation of the live surgery room.

After the live surgery room was closed for three hours and fifteen minutes, it was restored.

Peng Jia felt that he had done a beautiful job today and was decisive and quick, worthy of being the founder of the medical website.

He elegantly picked up his phone and began to call back to the two old people.

It didn't matter what he did, what was important was that he must satisfy the old people's wishes.

The moment the server restarted and the live surgery room opened, hundreds of people swarmed in. Peng Jia's heart was glad that he was lucky that he did not simply fix the matter by being greedy and cheap.

After purchasing a new server, Peng Jia did not believe that it could still explode the machine.

He had a big smile on his face when he reported with the old man, the technical engineer came to him with a black face, "Mr. Peng, that ......"

"Something to say later." Peng Jia covered the phone and said impatiently.

"No ......" the engineer said hurriedly, "The server is in a congested state again."

"......" expletives immediately in Peng Jia's heart Biao.

Hastily greeting the old man, Peng Jia hung up the phone and came to the mainframe.

"It's about the live broadcast again?"

The engineer's voice was a bit hoarse and said, "The live room is holding up for now, but there are too many people registering and taking up a huge amount of system resources."

If it were usual, the number of registered people would have skyrocketed, Peng Jia would have been overjoyed.

But the system has already crashed once, if a short time second crash ...... he can already see his obscure future.

"Still frozen for what! Backup server hurry up and open!" Peng Jia roared.

"Already opened." The engineer looked at the mainframe screen, cold sweat came out, "Ten seconds before the live room reopened, entered three hundred and sixty-six people. Twenty seconds, enter nine hundred and eighty-three people. One minute, enter one thousand three hundred and sixty people."

"What I need is not data! I want ......," Peng Jia yelled.

"Uh ...... Mr. Peng, the new registrants are all flooding into the live room, are you looking at what to do?" The engineer pointed to the background traffic monitoring, his voice was hoarse.

The surgery live room had been modified to be able to bear the flow of 3000 people cap.

After all, Apricot Garden is not a professional live site, few people broadcast surgery videos, and the vast majority are technical posts. So Peng Jia did not configure the highest-end server, in that case, too wasteful.

But today the problem came.

As if there was a popular female anchor with fans to Apricot Garden, in this sunny morning, the traffic of Apricot Garden skyrocketed. Breaking through the server once, it looks like the second time is also going to be unprotected.

The backup server was used, and it could barely hold up to 4,000 people.

"Make an announcement, temporarily stop registration!" Peng Jia made an immediate decision.

After refusing new members and merging other servers, the number of people in the surgery live room was capped at 4600 before it didn't continue to skyrocket.

But just slow growth Peng Jia also can not stand, he hurriedly picked up the phone, order a high with the commercial server.

Still no bargaining, as long as the installation time.

He did not even dare to look at the background host again, Peng Jia felt that every time he saw the number of people in the surgery live room rose again, his heart was about to stop beating.

Back in his office, his face was gloomy as he looked at Huang Pujiang.

This is the agony of happiness, but if you can not step over this hurdle, everything goes without saying.

What a hell, where the hell is the big bull?

Zheng Ren did not know that there were people outside who were troubled into dogs for themselves, he happily clicked on the system mall page and looked for the option to buy the surgery set time.

When he clicked on the mall purchase interface, he froze for a moment, what the hell is this!

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