The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 33 Purchase of system equipment

Old director Pan made several phone calls in a row, after arranging everything, his expression was serious and he said to Zheng Ren: "You go to the lumpectomy room and find director Shi, see what equipment is missing, if you can deploy it, if it is not enough then there is nothing you can do. If you can operate, call me immediately, I will wait for you at the entrance of the institution."

The military is to do things is thunder and lightning, the old Pan director's meaning Zheng Ren understand, and even to save time, he would rather stand at the entrance of the institution and wait for the letter.

Like a soldier in ambush at the enemy's front line, Director Pan was waiting for the sound of the charge horn to sound.

Zheng Ren nodded, did not speak.

This is the time to say anything is pretentious, what you can do is to do this surgery well.

Walking quickly toward the third inpatient department, Zheng Ren walked faster and faster, and finally came to the lumpectomy room at a trot.

Director Shi was very cooperative, suppressing his surprise and asking Zheng Ren what instruments he needed.

Because the lumpectomy room of the first hospital in the city was preparing to hire a professor from Tidu to perform ESD surgery in the near future, the prep work was basically done.

Basic equipment such as HOOK knife, intracavitary injector, intracavitary separator forceps, and intracavitary electric knife were all available. However, the endoscopic endoluminal closure device, which is the key equipment needed to cut the appendix, was missing.

Because Director Shi only wanted to do the mucosal peeling surgery, he could not use the closure device at all.

Zheng Ren gritted his teeth, said he had to go to the bathroom, and looked for a secluded place to enter the system space.

Open the system mall and start searching for ESD related equipment.

See a full set of ESD equipment marked 16000 experience value, Zheng Ren's heart is broken, too damn expensive, can not afford to buy.

Helplessly, Zheng Ren had a bright idea and tried to buy separately.

Click on the intracavity closure device, I did not expect to succeed.

Looking at the 2200 experience value marked on the intracavity closure device, Zheng Ren had mixed feelings.

He was a little happy, because if the closure device was filled, the gap of the instrument was filled and this surgery should be able to go on.

He was a little lost, because since he grew up with little money, spending some money was a big deal to Zheng Ren. When he took out almost all of his "savings" to buy the same surgical equipment at once, Zheng Ren almost had a heart attack.

But for the sake of the old Pan director's trust, this money should be spent.

Tolerating the burst of heart pain, Zheng Ren clicked on the purchase, 2332 experience points instantly became 132 points, poor as hell.

After the purchase, the closure device then appeared directly in Zheng Ren's hand, the texture of titanium-nickel metal brought him an expensive illusion.

How to bring out? Zheng Ren was a little confused and asked the system out loud. As expected, the system maintained its usual high-cold energy and did not respond.

Then let's go out first, Zheng Ren gripped the closure hard, like a drowning man holding the last straw, out of the system space.

The moment he opened his eyes, Zheng Ren felt the hardness in his hand, still there.

It was so good that the device could be taken out of the system space.

When he returned to Director Shih with the occluder, Director Shih was stunned for a moment and asked in confusion, "Xiao Zheng ah, you have classmates who are doing supplies? In Johnson & Johnson or Philips?"

This kind of device with little domestic application, because of the profit relationship, domestic manufacturers have not produced, only the big international companies - led by Johnson & Johnson predators will produce and import to the country.

With Zheng Ren's age, the salesmen running the clinic would not even bother to talk to a small doctor like him. Even the chief resident is not qualified for this.

Carry out new technology, the use of new equipment, is the director's own reserve, at the very least, the deputy director with the group.

Zheng Ren took back the closure device in one turn, logically speaking, there must be classmates in these large companies as sales clerks.

Director Shi's speculation is logical, but he would not have thought that Zheng Ren has a system that flips his face faster than a book and moves to obliterate Zheng Ren's system.

"No, this is the last time I attended a meeting, looked good, so I bought one for myself." Zheng Ren said perfunctorily.

Director Shi did not believe, who has nothing to buy a deadly expensive surgical instruments by themselves. And only one of the many surgical supplies. The only thing that can be done with a closure device is to take it home and give it up.

But since Zheng Ren said so, obviously do not want to reveal the truth, he can not help. The new closure device was glowing with a delicate metallic luster and salivating with envy.

"Director Pan, the instruments are complete, when can we start the surgery?" Zheng Ren dialed Old Director Pan's number and reported back.

"Okay, I'm on my way." Old Director Pan waited for Zheng Ren's message and immediately hung up the phone.

After waiting for a few minutes, Zheng Ren's cell phone rang and Director Lao Pan told him to prepare for the surgery and had already gone to pick up the patient.

Director Shi of the lumpectomy room also received a phone call from the director of the medical service. The hospital attached great importance to this patient and made a phone call first to get the lumpectomy room moving. The medical director told Shi that the city's Secretary General Chen had rushed to the city's first hospital, and the president would personally accompany him to watch the surgery.

The lumpectomy room was turned up to maximum power, and everyone was moving to prepare for the operation quickly.

Old Director Pan rushed over first, and instead of asking Zheng Ren again if the surgery would be successful, he stood silently by Zheng Ren's side, as firm and steady as an iron anchor.

As the chief of the medical office brought the director of the anesthesia department to the lumpectomy room, the atmosphere in the whole lumpectomy room gradually became heavy.

The general surgery department arrived, pushing a flat cart with the girl on it hitching below her ankles outside the flat cart, which was simply too tall.

Director Liu's face was gloomy, he already had a bad feeling - Zheng Ren really will do, and is the kind of very skilled will.

But the arrow was on the string, he could not raise objections.

The patient lay on the surgical bed, and the signature or whatever had to wait for the dean and Secretary General Chen to finish, so there was no use in hurrying.

Zheng Ren looked at the countdown in the upper right corner of his vision, 4 hours and 15 minutes to go.

Ten minutes later, President Xiao and Secretary General Chen arrived at the operating room.

In the office, Zheng Ren sat in the corner with no presence, even though he was the operator.

On the left hand of the long table were Grand President Xiao Keming, Executive Vice President in charge of clinical work Fu Guang Shi, Director Pan Lao, and directors of general surgery, lumpectomy room, anesthesiology department and other related departments. On the right hand side were Secretary General Chen, the office director, and the patient's agent, assistant, etc.

President Xiao was the first to speak.

"This patient is given high priority by the city, and the following is the introduction of the condition by Director Liu of the Department of General Surgery."

Not many words, divided into powerful.

"The patient was diagnosed with simple appendicitis, and after three days of anti-inflammatory treatment, the effect was not good. Pressure pain in the right lower abdomen is obvious, and rebound pain appeared this morning. Consider that the appendicitis is worsening and there is a possibility of perforation." Director Liu had red eyes and dark circles, extraordinarily scribbled and worn out.

Only a few people knew that this was a consequence of a night of competition with Zheng Ren, and those who didn't know thought he had bowed and scraped for the patients discussed in the case.

Director Liu paused for a moment, theatrical on, his tone full of regret: "General surgery discussed many times, and finally concluded that the patient could no longer take conservative treatment and needed to operate as soon as possible."

"Director Liu, may I ask what is the method of surgery?" A middle-aged man wearing glasses and well-mannered on the right hand side asked a question.

"There are normal open appendectomy and laparoscopic appendectomy." Director Liu didn't even mention the surgery style Zheng Ren said: "I suggest ordinary open surgery because the patient's condition is suitable, the subcutaneous fat layer is very thin, the surgical incision can be controlled to 3-4cm, and the patient can go down one day after surgery, and can recover in 5-6 days."

"This ......" time period is beyond the requirements of the organizing committee of the New Thought Competition. But this is a professional opinion that must be listened to.

Most people are aware of the importance of the light, and a tantrum at this time will not help the patient's condition.

But it's a shame to miss the finals, a feeling shared by both the patient's agent and the city's Secretary General Chen.

"We can do a non-invasive appendectomy without delaying the finals in three days." Director Pan Sr. suddenly interrupted Director Liu's presentation, his voice like a flooding bell, overwhelming everyone in his aura.

The fierce tiger descended from the mountain in general.


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