The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 28 Never met

The number of disposable sterile kits is limited, and the city hospital generally allocates about thirty emergency sterile surgical kits to the night shift for emergency surgery at night.

Zheng Ren's crazy surgery overnight, not only used up the emergency surgical kits, but even today's daytime elective surgery sterile kits were partly used.

No one would have thought that the general surgery department, alone, would have done little more than forty emergency surgeries in one night.

"Chief nurse, Zheng Ren has done thirty-seven surgeries so far yesterday night."

"It's already thirty-eight, and another one just went up."

The head nurse was stunned, "Zheng Ren? Is that Zheng Ren?"

"Yes, it's the same Zheng Ren."

Like a mute riddle, did not say clearly, the head nurse will understand.

Because the hospital issued a gag order, those who were qualified to know that Zheng Ren had completed the operation instead of Professor Ichiro Mori, were all silent about it and did not mention it if they could.

"Thirty-eight surgeries in one night?" The head nurse still didn't believe it.

"Well, it is said that there are still a dozen patients waiting for surgery in general surgery."

"Impossible!" The head nurse flatly denied this unscientific claim, "I'll go check it out."

In the operating room, the head nurse is the tiger, the mother! Here in the operating room, her authority is even much stronger than the general department head.

After changing her clothes and coming to the operating room, the head nurse changed into a smiling face, her eyes narrowed, and said, "Yiren, you're tired."

Xie Yiren looked up somewhat bewildered, after a sleepless night of surgery, Zheng Ren was still in good spirits, while Xie Yiren was already in a state of confusion.

If Director Liu's opponent was an ordinary human like Xie Yiren, his goal would have been achieved long ago.

"Chief nurse, you're here." Xie Yiren regained some vitality.

"Really, after a night of surgery, you don't take a break." The head nurse snapped, "Xiao Zheng, why don't you know about pain and people?"

Zheng Ren cut off the appendix and put it into the basin with the mid-curved forceps. The forceps collided with the basin wall and made a crisp ringing sound.

"Huh." Jung In giggled.

"After doing this table, Yiren come down and rest for a while, I will change people to match your table." The head nurse waved her hand, and the matter was settled, without Zheng Ren's consent at all.

"Okay." Zheng Ren said.

"It's not good." Xie Yiren hesitated.

"What's not good? Is surgery something that can be done in a day? If we really exhaust the doctors and nurses, who will go to see the patients?"

The head nurse just wanted to change the topic to Zheng Ren, when she saw Zheng Ren reach out, and Xie Yiren skillfully handed him the stitches for continuous subcutaneous sutures.

Hmm? That's the end of it? The head nurse was a little confused, had she come in for three minutes, how come the surgery was done?

"Next." Zheng Ren went out to call the doctors from the first department of general surgery to carry the patient, and then said to Xie Yiren, "You go rest."

"That surgery ......"

"Don't worry, there is not me."

After the surgery was done, the head nurse arranged for a nurse with a high level and often paired with the general surgery department to be Zheng Ren's instrument nurse, and then pulled Xie Yiren straight out of the operating room and to her office.

"Something to drink?" The head nurse asked.

"Sis, I want to sleep." After Xie Yiren left the operating room, her whole body went soft, and she said with breathlessness.

"You child, why are you so desperate." The head nurse blamed, "That guy Zheng Ren is so brown, he is not human at all. You are our family's little baby, what if you are exhausted. Originally I wanted you to go to the emergency department to avoid the wind, as a paid vacation, but who would have thought that this guy Zheng Ren caught and used to death."

"It's okay, Zheng did a good job with the surgery, I learned a lot." Xie Yiren let out a big snort.

"Oh? What kind of surgery did you do?" The head nurse was like a wolf grandmother, approaching the truth of what she wanted bit by bit. She didn't believe that Zheng Ren had done little forty surgeries in one night.

I'm afraid that not many people would believe such words.

"Did one acute appendicitis in mid-pregnancy, four appendicitis in obese patients, eight perforated appendixes, eleven acute suppurative appendicitis, fourteen ...... no, fifteen simple acute appendicitis." Xie Yiren, although sleepy like noodles, softly nestled in the chair, looking asleep, but yesterday and Zheng Ren hitched a table to do the surgery still remembered clearly, calculating with his fingers.

"Hmm?" The head nurse was surprised, could it be that what they said was true, how was this possible?

"What's wrong?" Xie Yiren had quickly entered a semi-sleepy state.

"Get up, go to bed." The head nurse threw Xie Yiren onto her own bed and hurriedly went to direct the scene.

There were still many troublesome things that the head nurse needed to solve personally.

With so many sterile surgical kits used, what about today's elective surgery during the day? This kind of problem, the head nurse work thirty years, never encountered.

But this is not the most important thing, the head nurse has to solve one thing.

She walked to the nurse's station, picked up the phone, and dialed the number.

As soon as the other side picked up the phone, she didn't ask who it was and yelled directly, "Call Liu Tianxing for me!"

"Which one of me? What do you care? ...... is not in? You tell Liu Tianxing, if you do not appear in front of me within three minutes, the next week's surgery, your general surgery department will wait for the opening of the stage after 3 pm!"

The pugnacious head nurse's aura was just so powerful.

When she got angry, she scolded a senior director of general surgery, just like scolding a grandson.

After saying that, the head nurse hung up the phone with a "pop", as if the phone is the same as Director Liu, owed to fall.

Soon, the red-eyed Director Liu with Cen Mang came up quickly.

This point is the most crowded time, waiting for the elevator to at least ten minutes. Director Liu didn't dare to delay at all, and climbed the stairs to the operating room at a trot, tired as a dog, just like throwing up his tongue.

"Liu Tianxing, you're capable of it." The head nurse crossed her waist with one hand, and pointed her other finger at Director Liu's nose, opening a rebuke mode.

"What kind of words are these, Xiao Li, look at what you said." Director Liu accompanied with a smiling face.

Cen Meng behind him even lowered his head, not daring to look at Nurse Leader Li's face at all.

"Oh? Then tell me, where did all the emergency appendicitis come from this night?" The head nurse Li has been an operating room nurse for thirty years, and has been working at the City Hospital since she graduated from health school at the age of eighteen, so she knows the doorways inside and out.

The city hospital covers a large population area, how many emergency cases can be done in a night, what will be like when encountering an emergency situation, she has personally experienced.

Last night's state is certainly not normal, there must be someone to do tampering.

Therefore, she opened her mouth to curse, if not wearing a mask, the spit will certainly be sprayed onto the old face of Director Liu.

"It's not related to me." Director Liu still wanted to try to deny it.

"Liu Tianxing, I don't fucking care if you have a relationship or not." Nurse Li sneered, "Emergency appendicitis, how many more patients are down there?"

Director Liu hesitated and looked back at Cen Mang.

"Eleven." Cen Mang whispered.

"Then even eleven, if there are more today, do not say I personally break your old face." Chief Nurse Li coldly said, "What the hell, give shame."

Director Liu's face muscles twitched a few times, just when he wanted to say something, he saw Nurse Leader Li with a teasing face, pick up the phone and dial a number.

"Sister Zhou, it's me."

"Ask you something, we had a particularly high number of emergency cases here yesterday, I want to ask if there is anything going on?"

"Oh oh, got it, today should not be necessary, thanks for supporting our work, go shopping with you some day. The development area has opened a new duty-free store, which has the new clothes of Milan Fashion Week."

"Mm-hmm, so it's a deal then, bye."

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

"Let you talk back, let you talk back! Give you some face and you open a dye house, shameless."

Director Liu knew that he was caught by Nurse Manager Li's actual hammer, this kind of thing want to conceal from people with a heart, certainly can not do, he also did not want to hide.

It's just that Zheng Ren's zero-error surgical operation made all the effort turn into spring water away.

"What the hell, get out of the calf!" Nurse Li turned around with a face of disgust and left.

I don't know which doctor or nurse who was watching the fun, saw Director Liu in a mess, snorted and laughed out.

"What the hell, get lost!" Nurse Li, with a face of disgust, turned around and left.

I don't know which doctor or nurse who was watching, saw Director Liu in a mess, snorted and laughed.

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