The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 25 This hospitalization is always blind, absolutely!

"Why are you here?" Zheng Ren asked.

The one guarding the door was one of the beautiful sisters that he met while eating crawfish, Zheng Ren still vaguely remembered that they were called Chu Yanran and Chu Yanzhi.

As a senior face-blind patient, Zheng Ren is not capable of identifying which of the sisters this is in front of him.

The black shoulder-length hair was simply tied in a ponytail, swaying gently with her every move, cute as can be. A pair of big talking eyes, staring closely at Zheng Ren, let Zheng Ren feel very uncomfortable.

Oh, the straight man of steel who couldn't find a girlfriend.

"Mr. Zheng, right." The girl fell to Zheng Ren's side, and as Zheng Ren escorted the patient back to the ward, "I'm Chu Yanzhi."

"Oh, hello."

"My mother's test results are out, and just like your judgment, it's an acute anterior wall heart attack." Chu Yan Dao.

"That's good." Zheng Ren was suddenly a little happy, washing away some of the fatigue in his body.

According to the analysis of the patient's state at that time, if there was no timely diagnosis, a heart attack could occur at any time. The most frightening thing is to have a heart attack in the middle of the night in the sleep state, and when the family finds it, it is estimated that the person has already cooled off.

The difficulty of this disease with atypical symptoms lies in the diagnosis. Since the diagnosis is clear, the subsequent treatment is not difficult.

A family, a whole lot of crawfish, quite good.

"The blood test can only be used for reference, it is best to do a 256-row coronary CT after work during the day today to finalize it." Zheng Ren said.

"Oh, just finished 256, anterior descending blockage 80%, right coronary and gyrus are okay." Chu Yan Way.

The anterior descending, right coronary, and gyrus she was talking about were the three main feeding vessels of the heart. If only the anterior descending blockage, just avoid strenuous exercise plus take medication to treat it.

But ...... there should be no one in the 256 CT room in the middle of the night, so how did she get the test done?

This has nothing to do with Zheng Ren, so did not think much about it.

Zheng Ren nodded and continued to stride along without the slightest concern for Chu Yanzhi's inability to keep up with his own footsteps mentally. In Zheng Ren's eyes, Chu Yanzhi is only the patient's family, since the disease problem has been solved, then he and Chu Yanzhi do not have any relationship.

It is not without reason that he has been single for so many years.

I do not know how to tease the girl, even the girl took the initiative to chat, to express gratitude for this great opportunity, Zheng Ren do not know how to grasp.

Chu Yanzhi followed behind Zheng Ren, long legs striding away, not slower than Zheng Ren. The ponytail is flung, overflowing with youthful energy.

There was silence all the way, and it was Chu Yanzhi who finally broke the awkwardness.

"Thank you very much, Mr. Zheng." Chu Yanzhi smiled sweetly, her right hand ruffled her broken hair, her bright eyes and white teeth, captivating the city.

Unfortunately, Zheng Ren didn't even look at him, blankly ignorant of it all.

"You're welcome, it's the duty of being a doctor." Zheng Ren walked forward by himself.

"My sister and I have discussed that my mother needs someone to take care of her, and we are both ready to go back to Haicheng for regulation training." Chu Yan Road: "I was thinking of finishing my doctorate at Huaxi before deciding whether to go abroad or stay at Huaxi, but now I don't have to dwell on it."

"It's good to work early." Zheng Ren said, "It's right to go home and spend time with your parents."

It's so awkward to talk to him, shouldn't he be more enthusiastic when a beautiful woman of his level talks to him? The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

Silence, continued awkward silence, only the sound of the wheels of the surgical flat car crushing the marble floor behind them echoed in the silent corridor.

When we arrived at the first department of general surgery, Zheng Ren and the doctor on duty made a handover, went to take a look at the state of the post-operative patient with gestational appendicitis, everything was smooth, then refused the family's thanks and prepared to return to the emergency department for a brief rest.

God knows if there are any more emergency appendicitis requiring surgery tonight, and preserving energy is the most important thing.

Huh? Why is that girl still following him? What's her name again? Chu Yanzhi or Chu Yanran?

After leaving from the first department of general surgery, Zheng Ren took out his cell phone, ready to greet Xie Yiren and tell her to hurry up and rest, but found that Chu Yanzhi was still following him.

"How come you ...... haven't gone back yet?"

"Mr. Zheng, my sister and I decided to come to Hai Cheng City First Hospital for regular training, I also hope you can not be stingy with guidance." Chu Yanzhi is also very distressed, he followed him all the way, after saying a few words this silly hospitalization total actually forgot himself ...... forget ...... forget ...... forget ......

Surprisingly treat themselves as air, forgetting their existence!

Chu Yanzhi, Chu Yanran hates that kind of street pick up, tease the girl. But encountering people like Zheng Ren who treat her like air, seems to be more angry.

Strongly holding back the anger in her heart, Chu Yanzhi directly stated the purpose of coming.

By this time, she already somewhat regretted the decision she made before with her sister.

This hospitalization is always blind, absolutely!

"Oh, can. But how the regulation office is arranged, I do not have the ability to operate. The most important thing is that I am now working in the emergency department and the EICU has not yet been established." Zheng Ren remembered that the sisters read the intensive care specialty, there is information about medical care he received the fastest, "a bit of regret ah."

Chu Yanzhi in Zheng Ren's words can not hear even a trace of regret emotions.

"Critical care professional, can also do anesthesiologist." Chu Yanzhi smile, the smile is a little stiff, "regulation training that side is not a problem, we can solve."

What a rush is not a sale, when have the sisters ever suffered this kind of wimpiness, but constantly being others directly ignored!

Chu Yanzhi some aggravation, nose sour, mouth also sour.

But in front of the straight man of steel, those nebulous tone of voice ah, emotions ah, are floating clouds, can not feel at all.

"That's good, it just so happens that the emergency department is short of people, welcome to you." Zheng Ren walked while sending a WeChat to Xie Yiren and learned that she was already lying down in the operating room, so he put away his phone and walked towards the emergency department with big steps.

Chu Yanzhi helplessly stopped in her tracks, Zheng Ren this kind of professional top, emotional intelligence low to bursting table people she rarely encountered. In school there are such people, directly ignored by her.

But this time, who let themselves catch up with it?

Complaint, helpless, wind in the wind.

Zheng Ren then forgot about Chu Yanzhi's existence and returned to the emergency department, seeing that there were not many emergency patients tonight, he went directly to the duty room to find an empty bunk and lie down in his clothes.

The first thing you need to do is close your eyes and come into the system space.

When he was whisked away after the system intensive appendectomy before, Zheng Ren felt that the whole space had a tendency to be unstable.

But coming back again, the space seemed to have passed the most dangerous moment and become refreshing again.

The thatched hut was still the same, and the fox statue in front of the house seemed to be a little more realistic. The pond seemed to have gotten a little bit bigger, Zheng Ren couldn't tell.

He shouted twice, the system did not pay any attention to him.

As long as the system does not come out and say that they are running out of energy and want to "bang" together, it is on the top, Zheng Ren's heart is a bit more secure.

The actual surgery provides more skill points, which surgery is less, Zheng Ren does not feel the need to look deeper.

This is not in the online game to do the task, can pick and choose.

Emergency patients come, you can't refuse to receive it because you get fewer skill points.

If that happens, the three views will be shattered, without the system pulling itself to the same death, it will degenerate into a devil.

The gains are not only these, beside the general surgery skill tree, other skill trees have also made great progress.

The skill points for cardiothoracic surgery, brain surgery, urology, orthopedic surgery, oral surgery, and eye, ear, nose, and throat surgery all surpassed the 300-point mark and reached an advanced level.

It seemed that the intensive appendicitis training had improved his basic skills in all aspects, and Zheng Ren was very pleased.

Was happily observing the skill tree when the cold mechanical female voice suddenly rang out.

[Alert, alert, note that it's not a drill, note that it's not a drill!

Hmm? What's the matter again?

[Strong hostile intent towards the host has been detected to appear, please receive a new mission.

Several points of white light appeared in front of Zheng Ren, then turned into a dotted star, converging into Chinese characters.

Urgent mission: Hostility from peers.

Mission content: Complete all surgeries.

Mission reward: Unknown.

Mission duration: 1 day.

(After a day of surgery, you're already tired, right? But please cheer up, you can use energy potion if necessary. Go meet the challenge of your peers, it's just a trivial conspiracy.)

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