The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 2: The True Peak

What? System? Countless questions appeared in Zheng Ren's mind.

Although Zheng Ren has been single, but never drink, do not go to nightclubs. Usually busy with work, daily entertainment is to take time out from work and read online novels.

But he never thought that one day the plot of the novel would happen to him.

In a trance, the cold mechanical voice reappeared in his ears.

"The host has obtained the newbie benefit - peak experience, limited to 30 minutes."

After all, Zheng Ren was a veteran novel lover and was quite receptive to such an existence as the system.

But without waiting for him to communicate with the system, in just a twinkling of an eye, a white light appeared in front of his eyes again.

After regaining his vision, he was stunned to find that his hands began to move on their own.

His fingers moved deftly and delicately, holding a pair of curved scissors, and was using the blunt end to separate the adhesive tissue of the pancreatic tumor, occasionally using the sharp blade to pick through the obstruction only when he encountered a tough part.

Is this a dream?

He tried to regain control of his hands with all his strength, but he was surprised to find that his hands were clearly his own, but they didn't listen to him at all.

Zheng Ren felt like a paraplegic patient who had lost the ability to control his limbs.

And his own limbs became machines, rigorous and precise "doing" surgery!

Could it be that he was hosted by the system? Is the mystery novel said to take the body? And he is the guy who was taken?

In a short time, the consciousness will gradually fade away, and thus dissipate?

A series of questions made Zheng Ren sweat coldly and fall into a quagmire of despair, unable to extricate himself.

"Please note that the host is unable to dispose of his own limbs during the 30-minute peak experience. In view of the host's overly emotional and hormonal environment disorder, temporarily given sedative disposal." The system's mechanical synthetic voice rang out again.

Soon, Zheng Ren calmed down with the help of the system.

"Please note that the host cherishes the opportunity of peak experience, and please note that this opportunity is only once. Repeat again, this opportunity is only once."

He noticed that if you exclude the factor that "he" is doing the surgery, the current view is the best, which is the dream of himself who just stood in the corner of the operating room!

Of course, the view of the surgery is dominated by the operator, and those who are watching and learning the surgery never have the opportunity to observe a surgery from start to finish from the main view.

And now, such an opportunity is in front of Zheng Ren. As Zheng Ren, who was standing in the assistant position, resumed his surgery, Chief Resident Cen Mang's eyes widened.

"Zheng Ren, what are you doing!" Cen Mang saw Zheng Ren start the surgery and hurriedly stopped it.

However, all he got was silence.

Zheng Ren's hands were deftly like two little elves as he continued the surgery.

Cen Meng just wanted to stop, and immediately found that something was wrong.

Scissors can be used in this way?

The adhesion of the head of the pancreas is even bluntly separated by fingers, he is not afraid to tear the pancreas?

There is an abnormal growth of tumor feeding blood vessels there, how did he find it?

Numerous questions rose in Cen Meng's heart.

Impossible! Zheng Ren's level, Cen Meng is aware of. The two people are two years apart to come to the first hospital in Haicheng City, usually the relationship is general, but what level the other party is, we all know it by heart.

Cen Mang than Zheng Ren will come to things, but also willing to kiss ass. In addition, his aunt's husband and director Liu know, so Cen Mang has long become director Liu's beloved.

Otherwise, this kind of weighty surgery, director Liu will not not bring the deputy director on the stage, but to bring Cen Meng on.

The most important thing is that the person who is in charge of the operation is the person who is in charge of the operation.

But although Cen Meng is an insider, but gradually can not see.

The level of Professor Ichiro Mori Yu, who had previously wowed him, did not seem to reach the height of Zheng Ren's display in front of him.

No, more than not as high as him, the gap between them, at least an order of magnitude.

Cen was fiercely surprised and seemed to be only staggered for a moment before the situation changed again.

A few minutes later, the adhesive part of the tumor had been peeled off to the inferior vena cava.

Here is the most critical, the inferior vena cava is about 3cm thick and less elastic than the artery, once the inferior vena cava is damaged when freeing the adhesions, it is irreversible.

With instant massive bleeding, the patient is bound to die on the operating table.

Usually when encountering this situation, the operator will choose to give up the operation and explain with regret to the patient's family that we have done our best.

Professor Ichiro Mori was able to foresee this early and ended the operation.

But those hands of Zheng Ren did not pause for a moment, a pair of scissors, and began to free the outer mucosa of the inferior vena cava.

How could a pair of blunt scissors do that?

Cen Mang went into a trance.

Just now, Professor Sen Yu also gave up the operation because there were no corresponding instruments in Haicheng First Hospital, turning this combined pancreaticoduodenectomy into a "switch operation".

Freeing, resection, anastomosis, lymph node clearance, all movements were concise and precise.

In 26 minutes, the operation was over, the abdominal cavity was flushed with warm saline, and the abdomen was closed.

Those hands did not even check if any bleeding point was missed, as if they had unlimited confidence in themselves that there would be no mistakes at all.

In 29 minutes, the abdominal cavity was closed and the operation was over.

Cen Mang froze and watched for half an hour, except for the very beginning when he had been in a daze after preventing Zheng Ren from performing the operation to no avail.

The sterile cap was already wet with sweat, and underneath the sterile gloves, there was the same sweat.

Just watching the surgery for half an hour had drained all his energy.

Zheng Ren, who could only do appendectomy, could actually do a combined pancreaticoduodenectomy! And not just the ordinary kind, but a surgery that the world's top professors couldn't even carry out and thus gave up.

Although it was impossible to believe, such a perfect surgery was presented in front of Cen Mang alive.

It was simply incredible!

The 30-minute peak experience opened Zheng Ren's eyes.

Once the time was up, a tidal wave of fatigue from the depths of his soul came up, and he really wanted to lie down and sleep directly.

But Zheng Ren knew that absolutely not now. Home, research system, this is the only thought in his mind.

In addition to Ceng Mang, there was only one instrument nurse and one anesthesiologist guarding the operating room, and Zheng Ren said hello to them, and then couldn't wait to leave.

Zheng Ren was too late to take a shower and grabbed the time to change his clothes.

Out of the operating room, Director Liu and a group of people talking about something.

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