The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 19: All high appendicitis

In the general surgery demonstration room of the First City Hospital, Director Liu and Director Lao Pan one occupied one side and died of old age.

They are like tigers that have circled their territory, eyeing each other.

The two did not communicate, Director Liu looked a bit disheveled, his hair was messy, his eyes were red and his gaze was vague. Director Pan, on the other hand, was much more relaxed, sitting with his legs crossed against the window, wearing flowery glasses, holding an old copy of "The Book of Tubular Cone" in his hand, reading it word by word.

The door of the classroom was half hidden, and a head peeked in furtively.

"Director, you come here for a moment." Cen Meng greeted Director Liu in a low voice.

Director Liu sat on the sofa looking agitated, hearing Cen Mang's voice, his body paused for a moment before he stood up as if nothing had happened, tidied his clothes again, and walked out, closing the door with his hand.

Old Director Pan raised his head, looked at Director Liu's back, and said disdainfully, "Pretending to be a god."

"Director, got a call." Cen Mang pulled Director Liu to a distance, and only then whispered excitedly.

Director Liu is not a sitting duck character, when the thousands of troops in the university, assigned to the city hospital, and squeezed out the original old director. Now the challenge of a small shrimp like Zheng Ren, is nothing.

After knowing Zheng Ren's level, Director Liu sighed that a doctor who had become a hand had "sneaked in" and immediately started contacting friends at county and town hospitals to look for difficult appendicitis.

He didn't believe that simple appendicitis couldn't be picked out, and difficult appendicitis Zheng Ren could still be perfect.

This is not, less than two hours, the phone call came.

"Oh? What kind of case?"

"A pregnant woman at 28 weeks gestation, the initial diagnosis is acute appendicitis with symptoms of preterm abortion." Cen Mang grinned, "The hospital below did not dare to do it, and the family made it clear that the child must be preserved."

"Hmm." Director Liu nodded.

Appendicitis during pregnancy is one of the most tricky diseases. And this patient, a pregnant woman at 28 weeks of gestation with preterm miscarriage, the difficulty of appendicitis went up directly in geometric progression.

If it wasn't for the difficulty of Zheng Ren, no doctor would want to take on such a hot potato.

"Give him some luck!" Cen Mang sneered.

Director Liu nodded in satisfaction and asked, "What about the other one?"

"32-year-old male patient, 168cm, 225 pounds." Cen Mang was pleased.

He said it simply because every surgeon understood what that meant.

The fatty tissue in the abdomen, which is ten centimeters thick, is the biggest obstacle to surgery. In general surgery, this kind of appendicitis is also known as drilling a well.

Not to mention the high surgical difficulty, the key is that the post-operative period is extremely prone to complications such as liquefaction of the incisional fat, and also belongs to one of the patients who can be left alone and treated conservatively.

Director Liu is very satisfied, the corners of his mouth finally raised a smile, "Very good."

Cen Mang was happy as hell, with Director Liu's approval, all the hard work was worth it.

"Be sure to protect the patient, you must be ready to take over on the stage at any time." Director Liu said, "In addition, find the director of obstetrics Su to consult, if there are accidents need to ensure the safety of the patient's life."

Doctors between the erroneous and deceitful any more is still relatively simple, bookish, few people can put the patient's safety aside.

Although carrying a human life in a medical dispute will send a doctor to the eighteenth circle of hell, but still few people will do so, perhaps this is one of the reasons why the health care industry has never had cattle to the very top.

Finally let a group of veterinarians to manage medical care and develop various policies, this is the life ......

"Don't worry, I've already made the arrangements. Director Su's side has sent someone to pick up the car, it is estimated that it will soon arrive."

Director Liu is very relieved to have a competent chief resident around, indeed can save himself a lot of things.

He patted Ceng Mang's shoulder, and then walked back to the showroom with his hands behind his back, confidently.



The snack place is not far from the city's first hospital, the two rushed to the emergency department, the night nurse told Zheng Ren, the patient is a foreign 120 ambulance referral to the city's first hospital, directly to the general surgery department.

Without much thought, Zheng Ren and Xie Yiren rushed to the inpatient building.

At the entrance of the inpatient department, Zheng Ren met up with the old lady who had tinnitus and dizziness before.

When the old lady's son saw that it was Zheng Ren, his face was very ugly.

As he brushed past, he intentionally cursed, "What kind of bullshit doctor."

"Hm?" Only when Zheng Ren heard someone say that did he notice that it was the patient and family members he had sent to the oral surgery department to have their teeth pulled.

"Didn't you pull any teeth?" Zheng Ren asked.

"The oral surgeon said it wasn't that way at all." The middle-aged man, who was originally well-mannered, had a stomach full of resentment and an unkind tone, "Can you see a doctor, tossing people around in the middle of the night for fun?"

Zheng Ren helpless, bitter smile, show his hands.

The miserable screams of the ambulance from far and near has been getting closer and closer.

Zheng Ren is also not a stomatologist, much less can force the patient to pull teeth, facing this situation is also very helpless, can only say: "the condition is relatively rare, if you have the opportunity to go to the North Medical Hospital, they are stronger stomatology."

After saying that, he and Xie Yiren quickly went to the first department of general surgery.

Cen Meng was in the corridor of the first department of general surgery, standing by. Seeing Zheng Ren and Xie Yiren walk in, he couldn't help but turn on the mocking mode.

"Mr. Zheng, you're so powerful after going to the emergency department."

"Chief Cen, you should not laugh at me." Zheng Ren, of course, did not want to do verbal arguments with Cen Mang, hurry up and do all ten perfect level appendicitis, is the right frame.

Seeing that Zheng Ren is still the same as before, Cen Mang smiled somewhat grimly, walked to Zheng Ren's side, patted Zheng Ren's shoulder like Director Liu, and said, "Zheng, I will support your work when you go to the emergency department. If you can't get the surgery down later, just tell brother, brother go get it for you."

"Thank you, Mr. Cen." Zheng Ren smiled, sluggish he did not feel the murderous aura coming from Cen Mang in the slightest.

Cen Mang laughed in his heart, let you be proud, appendicitis during pregnancy let you down.

But this he was not prepared to say with Zheng Ren, Cen Mang has been prepared, when Zheng Ren saw the 28 weeks gestation pregnant woman appendicitis a moment of wonderful expression.

The sound of the wheels of the rescue flat car crushing the marble floor came over, Zheng Ren and Cen Mang expression is one of the solemn.

A township doctor followed the 120 emergency vehicle to escort the patient over, he ran in the forefront. Seeing Zheng Ren and Cen Mang, he hurriedly said, "The patient has been delivered."

Only at this moment did he breathe a sigh of relief.

"What's the situation?" Zheng Ren was very slow to perceive a hint of abnormality.

"Pregnancy appendicitis, 28 weeks of gestation, already showing signs of pre-eclampsia miscarriage because of the pain." The doctor of the township hospital introduced the condition.

Soon, Zheng Ren saw a patient with a large belly lying on a flat cart being pushed in.

Hiss ......

What a tricky patient!

Zheng Ren also did not expect to touch a few cases of appendicitis during pregnancy a year would appear in front of him at this time.

To do, or not to do, this is a problem.

A question that is difficult enough to defeat a department head.

"Doctor, save my child." A young man in his twenties with an anxious face entered the first department of general surgery with the flat car.

"You are the patient's family?" Zheng Ren asked.

"I am her husband, doctor, you must save my son." The young man pulled Zheng Ren and said.

Xie Yiren heard the man only talk about the child, the pregnant woman's situation not a word, the heart immediately felt bored up. The eyebrows slightly wrinkled up, hiding into the doctor's office.

In the hospital, this kind of thing is in the rotation almost every day.

Since there is no way to change it, then hide a clean slate.

Zheng Ren, however, was not so lucky, Cen Mang came to him again, smiling and said, "Zheng, you have full authority to deal with it, if you need to find me, don't be polite ah."

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