The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 17 Scum

[I'm coming, where did the surgery go?]

On the Apricot Garden, the live broadcast, the hindsight people came to smell the wind.

There is nothing to see in an appendectomy, what they want to see is the subtleties of the treatment. For example, details such as the blunt separation of adherent tissue with the thumb, and the treatment of pus moss at the edema site, etc.

Although it is only an acute septic appendicitis resection, professionals can see and understand a lot.

Therefore, the live broadcast of this inexplicable account was added to the attention of many people after one surgery.

[Unfortunately, I inform you that you are late.]

[The surgery is done, not in vain I waited for two hours.]

[How long did it take? I went online when I got the notification from WeChat, how come the surgery was done?

I'm sure it took more than 4 minutes, but a simple appendicitis is very fast. 3cm surgical incision, you can watch the video replay yourself.

Although the surgery is over, the communication among many good doctors is still going on.

A doctor who dares to live-stream the surgery on a professional website is a bully in their opinion.

Definitely will not be ordinary people, even ordinary bull simply do not dare to do so, to know that it is the Internet, if do bare a little, will be scolded for a long time.

They showed enough respect to the person who opened the live broadcast, many doctors shouted 666 on the Apricot Garden website while expressing their desire to go to the hospital where the big bull is for further study and live shouting 666.

But there was no reply, the anchor seemed to only care about the surgery, the surgery was over, and immediately disappeared, without even a bubble.



Zheng Ren got off the surgery and sent the patient back to the first department of general surgery.

When they came out of the operating room, none of the patient's family members welcomed them out. The child's parents sat on the hard plastic bench outside the operating room slightly worried about comforting each other, not even a glance to see who it really is.

"Zhao Jia family." Zheng Ren, wearing an isolation suit and a white coat, rolled the car out behind the surgical cart. Seeing no family members greeting him, he was also a bit surprised and called out in a loud voice.

"......" Zhao Jia's parents were stunned for a moment, they must have heard wrong, they must have.

"Zhao Jia family members, hurry over to help." Pre-operative signing, Zheng Ren and Zhao Jia's parents met, looking around, saw the two sitting on the bench, and raised the volume by a few decibels.

"Dr. Zheng, the operation ......" Zhao Jia's father's face became pale all of a sudden, and both legs began to shiver.

Just went in for a few minutes? Was it ten minutes? How did it come out?

A moment, a variety of Jianghu rumors tidal wave came up.

For example, what surgery found a diagnosis error, a tumor, need to sign again.

For example, which large blood vessel was broken during the operation, and the surgical procedure needs to be changed, which needs to be explained and signed again.

Whichever one it is, it means the child is in danger.

"The surgery is done." Zheng Ren said, "You pull the car in the front, I'll take the direction in the back. Zhao Jia mother, you go call the elevator."

"......" It's done? It really was done so smoothly?

"It went very well, if you want to take a look at the appendix, a nurse in charge of sending pathology from the operating room will come up later to show you."

"Dr. Zheng, thank you so much."

Not only did the anesthesiologist and the patient's family not adapt, but when Zheng Ren brought the patient back to the first department of general surgery, the nurse had not even finished making the post-operative bed.

Seeing that the surgery had come down, the nurse who was taking time to eat the already cold dinner jumped up like a frightened white rabbit, busying her hands and feet to make up the beds and carry the cardiac monitoring and other equipment.

"Don't panic." Zheng Ren did not blame the nurse, this is more than ten o'clock, dinner has not eaten, the clinical hard work only their own people understand.

Carry the small patient to bed, and the patient's family explained the condition, went to write the surgical record, Zheng Ren then returned to the operating room dressing room to change clothes.

The first thing you need to do is to get a new one.

The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The most important thing is to get off the surgery but also to look after the patient, but also no opportunity to go out.

This is the biggest difference between a clinical surgery department and an operating room.

Thinking about the appendicitis surgery progress of only twenty percent, Zheng Ren made a phone call to the emergency department and told them to go out for a bite to eat and to notify themselves by phone immediately with appendicitis.

After getting busy with everything, Zheng Ren came late to the underground parking lot.

A red Volvo XC60 was parked not far from the elevator entrance, and the person in the driver's seat was none other than Xie Yiren.

Zheng Ren came on the guess what Xie Yiren will drive, whether it is the legendary Ferrari or Porsche.

I didn't expect her to drive an off-road vehicle that didn't match her body type at all.



Xie Yiren put down her cell phone, strapped in her seat belt, and fired up the car to start.

"Go eat crawfish, no problem." Xie Yiren asked.

"I'm free to do as I please, just hurry up, there may be surgery on that side of the emergency room at any time." Zheng Ren replied.

"Really dedicated." Xie Yiren praised: "When I was in the operating room I heard other sisters gossip that you had been single because you had no money and your face was not high. Now look, it's not like that at all."

"......" Zheng Ren didn't expect to be the subject of gossip and this comment about having no money and no face ...... Well, admit that what they said was true, but it was too solid.

"With your level, go where you can't earn big money? Like a professor running flying dagger, certainly more than our hospital directors earn." The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. And it's not ugly, it's just ordinary."

Blitz x 2!

Xie Yiren is a very cute little girl, Zheng Ren heart has been repeating the same phrase with himself.

The snack store is not far, and the two of them soon arrived.

Xie Yiren was familiar with a wave and shouted, "One spicy and one original."

The waiter who was busy smilingly responded, it looked like she should have come here often and knew the waiters.

"What flavor do you like to eat?" After ordering, Xie Yiren seemed to realize that she didn't come alone, there was a Zheng Ren beside her, spitting out her tongue and asking embarrassedly, "Dr. Zheng, what flavor do you like?"

"I'm at liberty." Zheng Ren laughed and looked at the few people at the table next to him.

Xie Yiren felt a little strange and looked over as well.

A table of three people were gleefully eating crawfish, one slightly older should be the mother, about forty-five to fifty years old. The other two are twin sisters, twenty-two or thirty years old.

Several people ate with red faces, except that the mother would put her cheeks to her shoulders after each crawfish and press hard for a few seconds.

"Don't worry, we'll soon be able to eat too." Xie Yiren thought Zheng Ren was gluttonous, so she comforted him.

"Little Xie, can you please call those two little girls over to one? I have something to say to her." Zheng Ren said.

What is this? Xie Yiren froze for a moment.

Dr. Zheng was trying to solve his girlfriend's problem? Could it be that what he had just said had irritated him?

But it seems to be a good thing, Dr. Zheng is almost thirty again, it will be more and more difficult in the future if he doesn't find a girlfriend.

Anyway, the crawfish didn't come up, so there was no delay in eating. Xie Yiren answered and got up to one of the sisters and whispered to her.

The girl was a little surprised, looked up at Zheng Ren, and then full of contempt surfaced in her eyes.

Soon, Xie Yiren and one of the sisters came to the table.

The girl pulled out a chair and sat down, disdainfully said, "Taking a girl on the street to tease a girl, this is the first time I've come across a scum like you."

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