The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 15: Denture and Primary Battery

Zheng Ren's words, word for word, were transmitted to the demonstration classroom by the transmission system and played out.

"It's simply too rampant!" Director Liu finally caught a small break and angrily rebuked to.

"Director Liu, annoyed and angry?" Old Director Pan smilingly said, "Zheng Ren is joking, not joking with you, why are you so atmospheric?"

"As a strict surgeon, this kind of irresponsible joke if it gets out, how can that work!" Director Liu began to constantly on the line.

The old Pan director was in a good position to win, and his mouth cannon was at ease, immediately shifting the topic from non-invasive appendectomy to misdiagnosis in the first department of general surgery.

A series of cannons directly blew Director Liu away from the demonstration room and fled.

[Doing an appendicitis with continuous sutures of non-invasive absorbable thread, is this a demonstration of all-round perfect and deathless surgical skills?

In the Apricot Garden, the pop-ups covered the whole screen.

For the doctors watching the live broadcast, the surgery was over the moment the flushing began.

[Of course, the diagnosis of ectopic appendix would be difficult, and to be able to diagnose it without hesitation and have the confidence to broadcast it live, I guess it should be Mr. Zhang from Concordia Hospital.

[No way, Teacher Zhang will not live-stream the surgery.]

Most of the pop-ups shouting 666 were interspersed with people's speculations about the operator.

But no matter what, all the speculation is full of respect for the operator. This is a flawless surgery, which can be completely used as a demonstration surgery in a textbook.

There was no sound from the live broadcast of the Apricot Garden, so none of the many doctors heard the words that Zheng Ren said that he could do a non-invasive appendectomy.

Zheng Ren cut the sutures and the surgery was completed at 100, perfect!

After Zheng Ren changed his clothes and returned to the First Department of General Surgery, Old Director Pan gave him a big thumbs up.

The old director expressed his joy in an already outdated way, which was a praise and recognition of Zheng Ren.

Only the faces of the colleagues in the First Department of General Surgery were somewhat obscure, and the gaze they looked at Zheng Ren looked strange and wandering.

"I'll take you to eat and take a break." Old Director Pan happily patted Zheng Ren's shoulder and pulled him away.

But Zheng Ren did not need to eat and rest, he was keenly aware that the transparent screen at the top right of his vision seemed to have cleared up a bit after the surgery was done.

He needed to confirm one thing, a matter of life and death.

Rejecting the invitation, the old director Pan looked at Zheng Ren with some flickering eyes. Finally he could only pull Xie Yiren to "casually" eat mouth.

Zheng Ren returned to the emergency department, opened his phone and ordered a dumpling stuffed with leeks and eggs.

Taking advantage of the fact that the take-out rider had twenty minutes to arrive, Zheng Ren lay on the bed in the emergency room, closed his eyes and entered the system space.

It was still the same image he saw when he first arrived, and if there was a change, it was that the colors were constantly changing.

The first time he entered the system space and was assigned to complete ten perfect level surgeries, the system space looked as if it had been covered with the dust of the years.

And now, it seems that the colors have returned and there is a glimmer of life in the place again.

There was a huge change in the skill tree, climbing directly from an advanced level of 330 skill points to an expert level of 1005 points.

Is this the result of the intensive training? So you're powerful here? Zheng Ren couldn't believe it and his heart was filled with joy.

"Is anyone there?" Zheng Ren shouted.

There was no response.

What an odd system, don't they communicate with the host? The moment you come up, you tell yourself that you will be responsible for the consequences of failing to complete the task, there is no emotional intelligence ah.

Zheng Ren slandered a few words, but did not find any clues, and then returned to reality.

It is not nothing, Zheng Ren guessed that the system should be used up energy, need some way to "recharge".

And this way is to make the perfect level of surgery by themselves.

For a doctor, this is a bit of a brainwave, but Zheng Ren can find no other rational explanation.

Fortunately, the day got off to a good start, with the first surgery being a difficult ectopic appendix + acute, septic appendicitis.

Most of all, Zheng Ren was sure that his general surgery level had reached the expert level. This certainly gave a little attending a greater and more confidence.

I hope to come to a few simple appendicitis, Zheng Ren does not want to go all the way to the wire risk, first to save his own little life is the most important.

The colleagues in the emergency department are gradually becoming somewhat resistant to Zheng Ren's arrival.

The people assigned to the emergency department are salted fish, either the original department said nothing, or they are running for a 24-hour shift to rest for 3-5 days.

If the emergency department sets up an emergency operating room, does that mean everyone will be busier? More responsibility?

The doctors here are all around forty years old, and no one can change if they are willing to be salty themselves, and the same goes for the old Pan director, who is such a strong old military doctor.

But these are not what Zheng Ren needs to worry about, all he needs to do is wait patiently for the next case of appendicitis to arrive.

As night fell, the emergency department began to get busy.

Car accidents, drunken brawls, acute inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract due to overeating, brain hemorrhage after drinking, heart attacks, etc. appeared one after another, but there were no patients with acute appendicitis.

Zheng Ren is a little helpless, not so much as to pray for more appendicitis patients in Haicheng City in order to live themselves.

The first thing you need to do is to go home and leave your cell phone number and WeChat to Zheng Ren, so he can call you when he has surgery.

After helping Yuan Li with a few small trauma sutures, Zheng Ren cleaned and cut open the bag, and just walked out of the operating room, the doctor on duty in internal medicine pulled Zheng Ren with a helpless face and said, "Mr. Zheng, go take a look."

"Speak slowly, what's wrong."

"A sixty-two-year-old female suffering from intermittent tinnitus and headache for twenty-two years. I prescribed a cranial CT for her and returned no abnormalities. I considered it a neurological headache and suggested a neurology visit, and she burst into tears in my consultation room."

The female doctor of internal medicine was about forty years old, and Zheng Ren could tell from the meaning of her words that she should diagnose the patient as hysterical, that is, imagining the symptoms out of thin air.

The only thing is that the female doctor did not say so directly.

The emergency department is really messy, Zheng Ren is also helpless, along with the female doctor to the internal medicine consultation room.

A woman with a withered face was sitting on the floor, her clothes looked very expensive.

The manners of the people around her were decent, it should not be intentional trouble, but the patient lost confidence in life, which is why the psychological breakdown.

Zheng Ren carefully gazed at the female patient, and the words that surfaced in the upper right of his field of vision made him cry and laugh.

"Auntie, would you get up first?" Zheng Ren said in a conciliatory manner.

The female patient was leaning against the wall, crying silently, her eyes in a trance.

The male family member beside him, around forty years old, said with a guilty face, "Doctor, I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with my mother. Over the years, I've taken her to all the major hospitals in the empire and magic city, and there is no clear diagnosis."

"Oh, the diagnosis is clear, and the treatment is relatively simple, let's go out and talk." Zheng Ren smiled faintly, warm and soft, giving a feeling that one could trust.

The middle-aged man whispered a few words of persuasion to the female patient, which reluctantly pulled her up from the floor and helped her walk to the hard plastic bench outside the emergency room to sit down.

It was the busiest time in the emergency department at this hour, with many people waiting in line inside and outside.

The female patient's desperate whimpering was heartbreaking for some people, and once they heard Zheng Ren say he knew what was going on, some good people took out their phones, clicked on the video, and secretly filmed it.

"Doctor, I'm really sorry, we'll leave after resting for a while." The middle-aged man was sitting on a chair, and the female patient was supposed to be his mother. At this moment, he hugged his mother and kept comforting her.

Although he was also desperate, he still gathered the courage to give his mother a touch of powerless comfort.

"Recently, did auntie have her teeth planted?" Zheng Ren asked seriously.

"Yes, a tooth was planted for my mother six months ago." The middle-aged man did not understand why Zheng Ren asked this question, moreover, he did not understand that he did not know Zheng Ren at all, how did he know that his mother had a tooth planted?

"That's right." Zheng Ren smiled and said, "Recently after the dental implantation there were symptoms of dizziness and tinnitus, right?"

The middle-aged man thought about it and wasn't too sure.

That dental implant was very successful, no one would associate it with dizziness and tinnitus.

"Could it be the after-effects of the dental implant?"

"If there was a problem with the dental implant, he would have gone to the dentist. In my opinion, this doctor is talking nonsense."

"This kind of difficult and complicated disease that can't be seen in the imperial capital and magic city, can be seen in our city? You're kidding."

Next to the crowd of people eating melons whispered.

"Let's say, your mother should still have a metal denture in her mouth, that is, dentures, right?" Zheng Ren's tone was sure.

"......" Is this a doctor or a fortune teller? The middle-aged man was in a bit of a trance, and he could never figure out why Zheng Ren always had to link his mother's dizziness, tinnitus and teeth.

Could it be that he is a salesperson for some private medical institution, posing as a doctor in a white suit to market in the city's first hospital?

Thinking about it, the middle-aged man got a little angry.

"Two metals with different activity levels put into solution to form a primary battery, this should be a high school course." Zheng Ren said shamelessly, in fact, he had long since lost track of what a primary battery was.

As for the metal activity, it was even more incomprehensible like a heavenly book.

But the middle-aged man's expression forced him to speak directly to understand.

"And then?"

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