The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 11 - Raising the Alarm

Thus, Zheng Ren began endless practice of appendectomy.

All kinds of appendicitis, all kinds of fancy techniques, Zheng Ren used all the means he had learned, seen and heard about, and even improved them in a creative way.

Zheng Ren is a good learner and has a subscription to all kinds of medical literature.

Zheng Ren has a big brain and has had countless ideas.

In the system space, Zheng Ren was like entering the land of bliss, forgetting that the prophecy of unknown death was like a knife on his neck.

He concentrated on starting to improve his appendectomy, and even various whims were being practiced.

The simple appendicitis was really made into a flower by him.

From the very first 15 minutes for a simple appendicitis to the last 5 minutes for a complicated septic appendicitis, Zheng Ren forgot everything and was immersed in it beyond his control.

And the system's evaluation of the surgery went from good to excellent.

With 2 days left, he was able to reach the perfect state recognized by the system.

But Zheng Ren did not dare to relax and still optimized every step. This was a life-critical matter, and he did not dare to neglect it.

The last second of time went to zero, the operating room around Zheng Ren dissipated, and without any communication, he was directly whisked out of the system space.

Zheng Ren felt that the system space seemed to become very dark, as if the sky was pressed with a thick layer of dark clouds, and a storm was coming. The air is also no longer fresh, filled with a smell of blood.

"Wow wow wow wow ......" the sound of water entered his ears, Zheng Ren came back to his senses.

The time outside really did not pass, but Zheng Ren felt as if he had aged twenty years.

In this "moment", he did more than 2,300 appendicitis surgeries and finished a lifetime of appendicitis.

He quickly rinsed the surgical instruments, put the incision kit into the sterilization bucket, and opened the door of the operating room.

"Hello, Dr. Zheng."

The voice was resounding and neat.

The group of landlubbers were already unknown, and the third master stood leisurely at the door, while a dozen people in black suits on both sides of the corridor bent down and saluted at the same time.

"Cool!" The crowd watching from not far away boiled up.

"Dr. Zheng, I'm sorry, but Miss has some temporary mundane matters to attend to." The third master spoke in a gentle manner, "Does Dr. Zheng have time tonight?"

Time? What you lack is time.

Zheng Ren thought nothing of it and subconsciously replied, "No."


The air was filled with the smell of embarrassment.

The third master was stunned for a moment, then smiled slightly, without losing his temper, and said, "Then I will come back to harass Dr. Zheng another day."

"You're ...... you're welcome." Zheng Ren immediately knew that he had said the wrong thing, but under the "threat" of the system, how could he have time to socialize? If you miss an appendicitis operation for this reason, I'm afraid that people and ghosts have different paths.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

The three masters also did not much pleasantries, before the fierce general Xiao Liuzi called over, to Zheng Ren apologized, and then drifted away.

As the third master and others left, the doctors and nurses of the emergency department gathered around and asked Zheng Ren what had happened to make such a big fuss.

"Zheng Ren, come to my office." Just when Zheng Ren was helpless, a voice came over.

It was old Director Pan who had returned, and Zheng Ren hurriedly parted the crowd, "Director Pan, you're back."

"Well, come to my office to talk."

The two entered the office, Director Pan was not polite, directly made a big horse and gold to the reclining chair, said, "You did a good job in yesterday's surgery."

Zheng Ren was flabbergasted, old director Pan knew?

Look at Zheng Ren's expression, old Pan director guessed what, smiled and said, "I and Mr. Bu are old friends, Professor Senyu declared the operation failed, but the tumor was cut down in the end. And it was you who said that the operation was done by you."

Said the old director Pan, smiled.

"Young man, you still know how to hide your clumsiness?"

Zheng Ren stammered for a moment, not knowing what to say.

"It's good that you can do it, can do it, and do it better than Professor Senyu!" Old Director Pan said, "I am not Liu Tianxing, I will not suppress your growth, this platform is handed over to you, how much you are capable of, you can feel free to exert yourself on the stage of the emergency department."

A hot blood rushed to Zheng Ren's brain.

But he didn't say anything, he was a bit wooden by nature and didn't know how to express his emotions.

Old Director Pan asked, "Do you know what I've been doing?"

Zheng Ren, still not used to Director Pan's way of speaking, shook his head.

"I went to the hospital to ask for people to prepare to get the emergency surgery going." Director Pan's eyes were stern, as if he was a general before going to war, forcing him to look at Zheng Ren, "Do you have confidence?"

No pleasantries, no padding, just straightforward.

In an instant, Zheng Ren liked the old director Pan's temperament.

Hearing Director Pan say so, Zheng Ren almost did not cry out, the heart rose to the idea of death for those who know.

What Zheng Ren struggled with most was doing 10 perfect level appendectomies in 3 days. After system training, the difficulty of this task did not lie in Zheng Ren's level.

Having done thousands of appendicitis surgeries of all kinds in the system space, Zheng Ren felt that his single surgery had reached the master level or above. For a perfect level appendectomy, the possibility of missing it exists, but it is not big.

The problem is where to get the acute appendicitis patients for themselves, what about the operating room, at least a set of surgical nurses. There are also anesthesiologists, bedside doctors, etc. Post-operative care, too, requires a set of nurses.

In other words, appendicitis surgery is one of the smallest surgeries in general surgery, but to do it up in the emergency department, at least 20 staffing must be added.

There is no place for Zheng Ren to do appendicitis other than in the emergency department. Going back to the general surgery department would not be an opportunity at all. Time is short, and there is no chance to jump ship.

Just now Zheng Ren have the intention of going to the underground black clinic to do the flying knife.

Seeing Zheng Ren's odd expression, Director Pan's eyebrows furrowed, and two ink dragons generally carried the aura of awe.

Zheng Ren awoke with a start and immediately replied, "Please rest assured, Director Pan, as long as the staff is fully equipped, the operation can be carried out immediately."

Hearing Zheng Ren say this, Director Pan's expression only slightly eased.

"Any ideas?"

"In order to train the team and speed up the integration, I am going to do all the appendicitis surgeries first." Zheng Ren said with a straight face.

"Pah!" Director Pan slapped the table, scaring Zheng Ren.

"Your thoughts are the same as mine." Director Pan said, "Do you know what I've been doing all day?"

"I went to the hospital to ask for people, the dean, the nursing department, the anesthesia department, went all over." Director Pan said in a confident manner, "Dr. Zheng Ren, I ask you to carry forward the spirit of hard work and struggle, and bring up a team as soon as possible."

If it were usual, hearing such words, Zheng Ren would surely be tired.

But today these words seem extraordinarily pleasing to the ears, just like Lunyin.

It is simply his savior, Zheng Ren wanted to hug the old Pan director and cry a lot.

A knife on the neck, but also to make a perfect level of surgery, the system gave him too much pressure, Zheng Ren really want to vent.

"Please push Director Pan a little more, if the situation allows, I am ready to do the surgery right away." Zheng Ren stated.

When Director Pan heard Zheng Ren say this, he was stunned for a moment.

After running inside the hospital all morning plus one noon, many things only more or less came to light, or in the case of selling his old face.

On the way back, he was still thinking how to convince Zheng Ren, to know that now the emergency department only Zheng Ren a main surgeon, his own age, check the gaps is okay, really five or six operations a day, in a few days will have to be exhausted.

I didn't expect things to go so smoothly, it's beyond control.

Old Director Pan mused, pointed to the chair opposite, and said, "Sit down and talk."

Only then did Zheng Ren realize that he, like the big-headed soldier, had been standing in front of Director Pan.

"Ah Xiao Zheng, I know you are a buried talent." Director Pan changed his style and spoke in a serious manner, "You may have to suffer a bit in the emergency department, but it will help you grow."

"Please don't worry, Director Pan, I don't mind the hard work." Zheng Ren said with conviction.

Director Pan also did not expect Zheng Ren to be so eager, originally wanted to come back to do Zheng Ren's ideological work, but did not expect him to be more eager than himself.

It is good to be young, have the impetus, have the drive.

"But everything can not be rushed, all kinds of personnel transfer, need time. And we can only build a sketchy team at first, and then a little bit later to improve the supplement."



In the darkness, everything has its own fate.

Zheng Ren dejectedly left Director Pan's office, his mind was full of three days, ten surgeries.

If you can't, you can go to the villages and towns around Haicheng and do kang-ti appendicitis.

But the kang head appendicitis, it is difficult to make the perfect level, after all, the sterilization conditions are there.

Zheng Ren is distressed, Zheng Ren is depressed, Zheng Ren does not know what the inexplicable threat of the system is in the end.



The old Pan director is like a catfish, stirring up micro ripples in the quiet water.

The city's first hospital has not had such a big move in many years, and soon the whole hospital knew that the emergency department was going to put emergency surgery on.

The first to bear the brunt were general surgery and orthopedic surgery, because these two departments of minor surgery, which happen to be the most sick and heavy in the emergency department.

When it was known that the emergency department preferred acute appendicitis as a breakthrough, the two directors of the first and second departments of general surgery could not sit still.

After a brief discussion, they brought their subordinate doctors and came to the emergency department to raise questions.

A dozen doctors in white suits appeared at one end of the corridor, with the two directors as arrows, deputy directors, responsible attending doctors, chief residents and clinicians, arranged in a triangle, like a sharp arrow.

The scene gave a shock, a reverence for life in the human heart.

Unfortunately, both Zheng Ren and Director Pan were immune to this awe.

"Old Pan ah, I heard that you are going to open an emergency surgery?" Liu, the director of the first department of general surgery, couldn't help himself and hated Zheng Ren, a two-bit boy, in his heart, and came to the emergency department without any pleasantries, and directly snapped.

"You are the doctors transferred from the hospital to the emergency department?" Director Pan squinted at Director Liu, knowingly asking.

"There are still people who want to come to the emergency department? How come I didn't hear about it." Director Liu was not ambiguous, and immediately disliked back.

"Is there no more surgery to be done in general surgery, so idle." Director Pan is known as Pan Cannon, choking people to a certain level, "you little doctors like a dog, the director is old and confused, you also do not know what to do? Who gave you the guts to come to the emergency department and make trouble?"

Director Pan pointed his finger at a group of doctors, his aura was invincible, no matter which person he looked at, he would lower his head, not daring to look at Director Pan.

Director Liu and Director Sun of the Second Department of General Surgery both felt that things were not right, the two departments represented the top-notch technical strength of general surgery in the province, and had come to the Emergency Department to make trouble, not to receive a reprimand from Director Pan here.

"Old Pan, I am respecting the contribution you made in the military hospital back then." Director Liu slowed down and said grimly, "Your emergency department, does anyone know how to do surgery? If you really delayed the emergency patients, who is responsible?"

"Yo?" Director Pan is not prepared to spoil Director Liu, "Who taught you the surgery yourself still remember? Tell me who is responsible? I am standing here, of course I am responsible!"

Director Liu's teacher is Director Pan's student, this inheritance is not obvious teacher-apprentice relationship few people in the hospital know.

Hearing Director Pan leaning on his old man, Director Liu's face was very unpleasant. He knew that he could not say in this regard Director Pan, after all, things are big, the hospital leadership finally came to a big hat of disrespect for old comrades buckled down, there is reason also become no reason.

He definitely turned fire Zheng Ren.

"Zheng Ren, your surgery is my teaching, come to the emergency department want to take the lead? I tell you, you are not qualified!"

Zheng Ren has a gentle nature, never quarrels, talks back, dislikes people.

But the cold light on his neck flashed, and he only had three days to do so.

The rabbit is anxious, Zheng Ren is just too lazy to quarrel, not timid.

Zheng Ren did not flinch, and his eyes locked with Director Liu, bursting out countless sparks.

"Director Liu, Director Pan, how about this." A little later, Zheng Ren said, "I do ten appendectomies, you two all go to see, there is a surgery is not satisfied, there is a problem, directly say, I Zheng Ren immediately resign."

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