The spoiled king's concubine is wild

The spoiled king's concubine is wild

Author:nan fang qing mo
Chapters:8 | 0.0


She is the first daughter of the prime minister, but she lost her mother when she was young and was sent to the countryside. Ten years later, she was sent to the bed of the current regent by her scum father for an imperial decree and was knocked out. "Your Majesty, after everything is over, you and I will part ways, and each will be at peace at the end of the earth." I thought a certain master would agree, but what's going on with this king of hell? How come he is haunting her? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Regent King: "My Wang Fei body delicate character meek, deep in the king's heart." A crowd of people covering their faces crouched in the corner shivering.

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