The otherworldly movie emperor aspires to become a Buddha

The otherworldly movie emperor aspires to become a Buddha

Author:wang xiao shen xian
Chapters:29 | 0.0
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-- "Why is this carriage so long and flat?" -- "Where are the horses? How can we get around without horses?" -- "How can we get in?" Looking at the culprit in front of him, Lin Tianze's face looked extremely unhappy, a carriage only, but let himself suffer so much, said: "This broken carriage, this king also do not care." Looking at the man then turned to leave, Ye An immediately went forward to pull, hurriedly said: "You did not just agree to run, right? Don't forget that there is a lot of money waiting for you to pay!" This sentence can really bluff people, Ye An afraid that if the stalemate continues, this baby in front of the sooner or later to run, so immediately Lin Tianze into the car ready to go to the company. Looking at the co-pilot sitting upright, face but a face of excitement to hide the people who can not stop looking around, Ye An want to cry like: it will not find themselves a deep well ice ancestor it. Ye An at this time naturally will not think, around this "ancestor" in the future to bring their own achievements.

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