The otherworldly emperor Dan Concubine

The otherworldly emperor Dan Concubine

Author:yi yue xing chen
Chapters:101 | 0.0


A chance encounter, mistaken for life! After years of waiting and begging, she finally chose the day of the wedding ceremony to commit suicide. She came to the other world, but did not expect that although she was here smoothly, encountering God to kill God, Buddha to kill Buddha. In the end, an enemy chase, desperate, she had no choice but to choose suicide when. In the end, met once past memories of him. The two of them work hand in hand to fight monsters, scold each other and travel throughout the world. Eventually, only to learn that that chance encounter she had with him was no accident. But, as he said, no matter how many years have passed? No matter what world you are in? What have you become? I will definitely always be with you forever, never leave, spoil you and love you, until my soul, forever disappear in this world.

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