The Marvelous Dragon Balls

The Marvelous Dragon Balls

Author:shu qi de shi zhi
Chapters:377 | 3.8


Shenron: "Say your wish, any wish can come true, but only one ......" Teenager: "Really any wish can come true?" Shenron: "Of course." "Great!" Teenager: "Shenron, please send me out of the world of comic books, back to my original world." Shenron: "Sorry, can't do it ......" "......" Teenager. "Crap! Then what kind of bullshit are you bragging about?! Isn't any wish possible?" Dragon: "You're so naive, that's just a line ......" "......" Teenager. "Well, then give me the power of Super Saiyan, I want to punch Thor Hulk, feet on Team America Iron Man!" Dragon: "Sorry, can't do it ......" "......" Teenager. "Ruined dragon, what the hell can you do?" Dragon: "Let me see ......"

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