The Immortal’s Poison

The Immortal’s Poison

Author:dou zi re de huo
Chapters:308 | 3.3


Toxic masters, may not be ruthless people. Wen Le Yang is quite generous, smiling all day long, can not be poisonous. When he inadvertently discovered that cultivation is not a legend, a magnificent picture of the magnificent waves, in the ordinary everywhere surging with magic, has quietly unfolded in front of his eyes. Wen Leyang's encounter is unprecedented, even a true sword immortal can not see that he is a cultivator. Therefore, the appearance of Wen Le Yang has seriously disturbed the order of cultivation. ---------- ---------- ------- Enemies may not always be bad people, and bad people are even less always enemies. The only thing that can be determined is just that Wen Leyang is an optimistic, naive and generous youth.

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