The Immortal Taoist

The Immortal Taoist

Author:ling luan de xiao dao
Chapters:2696 | 3.4


He was a genius of the Sword Dao, with a sword in his hand, he went up to the Nine Heavens and made a big mess of the Purple Violet Holy Land, but he was suppressed under the Divine Sword Mountain by a supreme power and suffered from the pain of a million swords piercing his heart day and night! He was reincarnated as the son of the King of the Free, but his body was weakened due to the countless sword qi in his body. For the sake of his brothers, he will stick his sword into the fire and the sword mountain, but he will take care of his guts! For the sake of the beauty, conquering the world, blood-stained eight wilderness, until death! Blood and rain, raising eyebrows and smiling, pointing the sword and asking the heroes, who dares to fight with me? The eagle descends from the mountain, the fierce tiger rushes to the sky, who is the master of the sinking, only I am the God of the Way! Your life is up to me, I will destroy you with a wave of my hand!

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