The Hero ReturnsThe Hero Returns

Chapter 59

Su-hyeun shook his finger. Beating somebody who sat down was not what he wanted. It had been a long time since he was so angry with someone.

“Hey! Did you just say bullsh*t…?”

Jung Dong-yeong still sat down and tapped the edge of his chair. He frowned his face and contorted his brows. He looked at up Su-hyeun and laughed, twisting his mouth.

“What are you doing now? You are misbehaving,” Jung Dong-yeong continued to say. He was not afraid of Su-hyeun. There was a clear gap between the two, but there was something Jung Dong-yeong had believed.

“If you kill me here, what do you think will happen?”

“You want to say I will be a criminal?”

“The law is very convenient. No matter how powerful you are, you can’t turn your back on the world.”

Su-hyeun was certainly strong. Just getting attention as a new S-Rank meant that he was way above the A-Rank already. But just because somebody had power, it did not mean he could do anything.

Jung Dong-yeong thought that he lived within the fence of the law. He also cleverly took advantage of the outside of the fence. Jung Dong-yeong thought that was his real power was getting protection from the law and using it as well.

“So, what will you do? What if I won’t get up? If you are being ridiculous like this, your dear Hak-joon will…”



Jung Dong-yeong’s words were cut off in the middle. His head went blank all a sudden. It was an unexpected situation.

“What?” Jung Dong-yeong thought.



Jung Dong-yeong, whose head was stuck in the wall, shook his head. He was beaten hard, and it seemed like he was losing his mind for a short moment.


The wall collapsed and the empty room on the other side was revealed. Jung Dong-yeong struggled to get up from his lying posture and looked at Su-hyeun. Su-hyeun slowly walked towards him.

“Are you insane?” Jung Dong-yeong asked in a harsh voice.

This was the center of the Ares Guild. Other guild members would probably come soon. Storming in the guild building and using violence was not something someone sane would do.

“Nope,” Su-hyeun answered.

“Do you think Awakeners Accreditation Authority let you go away? No, not just the Authority. The Guild Union won’t let you run away either. You are persecuting an innocent guild right now…”

“Innocent? You guys are guilty.” Su-hyeun glanced Hak-joon while he was answering.

Jung Dong-yeong, who realized the meaning, smiled. “No way… Are you really doing this because of him?”


Su-hyeun’s eyes turned to Jung Dong-yeong again. Su-hyeun did not like his smile so his fist almost flew to punch him. But he held it. He wanted to hear what he would say for a moment.

“If you really do this for him, you should not do it like this. Right?”

“Then, how should I do?” Su-hyeun asked.

“If you touch me now, his girlfriend will die. All right?”

Jung Dong-yeong was talking about Yun-seon. It was Jung Dong-young who gave her poison and made her Hak-joon’s weaknesses.

“How do you not appreciate your lifesaver? Why are you attacking me like a dog biting the owner? I knew he was going to stick with you and do crazy things like this! I wanted to teach him some lessons first before… F*ck…”

“A lifesaver? Does he really think himself that way?”

He might have said that thinking Su-hyeun was recording all this for securing proof. It was a sickening word. Su-hyeun managed to resist wanting to pick his ears.

“Lifesaver my ass. You are the one who planted the poison.”

“Haha. Okay. So, you already researched everything. Then what? Are you sure you are doing this really for Hak-joon? Huh? If you do this to me, Yun-seon will die.” Jung Dong-yeong looked at Hak-joon’s face behind Su-hyeun. Hak-joon, who had been uneasy the whole time, turned pale at the words of Chung Dong-young.

“Do you really think this nut job is a good thing for that brat? I don’t think so. Hak-joon, is a dumb man who even can’t breathe without his girlfriend. Why do you this? For what? I will tell you what. You are doing this, killing me and trying to be self-satisfied, aren’t you?”

“Well. There is that reason, too.”

“Yes! You are just venting your anger now. You are not doing this for Hak-joon. What happens if I die like this, or if I churn and deny making him the medication?”

Su-hyeun did not answer. Instead, he turned his eyes to Hak-joon, who was standing behind him. At that moment, Jung Dong-yeong opened his mouth.

“I didn’t want to say this but… Hey, Hak-joon.”


“What do you want to do? You choose. Do you want to choose Yun-seon or Su-hyeun, who you don’t even know much?” Jung Dong-yeong’s asked in the low voice.

Hak-joon’s eyes were shaking.

“I… I…”

Hak-joon closed his eyes tight. It felt like his sight turned dark and his brain turned white. If possible, he wanted to run away from this situation now.

“Hey, Hak-joon,” Su-hyeun called him.

Hak-joon opened his eyes again at Su-hyeun’s calling. When he lifted his head, Su-hyeun was looking at him.

“Do you want me to help you?” Su-hyeun asked.

“…I don’t know what to do.”

Hak-joon covered his face with his hands. Suddenly, he remembered his dream of the other day. He was crying for help to the world, but everyone turned away. It was when he gave into Jung Dong-young a long time ago.

“There is nothing difficult. Just ask me to help you. Then,” Su-hyeun looked back at Jung Dong-yeong continued his words. “I will help you.”


The building was shaking as if it would collapse soon. Huge magic started to surround the space. Su-hyeun’s magic contained his anger in full.

“Boss! What is going on…!”

“O-oh my god!”

The awakeners of Ares Guild arrived in the room, but they were pressed down by Su-hyeun’s magic. Su-hyeun did not even turn his eyes as if he was not interested in those people. He was staring at Hak-joon. Hak-joon’s heart began to pound at Su-hyeun’s words. Su-hyeun said he would help. With that word, Hak-joon felt like reliving a burden.


“Choi Hak-joon!”

“Help…us. Help, please…”

Hak-joon did not know what he was talking about. Just as his instincts told him, he just wanted to lean on someone. He had no confidence to walk this dirty and painful road in the future alone.

“Well done.”


According to the gesture of Su-hyeun, a huge flame rose around Hak-joon, Jung Dong-yeong, and him. It became like a wall and prevented other awakeners from intervening. Jung Dong-young, with a hardened look, received an ominous feeling that he had never felt before. He had never met anyone who didn’t count the front and the back like this.

“From now on, I will tell you the wrong part of what you’ve been saying.”

“What?” Jung Dong-yeong asked.

Su-hyeun pulled out a small necklace in his arms. “This is the Sharyes’ treasure. I gained this from the Tower of Trials. I cherished and saved this item so far. It is a recovery item to help recover from all injuries and abnormal conditions. Well, it takes a little time to activate so hard to use during the battle. But…”

As Su-hyeun explained the item, the expression of Jung Dong-yeong and Hak-joon changed in the opposite way. They both thought that would be nonsense, but even though they thought the same thing, their final thoughts were different. Su-hyeun looked back at Hak-joon and smiled.

“I completely removed the poison, so don’t worry.”

“R-rea…,” Hak-joon shouted in surprise. “Really?”

“No! No! He is lying!” Jung Dong-young shouted urgently.

He could not believe Su-hyeun had found the detoxification item. Even if it was true, he still wondered if this item could detox his poison skill. Jung Dong-yeong thought that Su-hyeun was lying right at the moment. No, it couldn’t be a lie.

“Well. I don’t care if you believe me or not. And secondly, what you mentioned, I am pressing down an innocent guild or something like that…” Su-hyeun’s next words trampled down the last remaining Jung Dong-young’s insurance. “I think I am doing a good thing by getting rid of the Dump Guild pawn. It will be a good reason, won’t it?”

“How… you!”

Jung Dong-young’s face changed drastically as if he tried to ask how Su-hyeun knew about that. Jung Dong-young was always calm. Hak-joon, who had spent a quite long time with him, never saw his such face.

“Don’t be so surprised. I knew about it from a long time ago. I was thinking about how to kill those cockroaches soon and later. So I am doing this now.”

“You… What are you…?”

Jung Dong-yeong tried to clean up his twisted brain. His eyes were shaking. When he had heard the name of Su-hyeun, he just thought of him as one of the talented awakeners. So, he thought he could find his weakness and use him as he had done for Hak-joon. That was why he had been searching for him. But…

“How does this bastard know about Dump Guild?”

Dump Guild was the underground guild that sponsored Ares Guild from behind. Jung Dong-young, a long time ago, contacted them to make Ares Guild. With dirty money, Ares Guild could expand their power quickly. Now, he was in charge of handling the Dump Guild’s work at the light side. It was a secret that no one knew. Even within the guild, he was the only one who knew. But, somehow, Su-hyeun knew about this.

“You don’t have to know what I am.”


Su-hyeun, who had finished talking, walked toward Jung Dong-yeong.

“If you have sinned, you have to pay the price.”

“D-don’t come to me!” Jung Dong-yeong screamed out loud.

At the same time, some green liquid spouted from Jung Dong-young’s hands and spread out everywhere. It was poison, Jung Dong-young’s main skill.

But Su-hyeun’s skill was incompatible with poison skill.


The green liquid poison was blocked by the Flame skill, and dripped down. The liquid that lost its toxicity and became nothing but sticky mucus.

Su-hyeun pulled his sword from the waist area.

“Damn it! Damn it!”

<> Jung Dong-young thought.

He bit his lips and turned his body. He ran towards the opposite wall and jumped down from the window.


Jung Dong-young, who jumped from the tenth floor, tried to find a way to land quickly.

Even if he was A-Rank, falling from this height could potentially break his legs.

“I have to get out of here now. And then…”

Suddenly, he could hear a familiar voice.

“Where are you going?”


Something hot stuck in Jung Dong-yeong’s head. The thought stopped. The instinctive fear of death filled his brain first, rather than pain. When he rolled his eyes, he could see the face of Su-hyeun.


“No, I don’t want to.”


Su-hyeun ignored Jung Dong-young’s words and cut his body in half. Then he crushed his hand in the building and looked down the falling body of Jung Dong-young.

“If you wanted to beg for your life, you shouldn’t have played with others first.”

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