The Heartless Mage

The Heartless Mage

Author:ni luo
Chapters:284 | 3.5


Han Dongjun and Chen Yao star in the super web series "Heartless Mage 2" opens on August 14, and the origin of Heartless is revealed for the first time! This is a Republican version of youth demon hunting! Heartless is an ageless and immortal body, he does not know where he came from and where he is going. Wandering in the boundless river of years, he has adventures and falls in love at the same time. In pursuit of love, he took his lover to live in seclusion in the mountains during the Tongzhi era. In the Republican era, his lover died of old age, and he had to disguise himself as a monk to enter the county below the mountain to find a way to live because he was too poor to live. He likes to write about love and hate between beauties, and he likes to write about the legendary stories of the rivers and lakes and the fast life. His main works include "The Heartless Master", "The Stormy and Thick Rouge Chaos", "Dragonfall", "Double Pride", etc.

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