The Guide to the Peak of Quick Transmigration

The Guide to the Peak of Quick Transmigration

Author:zang xin wei wang ren
Chapters:42 | 3.8


The original name is "fast wear of the bend you run" This is a always to the key moment, cross, bend on the run sweet (dark) honey (black) happy (not) happy (abuse) finally together with the sad story. The story is about a man who has never seen a fast-travel article before, but on a whim he opened a classic fast-travel article that his girlfriend had recommended for a long time, and from then on he started a tragic "bending" journey with a useless "system". She kept approaching people with the same face in different worlds with different identities, with the goal of bending each other no matter how hard she had to work. In the end, she was caught and brought back by the first parallel world's main boss, Xuan Yuan Yueming, and tied up with a tight focus ......

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