The Great Conqueror

Chapter 84: The inner route

It took a long time for Randy and Kurt to drag Arthur out of the pile of admirers, "Arthur, are we friends?"


"Are we friends are we going to do both?"

"That depends on what the situation is." Zou students are not slow to drink some water, just that tossing and turning is really exhausted physical strength, "Ha ha, teasing you guys, you advance when I am sure to pack."

"I told you, we are born to die relationship, you promised, anyway, we two are relying on you."

Randy laughed, and Curt was not polite, and there was no way anyone would give up such an opportunity.

Thomas high priest all of a sudden became the protagonist, the older generation when otherwise would go to Arthur, Arthur is Thomas's disciple, take the master route is the same, not to mention that the temple of Yerushamo is still Thomas do the master ah.

Since becoming a great master priest one, Thomas is still the first time so dignified, the crow's feet at the corners of the eyes are smiling more than a few.

Zou students know very well when to make a splash and when to keep a low profile, his task has been completed, the rest is the matter of their master.

Zou Liang made a big splash, so that the circle of young people have a new target, men have to have the ability to charm, Emma heart that gas ah, she is the protagonist here, but it was completely Avril stole the limelight, the world of girls as fierce struggle, and the culprit of all this is that Bill.

He must have done it on purpose!

The face of Emma's hostile gaze, Zou classmates unceremoniously returned, only to see is someone's chest, the development of a good well.

Aware of Zou Liang that "evil" gaze, Emma more angry, but as a famous lady, to maintain poise, can not be furious.

Zou Liang indifferent shrugged, "This kind of people is under discipline, as if they are really heavenly fairy, or we Avril the best, appearance beauty is nothing, soul beauty is really beautiful."

"That's right, really is the soul priestess, this is quite insightful." Randy laughed.

"Your ass-kissing is also very timely."

The exchange between the four was just painful, "Arthur, it looks like there are a lot of people who want to meet you, do you want me to introduce you, I rush to guarantee that there are quite a few people waiting to introduce you to a girlfriend."

"Exempt, the social thing, my cheap master is competent enough, how about this, people think we have a good relationship, this is not, my father's side also has a few ......"

Avril also a little difficult.

"Ah, that must get to know know, why didn't you say so earlier." Zou Liang's face immediately appeared enthusiastic smile, "go, how kind to make uncle wait."

"You guys go, the two of us won't bother." Randy and Curt had long topped the beautiful women in the field, how could they miss such a good opportunity.

Zou Liang stretched out his arm, Avril gently pulled, it is really a boy and a girl, but do not have to think much, this is just a kind of etiquette of the upper class of the beast, at best, the relationship is close.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

The upper circles mix around is a face, and the Monga Empire's business exchange circle actually still stops at the Earth's medieval degree, than is credit, face, power, simply put, the level of business competition is relatively low.

The complete victory over the Engraver's Guild, will definitely break the original order of Yerushamo, Sam Anderton went to great lengths to create such a scene was thought to be a sure thing, but lost his wife and lost his army, I heard that Butch rushed back to Daros overnight, the young and vigorous genius, this fall can not be described as not heavy, as for Sam Anderton president did not go out for three days, the matter is not mentioned afterwards.

Waiting for the banquet to end, Zou students have been paralyzed, grandmother, face smile muscle stiffness, which is more tired than the battle ten, which does not understand how those people can be as happy as a fish to talk more and more.

"Arthur, today did a really good job."

"Where, master your old man only hard, so borderline nonsense can also say all night."

Thomas couldn't help himself, "You kid, how important such occasions are for the growth of young people, others begged for it, and you still resent it."

"Alas, purely social, not suitable for a vigorous young man like me."

"Haha, that's true, but this kind of occasion is not uncommon to deal with, and it seems that the word will spread all over town tomorrow."

Thomas laughed, he also did not expect Zou Liang to end up doing publicity for the temple.

"Priest Maru and the others are going to be busy." Zou Liang lying comfortably, "Master, it's time to change the carriage, at least the facade work should be done, look at other people Engravers Guild, our carriage is too humiliating."

"You kid, change the carriage to money, you think the sky will fall money, ah, alas."

"Master, don't look sad, you are going to be a red coat grand priest figure, what, are you worried about the lack of manpower?"

"You boy, we have a total of five temple white costume soul sacrifice, trainee, in addition to you there are more than twenty people, but all can only do the basic type, double engraving is too difficult, now the only one who can do it is me, I can not help but worry, in case of smashing the sign, it will be difficult in the future."

"Master, double engraving is the killer, is not just anyone can do, you can put out the news, the beast god said, a month can only do a person, the rarer, the more queue, if there is a special relationship households, you can arrange for me to take a shot, so that the face inside, the price to the highest above the stare, anyway, there are many rich people, grandmother, the car are better than ours! "

"Tsk, this is a good idea."

"Double engraving is mainly to increase the impact, can not mass production, white clothing engraving is the focus, so, I go back to design a few sets, guaranteed big red, I do not believe that the Engraver's Guild does not close down!"

Zou students that is a ruthless, the great leader said, treat the enemy to be as cold as winter.

"I knew you kid had a way, haha, then I'll leave it to you." High Priest Thomas immediately blossomed into a smile as harmonious as spring.

Zou students know, ginger or old spicy, cheap master in the bottom of their own ah, but self-interest, treating comrades to be as warm as spring well.

Horse stance, push-ups, crashing stone pillars is Ernest's main practice, simple and direct, the most suitable for Ernest, and Zou Liang could find that he himself in feeling the rhythm of such things.

This Zou students expressed great satisfaction, he can not slacken, humming and dropping his voice, this is not his own creation, indeed learned from Thomas, after all, is a priest, the learning of the battle song or to master, after practicing the battle song, but also punch, these are according to Zou students own plans to come.

A punch after a punch, if you pay close attention you will find that the quilt was vibrating wildly, but in fact, Zou Liang's fist did not touch the quilt.

At the end of the morning exercise, Zou Liang had more sweat on his body than Ernest.

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