The Great Conqueror

Chapter 81: See again provocation

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"Arthur, let's let this go, the high priest Thomas and the Sparrow shaman are teachers and students, now there is still a half chance."

"What's the problem, why are there so few offerings in Yerushamo City?" Zou Liang asked.

"To be honest, it still stems from the soul engraving, Thomas high priest is a soul priest origin, but these years soul engraving is completely suppressed by the soul engraver guild without a trace, resulting in a great decline in prestige, the temple although the temple represents the beast god, but the degree of faith is also dependent on the strength of the temple."

Avril said helplessly, in Yerushalayimah, the soul engraver guild led the way, in fact, in many places are similar, offerings and taxes have a conflict, Thomas in and Yerushalayimah city of Sarah consul in the fight is also at a disadvantage, plus the soul engraver guild gradually and the consul to join forces for the common good, the past temple scenery days are long gone.

"What world, under the universal sky is not God's land, are the people of the beast god, the result is that the temple is even this passive, it looks like the beast god is guiding me to save his followers."

For Zou classmate's big words, Avril just smiled, this is an irreversible big picture, the struggle of the three powers, no one can do anything about it.

Mind, Zou Liang did not dwell on this issue, and Avril together with a day of reading books, Avril's collection of many books, the last time I saw just the tip of the iceberg, about the practical class of books more, anyway, here tube food and drink, and Avril accompanied, read a day did not feel tired.

After returning, Maru priest hurriedly found Arthur, "Arthur priest, the high priest looking for you for a day, go quickly."

"Priest Maru, look at you glowing, is there something good?" Zou Liang laughed.

"It's all thanks to Priest Arthur, I was the first to learn the double engraving method."

"We are all our own people, no need to be polite, feel free to exchange ideas if you need to." Zou Liang said.

The old face of Maru is red and a little excited, he is one of the few people who know the inside story, the art of engraving has nothing to do with age, the one who reaches is the first, listen to Arthur to instruct him, happy do not know what to say.

Zou students now also learn to send a favor, came to the temple's main hall, Thomas high priest is devoutly praying, looking at the huge statue of the beast god, Zou students also can not help but mutter a few words, this statue does not know if it is pure gold.

"Master you looking for me?"

Thomas methodically finished a set of rituals and glanced at Zou Liang, "Where have you been, looking for you for a day."

"I went to Avril's to read a book."

"The Ripert family are devout believers, it's good, contact more feelings when you have time." Thomas was very straightforward, and that's because he knew Arthur was a smart man and understood what he meant.

"Master, something wrong?" Zou Liang could see that there must be trouble.

"Tomorrow Consul Sarah has a banquet and invites us over." Thomas said indifferently.

"Oh? This guy wants to pick a fight?" Zou Liang said.

Thomas liked this the most, a little bit, "Our double engraving method has stimulated some people, the banquet is no good, it is likely to target you."

"I have the beast god glory medal, when the time comes, take it out and scare them to death." Zou Liang is not a person who is afraid of things.

"You kid, with that scare is a sign of weakness, these guys are old and sophisticated, there is no absolute certainty will not make such a big show, Yerushamo professional guild presidents, social celebrities will be present."

"Shit, it must be the engraver's guild, that group of guys who have had enough can't see us well!"

"The weak eat the strong, the fittest survive."

"Master, don't worry, I'll let them lift the stone and smash their own feet." The more big the scene the more excited Zou students are, the Engraver's Guild has not yet settled the score, they have sent themselves to the door.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

The next day, Zou Liang as usual, and did not have any changes because of the banquet.

The consul's residence, at this time the lights are bright, bright and spacious room in Zou Liang seems to be orc characteristics of the ancient Roman style, quite comfortable luxury, if the residence is sold for fear of a lot more offerings.

The carts and horses, the consul's residence has been parked in front of a variety of luxury carriages, and a group of carriage drivers and what not, such a banquet is also a competition of the orc upper class, show off.

From Avril he already knew the general situation, Consul Sarah was only forty years old, definitely considered young and talented, the Rhineland, so the future is very bright, in time, it may be possible to become the governor of the divine Yew province.

In terms of equipment, the temple carriage is indeed inferior, Zou Liang knows that the cheap master is considered a good man, himself living a very simple life, in fact, this face project is also important, the next time to persuade him.

"Thomas high priest, the great guest, the pomp and circumstance ah."

"Consul Sarah, too polite, this is the young apprentice Arthur."

"Greetings Consul." Zou Liang posed with the sincerity and trepidation of a Birr clan, like a child who has never seen the world.

"Good boy, a promising future."

Zou classmate heart is very upset, grandmother, was taken advantage of, later let you all spit out.

Politeness, in addition to polite or polite.

This is quite free cocktail party, before the host speaks, everyone can chat and eat and drink as they wish, in fact, is an opportunity for the major powers to communicate.

Out of a group of old men, there are many young people, apparently all the children and nephews also follow the show, the younger generation to exchange feelings between the exchange.

I thought it would be very lonely, did not expect to run into Curt and Randy, these two guys even in this occasion also do not forget to fight, but in the corner inside, obviously this is no place for them to play these small words, when the face of their own old man, they do not dare to be too arrogant.

"When will you two stop bickering?" Zou Liang laughed.

"Haha, Arthur you are also here, great, just in time for you to give us a judgment, how about Emma?" Randy pointed to a girl like the stars, blonde hair, blue eyes, dazzling white skin, a glance at the Rhine, belong to the standard exquisite beauty, flaunting, proud like a princess, in Yerushalayimah City, she also does have such capital.

"Oh, it must be Kurt like, you objected."

"Haha, Arthur is so smart, we have to comprehensive rating, Emma looks? still say, but on her that character, white send me do not want."

"Roll, pride is the character of our Rhinelanders."

"You two are really interesting, have the ability to talk to her face to face, behind the scenes discussion useless."

Perhaps sensing the stares from this side, Emma and her circle of followers came over, all in a circle, nodded to Curt and Randy, looked at Zou Liang with a condescending posture, "You are the little trainee priestess?"

Zou Liang looked around and spun around before pointing at himself, "Are you talking to me?"

Kurt and Randy looked at each other and smiled, knowing that this guy was going to cause trouble again.

"You think so!"

"Oh, but I don't want to talk to rude people." Zou Liang said lightly.

Emma in their own territory was actually belittled just ready to get angry, a side of a Fox advised: "Miss Emma why waste words with an unruly Bill, let's continue to discuss the matter of elegance."

"Little Bill, there will be a good look for you later!"

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