The Great Conqueror

Chapter 70 - Tunnel Warfare (Request for recommendation support!)

"Oricia, go back, Lord Bishoujo is worried about you."

"I don't!"

"My big brother will be fine, I'll wait for him here!" Ernest sat up at once.

Nebello had thought that this would make him faint for a few hours, what a good boy, he also became a little interested in that Arthur.

"Yes, Arthur will be fine, we are waiting, maybe he is lost and went somewhere else!" Avril also agreed.

Nebello did not care about them, looked at Orisia, "Lord Bishou said, let me take you back, play also play enough, do not let her worry."

Orisia bit her lip, obviously she was afraid of her mother, but also know that her mother worried about her, but no matter what she can not leave Arthur regardless.

Nebello sighed, "so, I leave a small team to protect you, it just so happens that the Church has a purge mission, but at most half a month, the end of the mission you have to go back with me."

Orishia nodded silently, Nebello left a small team and left with people, anyway, this map of the demonic beasts have been killed, there is no danger, and he knows the character of Orishia, pushing too tight is not good, as for any man who makes Orishia attached to ...... death.

At this time, Zou Liang is the spirit of a hundred times, he took a good look at the surrounding terrain, with the lake as the center, like the formation of a natural megaphone, and the air like a whirlpool channel formed some kind of convection, so that the whole space as a huge megaphone.

If you play with your life, it is in coming a thousand or eight hundred is not to the ichthyosaur to add a meal, but the words of the war song ......

"Bahahahahaha, I'm really a genius!"

Ball curiously looked at a sinister face Zou Liang.

"Balls ah, want to hear the boss I sing ah?"

Ball shakes his head, do not understand what singing means, and Zou students do not care about that set put the ball to the shoulder, "go!"

Even if the battle song, Zou Liang also have to consider the risks, after all, in this place of demonic beasts singing battle songs equal to moths to a flame, but the existence of the fish dragon, he can take advantage of the territory of the demonic beast lord, measured out a safe distance at the lake, the fish dragon can not reach and deter other demonic beasts.

As for the war song can make these demon beasts chaotic to what extent will only be left to fate, he does not want to stay in this hellhole.

The place to stand, Zou Liang heart is also a little apprehensive, if his plan is wrong, whether the fish dragon rushed out, or demon beasts rushed over, he is dead, but a ghost in this place, he is also really going crazy, no computer is just, even a beautiful woman is not how to live this day ah.

Zou Liang cleared his throat and adjusted his beast spirit that can be ignored by these demon beasts, a howl, it is indeed a sound shocked a thousand miles.

The ball was startled, this is what the male duck voice, really hard to hear.

"Hey, hey, don't be anxious, the main show is about to begin."

That let the rock beast crazy apprehension again, Zou Liang is not thought of using a direct attack battle song, but thought to him this weak beast spirit even if the sound is amplified, will not play too much effect, but will attract strong attacks, but chaos battle song is different, he does not have the offensive itself, will reduce the resistance of demon beasts, let them kill each other is his real purpose.

Halfway through the song, Ball went from being dumb at the beginning to dancing around, which made Zou Liang, who was a bit worried, put his mind at ease, and the little guy was completely giddy with enjoyment.

Through natural amplification, this song apprehension instantly sang throughout the space, in addition to the ball in the hand dance rolling around, it seems that the demonic beasts here does not give Zou students face.

Zou Liang was excited to perform a song apprehension to the fullest ...... anyway, no one to compare with him, think the chaotic effect will not be too bad.

Just ......

How how quiet it is?

Three hundred and sixty degrees rotation, the lair of the ichthyosaur is still rippling, the distant mountains and forests are still dense and gloomy ......

In Zou Liang ready to sit on their asses to fantasize about their old and decrepit old age, the lake exploded, water splashed, the fish dragon as raped as irritable, crazy howling rotating to bite their tails, and at the same time, the mountains and rivers shake, countless demonic beasts are crazy tossing, from Zou Liang here drive away, smoke and dust debris filled the sky ...... as The New Year's fireworks dynamic.

Zou students obviously underestimated the strength of the fish dragon manipulation of water, a water arrow shot from the side, the ground a hole, Zou students' hearts were cold and cold, which if shot in him is a hole, shot in the ball, the child will be reincarnated.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

"Ball, the boss sings well?"

Zou Liang carried the ball's ears and laughed.

The joy in Zou's heart was no less than the discovery of a new continent, completely ignoring Ball's protests, "Ball, look forward to it, it won't be long before we can go home."

About ten minutes later, to make sure it was safe, Zou students came back to the lake, or chaos of apprehension battle song, this is the best place to practice battle song, there is no danger of someone protesting the noise, full force, even if out of tune, no one knows.


The song was not long in progress, the ichthyosaur rushed out, although the sound transmission here is a bit like surround sound, bursting from the center, but the empty lake on the Zou students a, the ichthyosaur that anger, crackling water arrows blasted over, scared Zou Liang immediately ran away.

The good thing is that the ichthyosaur can not leave the water.

But the socialist youth will not give up, that night, Zou Liang and ball touched the lake, soul engraver the most precious engraving knife has become Zou Liang's shovel, began to dig a hole, the ichthyosaurus in how smart is after all a monster, still need eyes to observe, as long as they do not show not on the line, soon a three-meter deep, a meter wide hole dug.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

"Ball awesome, but not finished, but also in the dig!"

In order to prevent any eventuality, Zou Liang is prepared to dig a channel underground leading to the grove.

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