The Great Conqueror

Chapter 7 - Zamabutsu (Charge, recommend votes!!!)

All the mind on their own and Ernest's growth plan, Zou Liang early put this matter to the back of his mind, prepared a week, just waiting for this day to start testing, early in the morning, Zou Liang pulled Ernest up.

"Brother, is not a little early ah, I have not slept well."

"Don't sleep, I'll be in charge of your training starting today, let's start with one." Zou Liang said.

Ernest's big mouth immediately split open and shook his head, "Big brother, you're not as strong as me, you can't beat me."

"Cut the crap, hurry up." Zou Liang knew that explaining to this guy a million times was not as direct as action.


Ernest swung his arms, directly a fairly standard bear pounce, body leaned forward, double palms slapped out.

The momentum is very good, but ...... all over the broken body is really more Zou Liang are a little sad.

Boom ......

Ernest only felt a numbness in his feet, there is no longer a human figure in front of him, head arched on the ground.

"Come again." Zou Liang said, in training absolutely no mercy, even if you want to bully, but also only their own bully him!

Ernest stood up and once again waved his fist and rushed towards Zou Liang.


This period of time Zou Liang tried the coordination of body and moves, this body's offensive power may still be lacking, but flexibility, definitely very good, and combat awareness is exactly Zou Liang's specialty.

Ernest only felt his feet go numb again and fell again.

"Big brother, you can't keep kicking my feet, we bear clan to fight head on!" Ernest said a little indignantly.

"Bullshit, on the battlefield, who told you to fight head-on, when fighting, you have to see six ways and hear eight directions, how can you care about the top but not the bottom!"

"Humph, you have to win head-on to be considered a win." Ernest said stubbornly.

Zou Liang a little dizzy, this kid is really persistent, and the bear tribe reasoning is indeed a little difficult.

"Okay, if I win head to head, is everything I say is right."

Ernest had a big mouth, "Of course."

"Come on."

Ernest fell two heart also a little alert, feel big brother with the past is very different, the whole body attention ready, pounced on Zou Liang.

Zou Liang's eyes flashed a fine light, the body fiercely kicked squarely in the chest of Ernest, followed by the right leg a bent a knee crash even on, Ernest's two-meter body immediately leaned back violently, not yet reacted, Zou Liang's right leg has been like a whip to directly draw Ernest's neck.

Boom ......

Ernest was smashed straight to the ground with no ability to resist at all.

--small knife triple kick, a small combo in Muay Thai.

He did not even see the action, he was knocked down, he is still very confident in his own defense, but the face of big brother's attack is not useful at all.

"Big brother, what is this move, so powerful, teach me, so I can beat those guys who hit me down!"

Ernest said, no one in the world wants to be bullied, even if they are fools.

The first test of power, Zou Liang's mood also a little up and down, confidence is also greater.

"This is of course, did not I say, from today onwards I want to train you well, later we brothers to break into the world, to fight all over the world!"

"Fight all over the world." The face of Ernest was filled with happy longing.

Zou Liang froze, he was just talking about, this guy is okay naive.

"Get up, try from the most basic first, the first move of the bullet kick, characterized by viciousness, not necessarily with full force, but must catch the rhythm."

Zou Liang made a popping kick, Ernest scratched his head, "Doesn't combat have to be at full strength?"

Zou Liang froze, this guy really let him speechless, do not know how to explain, the problem is afraid that the explanation is useless, some of the combat concept of this world is really too lagging, and the acceptance of the bear race is really poor, or Ernest is poor.

"Then you will kick with all your might!"


Ou Nist started kicking with great enthusiasm, but looking at that action, Zou Liang had a numbness in his scalp, but also knew that this matter can not be rushed, observe a little before.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

The bear tribe is known for its strength, even if Arthur's body is relatively weak, pure strength will not be bad, this time of recuperation, his body has recovered well.

"Big brother, this kind of big boulder needs a copper brand level warrior to break." Ernest kindly reminded.

Zou Liang took a deep breath, began to luck, the body of the beast spirit power felt mobilization instant reaction, this period of time only a leisure, Zou Liang are controlling the operation of the gas, because fascinated fighting, there is a period of time also obsessed with the reality of fighting, research a lot of fighting skills, for the Chinese people's qigong is practiced a little, I heard that good talent can practice a small mouse, but a small mouse he is not practiced out, but the constipation cure Good, a series of farts released very loud.

But this kind of qigong introduction, for the control of the body of the beast spirit power but incredibly good.

The whole body's beast spirit power is condensing to the right fist, Zou Liang is not in a hurry, he is experiencing the process of this power birth, expansion, he feels his right fist is very up!

Rumble ......

Dust flew, a burst of sound, the side of Ernest startled, when seeing the large boulder in pieces, Ernest look at Arthur's eyes like a monster.

"Big, big brother, when did you become a copper brand warrior,...... ah, no ah, you do not have a beast spirit change, which ...... is not right ah, without a beast spirit change can shatter the lapis lazuli, the teacher did not say ah. "

Ernest opened his mouth wide and grabbed his few hairs with a death grip, this problem is obviously beyond his comprehension.

Zou Liang suppressed the excitement in his heart, really want to look up to the sky, but he knew to calm down, this is just the beginning, "Ernest, what you saw today can not say with any, understand?"

Ernest had some doubts, but what big brother said he would do, nodded seriously, big brother said not to say, there must be a reason not to say.

Ernest gleefully began to kick the leg, only this leg kick is really a little unbearable, wobbly, not to mention that there is little accuracy to speak of.

"Stop kicking, come here, do as I do." Zou Liang found out, Ernest's all over the coordination of the body still has a big problem, his body, change type does not suit him, first the stability even.

Zou Liang posed in a standard horse stance, tie the horse stance is quite good for controlling the center of gravity, this is one of the essence of Chinese martial arts, simple and practical.

"Big brother, is this also kung fu, so strange, does it work."

"Zha!" Zou Liang has given up explaining, to Ernest or orders come more directly, convincing people with reason is not for him.


Ernest is very proud, is not half squatting, small meaning, squatting a day is fine.

A day of course not, a dozen seconds later, Ernest squatted on his butt.

"Afterwards every day to tie the horse stance, when can last an hour all right, in the next step!"

"Yes, big brother." Ernest's stubbornness is also guilty, fighting can not, can not even stand?

Ernest fought with his legs, and at first easily tripped by big brother twice, Ernest also noticed that he was unstable below.

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