The Great Conqueror

Chapter 69 - Valiant Injustice? (Five more!)

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The arrogant rock beasts are being driven around like pigs, and a team of neat cavalry is chasing them everywhere, these cavalry are tongluo level armored warriors, and there are not many tongluo level cavalry regiments in the entire Monga Empire.

"Oricia, don't be anxious, we will definitely find it." The one who spoke was a young Silver Light Knight, a full stat armored warrior.

In the Mengjia Empire, full data armored warriors were rare but not uncommon, but a silver light armored warrior as young as twenty-six years old was unique.

Nebello Sanchez, the youngest silver light warrior in the history of the Mengjia Empire, the son of Grand Consul Sanchez, could be considered a true pride of the sky, and was also known as the genius with the most hope of impacting the diamond level armor warrior in a century, and the dream girl of countless young girls in the imperial capital.

Nebello did not follow his father's path, but instead joined the Beast God Church, called a knight, but not an ordinary knight, but the most powerful Beast God Order Knights of the Beast God Church, deeply respected by the Pope, but also the youngest captain of the Beast God Order Knights.

In the eyes of Nebello, those running rock beasts are no different from wild boars, not the least bit lethal.

"Why are you guys so slow, what if Arthur is in some kind of danger!"

Orishia a little fidgety, Avril and others, at this time, we also know the identity of Orishia, in fact, also a little guess, Orishia is obviously not the ordinary beast race, the eight beast race among the two special species, although the number of small, but in the Monga Empire power structure occupies a pivotal position, large to the regime, teaching power small to the number of experts, the ability of soul engraving, which is Bismai Swan tribe and sky charm tribe.

Orisia's mother is the first beauty of the Bismai Swan Clan, the president of the largest chamber of commerce in the Monga Empire, the Heavenly Feather Chamber of Commerce, and her family is also one of the two great families of Bismai, which can be described as the nobility of nobility.

"Don't worry, this is only a fifth-class map, and the rock beast is rather stupid, he must be hiding." Nebello laughed, a reassuring confidence in his gentle voice.

Avril and others are also a little worried, especially Ernest is really fidgety, it has been more than ten days, there is still no sign of Arthur, and no response to the war song, but Randy is very confident in Arthur, he believes that Arthur must be alive, but for some reason can not rendezvous with them.

Nebello is their idol, if not for the uncertainty of Arthur's life and death, really want to let Nebello point out.

Nebello's comfort did not play much of a role, Oricia still have a feeling of lack of weight, the Knights have been looking for two days, the area is almost flat, the rock beast in the face of the powerful Knights simply have little ability to resist.

"Captain, we have searched the area and found no trace of the others, but found a cave, expected to be the entrance to the second level of the Underworld, the level is quite high."

A copper branded warrior spurred the muddy six-legged iron tread beast said.

Nebello could not help but frown, "The second level?"

"Yes, I guess ...... the target may escape from not rushing into the second level ......"

Obviously this means that Arthur is finished, Avril and other people's faces are also cold.

"Where is it, I want to find big brother!" Ernest yelled, "He'll be fine!"

"Ernest, take it easy for now, can Captain Nebello take us there." Avril said, but the heart is also thumping, even if it is lost to go somewhere else is a hundred times better than transferring into the second layer.

"Shit, it's not like Arthur's luck is that bad." Randy said, look at everyone's face is not good, hastily shut up, depressed muttered a few words, even the golden shine warriors fall into the second layer is very dangerous, level five maps appear the chances of the second layer entrance is extremely low extremely low, how let them stumble upon.

The entire map of rock beasts are swept away by the Knights of Order, the Knights of Order's combat power can not simply be measured by the gong warriors, they are all with excellent personal combat power and devout faith in existence, fighting amazing.

Along the way can no longer see the rock beasts, even a team of several hundred people to clear the place all need a week, while more than a hundred people Knights of Order only used two days.

Looking at the hole in front of them, the crowd is silent, this direction is exactly the direction of the original Arthur Zou, nine out of ten is that he is rushing in.

Avril looked at the hole, the heart more silent, this is a kind of one-way passage, unless destroy the space of the demon beast lord, simply can not get out.

"Nebello, you go back and tell my mother, let her get uncle to send the Silver Light Knights!" Orisia said, she knew, this kind of place general knight order down is also dead, at least must have the golden flare level warrior led by the silver light level knight order to fight through.

"Orisia, calm down, more than ten days have passed, even now it is too late to inform, not to mention that even your mother is difficult to mobilize the Silver Light Knights for this reason."

Nebello said patiently, the Order of Silver Light that are the core strength of the Church, absolutely will not be mobilized because of an ordinary person, much less risk going to the second level, since the papal holy war, the Church has been less willing to do this kind of meaningless thing.

"It's all my fault." Avril also extremely guilty, if not for her faulty map would not be in such trouble, Arthur is also in such a situation because of them.

Orishia eyes suddenly wet, the thought of that bad guy is unknown alive and dead, she wanted to cry, "Whatever, you tell my mother, if not to find a way I will not go back!"

Nebello flashed a hint of surprise, "Oricia, do not make it difficult for Lord Bishou, you think calmly, even the silver light warrior will never survive."

"Nonsense, my big brother will not be okay!" Ernest roared and rushed towards the cave entrance, even if he died, he had to die in one piece.

Randy and other people look to know to bad, but Ernest this simple bear froze when the strength to stop can not be stopped, and suddenly a figure blocked in front of Ernest, Ernest this time who do not care, immediately a sticker mountain avalanche on the crash.

Boom ......

Ernest whole was bounced up, fell head first to the ground fainted, Nebello was also knocked back a step, the gaze of surprise more intense, a district of low-level warriors have so much power.

"Gentlemen, although it is unfortunate, but this is the truth, we beasts are all warriors, Arthur is also considered to be heroic, as a priest, he is worthy of the glory of the beast god, you should calm down, if there are still people who want to send death, I will not stop you."

Nebello stood with his hands folded, if not for Orishia he would not have come here at all, the trial death is in the normal thing, do not blame God, blame is to blame the strength is not good.

Others bowed their heads, even if they do not want to, the truth is the truth.

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