The Great Conqueror

Chapter 67 - Balls (3rd shift)

The little demon beast licked a bite, the little eyes immediately brightened, wagging his tail began to eat in small bites.

Zou Liang is in a good mood, they are also very cool to eat, a fish quickly down, but still not quite enough, although still want to eat some, but think about the huge guys in the lake, or forget it, not to mention that he will not swim, down is also the fish catch him.

A little rest for a while, Zou Liang decided to go around the lake first to survey the surrounding environment, by the way, get some midnight snacks, walked a while to find a small tail behind.

Suddenly a turn, "Do not follow me, in follow me, bite you!"

The little demon beast was startled, aggrieved whimpering straight.

"Shit, afraid of you, come here."

The little demon beast immediately wagged its tail and came over.

"Not bad, full of humane well, from now on you will follow me to mix." Touch the little demon beast, did not expect this little guy meat quite a lot, full of fat, "after you called ball ball."

Zou Liang picked up the engraving knife to open the way, the little guy also followed in step, in fact, the bones of Zou Liang is afraid of loneliness, in this wilderness of the mountains and mountains crisis-ridden places, this cute little thing can make him not go crazy.

The taste of going over the mountains is quite unpleasant, and Zou Liang can feel the powerful beast spirit enveloping the vicinity, and really did not go long to find a monster, in Zou Liang found, behind the little guy can also feel, even a little earlier.

The monster illustration mentioned, is a kind of humanoid demon beast called Gebuta beast, intermediate level demon beast, thick skin, has a certain intelligence, quite bad to get, basically intermediate level monsters Zou Liang can go around the road.

Just want to leave, is wandering Gebuta beast violently rushed towards them, blocking the tree directly pushed down, just like following this section of the branch, the speed is also quite swift, Zou Liang immediately ready to fight, always can not meet a demon beast on the run, rare one-on-one opportunity, he wants to test the monster in the end what level.

Three times climbing to the tree, while the Gebuta beast has roared and jumped down, directly breaking the tree, while Zou Liang fell from the sky, engraved knife stabbed at the eyes of the Gebuta beast, but a gust of wind came, the huge stick in the hand of the Gebuta beast has smashed towards him.

Boom ......

His body was like suffering a lightning strike, a mouthful of blood spurted out, Zou Liang was smashed and sent flying, now he finally understood what a mid-level demonic beast meant!

His sense of crisis is still stuck in the image of the monster, this time it's going to be a gutter.

Gebuta beast smiled and carried a big stick towards Zou Liang, a bluff came from behind, a shadow fiercely scurried out, Gebuta beast's ear was bitten by the ball.

By definition, this is not a big deal, but the Gebuta beast let out an earth-shattering scream, Zou Liang then remembered that the ear is one of the Gebuta beast's weaknesses, no defense, can greatly cause the Gebuta beast pain.

Snap ......

The ball was slapped out by the Gebuta beast, just like a tennis ball, smashed into a tree and fell straight down, waiting for the Gebuta beast to prepare to deal with its prey, only to find that the prey had come around.

Zou Liang fiercely a sticker mountain crash in the chest of the Gebuta beast, originally thought that his full force of how to hit the other side, received is leaned back a little, but this moment, was the jaw protected throat vitals exposed, Zou Liang's engraved knife did not hesitate to stab in.

Ow ......

Bump ......

Seriously injured Gebuta beast and a palm blast on Zou Liang's body, a sharp pain in the chest, followed by the discovery of the skeleton to be separated from the flesh as lightly flying out, as playing trampoline bounced into the air, but landed on the concrete floor.

Boom ......

Zou Liang bone ruthlessness also came up, hard to swallow the blood to the throat, and scampered up a flying kick on the handle of the engraving knife, the full force of the kick directly into the engraving knife into the head of the Gebuta beast.

Boom ......

Gebuta beast stopped struggling directly killed dying also hit a tree, Zou Liang also staggered down on the ground, staring at the sky with a pair of bear eyes,...... this is all what happened, want to laugh bitterly can not laugh, gradually blurred consciousness fainted.

The bar, bar.

I don't know how long it took, but I felt a fleshy, warm thing was licking itself, so I opened my eyelids, and what caught my eye was the ball, and I saw myself waking up, and the ball was excited and blustering.

"Is not taking advantage of my unconsciousness to bite back, heh ...... cough."

The day is already late, I'm afraid the coma time is not short, not far away still lies that Gebuta beast, Zou Liang wanted to stand up, a little force to feel the body to leave their own like pain, consciousness blurred, and fainted, and the ball anxious bluffing a few, and began to lick Zou Liang's face.

The first thing you need to do is to get back from the dead, Zou Liang's ruthlessness has completely erupted, Gebuta beast beast spirit has disappeared, wasting the top quality beast spirit, Zou Liang's stomach and remind him to eat, despite the heavy smell emanating from this monster, Zou Liang still endured, between life and death, talent will forget many things.

The ball is awakened by the smell of roast meat, Zou Liang gave it a large piece, the ball immediately crawled next to the meat almost as it left a mouthful, revealing two small incisors bite on, only to immediately reveal a small look of aggravation.

"What, not delicious?"

Zou Liang picked up a bite, immediately with the urge to vomit, difficult to eat to this can really be enough.

"Good boy, disgusting death is also better than starving to death, eat full we can go to find good food." The mouth so to speak, but looking at the hands of this piece of green dead hard dead hard meat, Zou Liang also a little sad, it is better to chew the bark.

The ball blustered, small paws pointed to the lake.

"Want to eat fish ah, I also want to, but I can not catch ......

Not yet finished, the ball has run all the way towards the lake, "Hey, that lake is dangerous!"

But it's too late, the ball has scurried out, Zou Liang did not hesitate to follow it, how not a save it.

But the injury is not healed how he can not compare with the ball, and when he went halfway, the ball has come back, mouth with a branch, with two large fish strung on it.

"Haha, there you go!" As soon as he saw the fish, Zou Liang's stomach turned upside down and screamed, without saying a word, immediately started a fire.

Before the fish is thoroughly cooked, one person and one beast began to feast, even the fish bones are eaten in, Zou Liang ate a half, the little ball also ate half, two people just lying on the ground sun belly, eat a full life is really beautiful ah ......

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