The Great Conqueror

Chapter 57 Fifty-six The shadow hunter who picked a fight (Request for recommendation!)

The carriage is running again on the road to the underground world, but because of the battle just now everyone's emotions seem extraordinarily excited.

For Arthur so lucky, the crowd can only report a feeling, if Arthur is said to win by strength, no one will believe, for the old and cunning copper brand level warrior, even with eyes closed is not a trainee priest can deal with, can only say, the sky do evil you can, self-inflicted sins can not live, this lecherous foxes do evil is also retribution to.

"Ernest, your move shoulder bump can be really powerful, it is really unexpected that you are not a beast type change." Kurt a little sigh, just now Ernest hair but the crowd looked at the eyes, that is a tough.

Onist has a little embarrassed scratching his head, he is the authentic Bill clan, adhering to the Bill clan honest.

"Stupid not, there is a double forging method of course is to do armor warrior more promising, well at least you are also armor warrior." Randy is not going to let go of any opportunity to hit Kurt.

"But this time the luck is really good, if not Arthur first time to take out Chubb we all have to explain there."

Avril has seen the two of them fighting, only slightly suspicious look at Arthur, she always felt that the other party's fear at that time is faked, because the other party holding her hand is not very hard, for a nervous or fearful person is impossible to control the force.

"Where, luck, that guy is also lightly, I also just closed my eyes a fling, people do not expect to charge, I am a priest."

Zou Liang laughed.

"Don't worry, this time mainly by them, if it is outdoor, it is not really clear who wins and who loses."

Randy said, they have a very important link is Patrice, the Hawk archer's holding effect is quite strong, but in indoor combat becomes a complete drag, this is not the case.

"Our war song priest first battle play can be a bit out of order oh." The actual fact is that you can't help but to flirt with Orishia, the little girl after a battle seems a bit abnormally quiet, this is not her style, Zou Liang does not think that a mere accident will deter her.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

"Humph, do you need my sister to deal with a lecherous thief? Besides, if he wasn't charmed by the beauty of this priestess, how could you have succeeded!"

Oricia said in a serious manner, while puffing out her chest.

The carriage, several men subconsciously shifted their gaze, it is reasonable to say that the noble sons like Kurt and Randy are not so, but also live to see the ghost, always feel that there is an unblasphemous look on Orishia, of course, Zou students are the exception, but he is good nonchalantly compared to the size.

...... exclude the role of clothing cover, this world has not fudged the bra, probably B towards the C stage of development, quite promising.

But the gaze is very natural sweep, "Do not narcissism, the little carrot head, that color fox obviously stared at Avril, and out of doors not allowed to call me master brother, to call big brother!"

Zou Liang had to remind this out of order forget the promise of the little girl.

"Who said, hum,...... I know, you are deliberately provoking my relationship with sister Ai Weier, I will not fall for your trick!"

The mouth said so, but the small hand from behind around the waist of Zou Liang, tugging the soft flesh, and then a circle of two ......

The way the people look at the scenery while chatting, and there is no hurry sense time, Zou Liang and Ernest are the first time to go out, as a small two curious babies like looking at everything outside.

The underground world near the entrance is a not too small town, due to the time of the spring festival, from the surrounding cities of the refiners make this usually cold place became incomparably lively, all the things needed for the trial here can get supplies, Zou Liang and Ernest only then know they carry these two huge parcels is how silly a thing.

And Avril has booked the inn, wait until here in trying to find a place to live that is too late, the spring festival is the time of the crowd, come late can only sleep in the open, of course, this is not much for the trialists.

"What a big room." Ernest laughed nervously, a line of people is a separate compound is indeed very luxurious.

Kurt and Randy are used to it, Avril family's strength has indeed long exceeded the scope of Yerushalayimah, Kurt and Randy family is also a hegemony in Yerushalayimah, but it is difficult to influence the outside.

Avril smiled faintly, "you can go out for a stroll later, but it's best not to buy anything, there are especially many rip-offs here, and much trouble, just tell me what you need."

"Don't worry, I won't be polite with you." Zou Liang said.

"Hmph, how come you don't see you being such a gentleman to me." On the side, Orishia said with a pout.

"This is called returning the favor with the favor."

Orillia pondered for a while before understanding the meaning, this guy is cornered to say she is not a lady, and by the time she reacted Zou Liang and Ernest had long run away.

Ten minutes, five men have gathered downstairs, and the two beauties have not the slightest intention of coming down.

"Do not wait for them, not an hour they are afraid to finish packing, we go out to stroll, I will be the guide." Randy said desperately, it looks like he really wants to make a good relationship with Zou Liang.

"Horse's ass, you roadkill, or I'll lead the way."

Kurt tossed his handsome blond hair, although not tossed, Patrice belonged to the kind of unsmiling type, just quietly followed the crowd.

Zou Liang and Ernest have long wanted to go out and have fun, once out really is the sound of people, all kinds of beasts but let Zou Liang as if they came to the zoo.

"Come on, I'll take you to a fun place." Randy said mysteriously.

"What do you mean by a fun place?"

"Men's favorite place!"

Soon Zou Liang learned that whether in his previous life or in this life, the places men like are by and large similar.

It was a big bar, not the very vegetarian kind they met halfway, but a lively place with several big tables and hot beast beauties dancing hot.

Ernest's face brushed red, the head are a little afraid to talk, look at Curt and others laugh, Randy patted Ernest's shoulder, "buddy, this is a good place for men, head up, have a fancy talk to me, I help you get!"

"These days virgins will also pretend to be lovers ah!" A shrill voice rang out, accompanied by a group of people laughing wildly, Randy's face changed all of a sudden.

"Grass, Rog, just say the word if you want to die!" Randy's face also sank as a group of people from a table across from him greeted him.

"Randy, you are really rude, last year's lesson is not enough, this year again to find uncomfortable."

"Rog, don't be too arrogant!" Kurt on the side couldn't stand it anymore and greeted him.

"Kurt, this is our shadow hunting thing, but if you want to itchy skin, I don't mind educating together."

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