The Great Conqueror

Chapter 55 - The Succubus

A group of people found an empty seat, Kurt immediately called out loudly: "Boss, even two pots of good fire knives."

"Big-faced cat, just that amount of wine you can, don't be ashamed of it."

"Horse's ass, let me Shen amount Shen Liang you!"

The beasts' love for wine is no different from that of women.

"I want to drink too!" Olicia has long wanted to try it.

"No drinking!" Zou Liang immediately killed her thoughts in the cradle, to drink also in the city, this girl if you drink wine still do not know what will become.

Surrounded by the sound of people, but Zou Liang felt wrong, these people's beast spirit fluctuations are not quite natural, seems to be very tight, which represents wariness, if one or two people is normal, after all, what to do, but a large group of people are like this, it is a bit abnormal.

"Arthur, have a drink, you Bills are famous for your seaweed."

"Oh, I can't drink, you guys enjoy yourselves."

Kurt and Randy both froze, there are still Bill who do not drink?

Ernest has already poured down three big cups, this is really the first time he drank, but it is very habitual, completely genetic, "Big brother's health is not good when he was a child, the old man said he could not drink."

Curt and Randy this is relieved, in fact, Zou students gluttonous straight drooling, in school, a group of bachelors favorite is to get a little wine to drink, but after all, have seen a lot of martial arts films, which go out of the safety first, there is always someone to stay awake, not to mention that he really does not feel right here.

The three of you, the atmosphere is good, a while and two pots down, and Avril also did not persuade the meaning of this is the habit of the orcs, not let people drink but impolite, not to mention Avril themselves also drank a little, only Alicia was Zou Liang control.

It is also strange that usually someone to control Alicia basically hard to die, but Zou Liang a word, the little beauty despite reluctance, but obediently eat dishes.

Half a sound, the crowd is full of wine and food ready to leave, there is still nothing unusual, Zou Liang also feel that they are sensitive, he does not lack theoretical experience in the slightest, even richer than many people, after all, carrying a world of memories, but practice is relatively poor, seeing that nothing happened after eating, must be paranoid.

"Beauty, come over and drink a few glasses with the masters." Nearby the table a Wulf clan suddenly called out.

"That's right, don't be in a hurry to leave." Said reached out and grabbed towards Olisia.

Zou Liang's engraving knife had long been ready, and this Wulf's claws grabbed the knife rather swiftly, and a miserable scream came out.

"Aiya, this big brother, why are you grabbing my knife, do you want it, tell me if you want it, how do I know you want it if you don't tell me?"

Zou Liang expression and sincere and innocent, that pure big eyes watery look at each other.

A table of five people simply no nonsense, immediately rushed towards Zou Liang, originally wobbly Curt and Randy, without saying a word rushed up, punching and kicking, without the need for beast spirit change, the two as the elite of the young generation of Yerushamo City, more than enough to deal with a few beasts.

In a moment five people were blocked on the ground, and Kurt and Randy, who had had enough wine and warm-up exercises, were quite sore.

"I put down one more, I win."

"Gross, he got me in the face first!"

The two had to fight over basically everything, and had to split the difference.

Fighting is a common practice among the beasts, there is order in the city, called a duel, there are some restrictions, but outside the city, it is the winner is the king and the loser is the knave, whether you are a nobleman or a commoner, win is the master, lose go back and cry.

"Victory!" Olivia shouted with a small fist, white glance at Zou Liang, "Hum, such a dangerous moment is not heroic on the beauty!"

The little angel's voice works better than any inspirational battle song, looking at Curt and Randy are dumbfounded, Zou Liang shrugged, "I'm not out of the knife?"

"That doesn't count, you should have rushed up and laid out five by yourself!" Priestess Olivia was quite dissatisfied, and at heart she wanted Arthur to show off properly.

"I'm a priest, trainee, soul, but not as capable of fighting as Kurt and Randy." Zou Liang laughed, thick-skinned in the slightest, there is a pick-up book says so, a hundred obedience is the next best thing, just the right amount of confrontation will be remembered.

"Humph." Olisia can not buy, she did not speak so cunning Bill, obviously all at once can knock Ernest away.

Zou Liang also does not care, which makes a side of Avril a little strange, she had felt that Arthur was interested in Olisia, but if you like a person, according to the habits of the beasts, that may be trying to show their power in front of each other, that there is such a goose.

"Go la go la, can't waste our time for these few losers."

Kurt waved his hand, and by this time everyone in the tavern stood up, and the door was closed.

"Oh, young man, make a deal, leave these two girls and you go, or you stay together."

The one who spoke was a white Fox, playing with a jade trigger finger in his hand, a pair of eyes as if he wanted to eat Olivia and Avril alive.

"What are you, and you're not afraid of the wind!" Randy skimmed his mouth.

"I am indeed not something, cheap name Chubb, passing through this place, admiring the two beauties, so I want to leave them to slowly understand."

Avril drank some wine, at this time the pretty face slightly red, soft beauty in a flirtatious, Ripert is famous for the room private pet.

"Succulent fox Chubb!" Avril's face is a little ugly, this person is being wanted surprisingly dare to appear here.

"Big card?" Zou Liang asked in a small voice, a Bill hick who has never seen the world.

Avril's face changed a little, "A wanted leader of a band of thieves, copper brand level shadow hunting, it's hard to deal with."

Randy, Curt expression also serious up, seemingly one level difference, but has been a direct decision to win or lose, copper brand level defense up to 10, which means that the white suit's attack power is difficult to break the defense, unless it is a vital strike, and they are facing a shadow hunting, want to vital strike is almost as difficult as the sky.

"Ah, what's the big deal about copper branded warriors." Zou Liang turned his head and looked up and down at Chabu, "Old lecherous thief, do you know who my partner is?"

A cold smile spread at the corner of Chabu's mouth as he looked at this silly and pleased Bill, "May I hear the great name."

"These four are the top masters of the young generation in our Yerushalayimoy City, members of the professional guild, get lost before we change our minds and exchange your head for bounty money!"

Randy and others of course want to play hero, but not stupid enough to get killed, only with a full set of copper brand level beast spirit change to hold up the copper brand level, obviously in this regard Chabu is a steady suppression of them, Arthur's words, equal to force their side to a dead end, now can only hope that the other side due to family pressure, give a few face.

Chabu also a little bit crying and laughing, this silly Bill priest in front of him is really naive can be, "want more people to bully less people ah, that can not, my people also seem to be a lot."

Wow, the whole tavern stood up, apparently this is a group action of the thieves group, can not stand Chabu's lust again, encountered such two extremely good, and not much escort, how can let go.

"In fact, ah, I also like the group fight the most." Chabu admired the expression of his prey, quite comfortable.

"Brothers, first put these four down, after the master **, everyone will have a share!"

Chabu's shrill voice seemed extra harsh, and a group of thieves immediately swarmed up to Randy, Kurt, Patrice, Ernest surrounded the group, the guys obviously have cooperation, once up to split the crowd, and Zou students wearing priestly robes on and Olivia Averill became no combat meat ticket.

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