The Great Conqueror

Chapter 53: Scared to death

Zou Liang almost rushed to the mouth of the words swallowed back, see the portrait of him more horrified, because the above is certainly him!

Only it's not Arthur, it's his original appearance on earth.

"What, you know?"

Zou Liang shook his head, "just think the looks are ordinary, not like a master ah."

"Oh, Arthur ah, people can not look like, demon beasts are also the same, outside, must be cautious."

"Yes, master."

"Go on, I hope to see you and Ernest grow."

Zou Liang in a good mood bowed and left, to his own understanding, the beast spirit world reacts to the state of the soul, and his soul part of Arthur, most of Zou Liang, so the look is more like his former self, a little thankful, and a little touching.

But after all, young, this world and so beautiful, faint thoughts of homesickness soon left behind.

In the hall, Avril has arrived, a red military dress, as beautiful and hot as the flame, she also stood beside three tall warriors.

Ernest was relatively silent in the face of strangers, and the four young men were obviously no strangers to the temple, talking and laughing freely.

When Zou Liang appeared, the three young warriors had a burning light in their eyes, which is not how handsome Arthur students look, the point is that for any young warrior can not resist the temptation of double engraving, and from Avril know that the double engraving method seems to originate more from this young soul priest, his engraving success rate is even higher than the high priest.

Zou Liang could feel the beast spirits of the three from afar, quite strong, everyone's beast spirits are different, the strong ones will give him a sense of enrichment.

Seeing Zou Liang, Avril smiled slightly, "Our priest master is really busy, come, let me introduce you to my three friends, and of course our comrades in this trial."

Kurt stood up, the Rhine are known for their enthusiasm, "I'm Kurt, armor warrior, unfortunately, just finished the white suit, otherwise I must ask Priestess Arthur for help!"

"Oh, there is still the copper branded suit well."

"Ichabod Randy, Shadowhunter, an absolutely reliable Leopard warrior!" Randy said.

"You are quick to escape, right?" Kurt, who was on the side, laughed.

"Kittens, squat aside." Randy was also nonchalant.

The two grew up as rivals, and when they met they couldn't move their mouths they had to fight, but they were indeed the leading figures of the younger generation in Yerushamo City.

"You two restrain yourselves." Avril said, "Arthur, you get used to it after you get familiar with it, these two people are born to fight against each other when they meet."

"I've just finished my white suit too, I was still proud of my full data white suit, but once you came out with this engraving method, we could only cry." Randy teased.

"This is Patrice, Igor Hawk Clan, sniper type archer." The Eagle tribe teenager on the side looked rather silent, Avril introduced.

I think to be able to let Avril bring, the strength must be extraordinary.

"Oh, Arthur, trainee priest, can do some battle songs, can play a few fancy songs, mainly want to see the underground world, this is my brother, Ernest."

"Berserker warrior, you brothers are the most famous characters in our Yerushalayimah lately." Randy laughed.

"Randy, you leopard clan is really fast!" Kurt said sincerely.

"That's right, we are the fastest in the world!" Randy tilted his head very proudly.

"The speed of ass-kissing is also fast!"

The crowd burst into laughter, Randy's brain was burning, "Kurt, you bastard, I want to duel with you, is now duel, either you die or I die!"

Avril helplessly covered his forehead, she was a little regretful to call both of them, regardless of the occasion, regardless of the place can be quarreled, but also really convinced them.

"Arthur, I'm ready, how about it?" A soft voice appeared, causing the two men in the quarrel to stop and stare dumbfounded at the person who appeared at the door.

Our beautiful Priestess Alicia, wearing a white dress, hair organized as smooth as satin, the big soulful eyes with a bewitching pretty face, especially the corner of the mouth that breathes joy, a hint of smugness, but also outlines an elite general girl.

"Ah, so many people?"

Obviously Olivia is carefully dressed, it looks very simple, but it fits her white style, and only the white priestly robe can accompany her noble temperament, which is coming from the bones.

Randy and Curt have not seen the world, but on the contrary, the rich boys are boasting of their flamboyance, but seeing Olivia was indeed subdued.

In terms of looks alone, Avril and Alicia are both stunningly beautiful, with different styles, each with their own, but there is an indescribable sense of clarity and purity in Alicia that gives a sense of breezy awesomeness.

"Very well, now that everyone is here, this is Olivia Battlecry Priestess."

Kurt and Randy quickly recovered from their shock and were a little remorseful for their outburst, it was so humiliating.

Avril clapped her hands, not to mention the men, even as a woman she would be shocked by the beauty, this beauty is noble, with a touch of distance.

"Archers, war song priests, shadow hunters, two armored warriors, I am a pharmacist, Arthur ......"

"Think of me as a war song priest, well at least I am also the disciple of the high priest Thomas, these two days desperately practiced a little war song, haha."

The Bill tribe's brashness is easy to give people a good feeling, in fact, Arthur who created the double engraving method is already a legend in the mouth of the people, the status is high, but the trial is after all a matter of combat profession, Arthur so sincere let the warrior heart is also very comfortable.

"Priest Arthur is too modest, in the soul engraving has such a talent, the battle song must also be extraordinary." Randy laughed.

"Horseshit." Kurt on the side bubbled up again.

"You big-faced cat, believe it or not I'll give you a facelift!"

"You two calm down for a while, since it's a team, we need a captain." Avril laughed.

"Captain ah, Arthur, I want to be the captain." Olivia has never been a captain before.

"You can't, stay honestly." Zou Liang does not want everyone to go together to get killed, Olisia pouted, but remembered the agreement between the two can only endure, even dare to underestimate her, later slowly reckon.

Zou Liang does not know how the little girl is calculating him, the serious must be serious.

"As the team strength and handsome coexist I, do the captain in the appropriate." Cote dashingly ruffled his blonde hair.

"Big-faced cat, go aside, with the old me is not your turn to be the captain!" Randy coldly snorted.

"Horse's ass, I'm a Rheinlander, not a Tyger, nothing to do with cats!"

"Big-faced cat!"


"I don't do captains." Said Patrice, who had been a quiet spectator on the other side.

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