The Great Conqueror

Chapter 52: So you can draw a portrait here too

Beast God Performing Martial Arts?

The beast god performing martial arts?

Only the legendary Shura could do everything!

The beast race boiled over, they used their race's unique form to express the incomparable gale in their hearts, the bear race hammered their chests crazily, the lion roar of the Rhine race, the tiger roar of the Tigers ......

A blank, nothing, a seemingly most vulnerable warrior, but played the strongest voice on the battlefield.

Buenavon was completely frozen, how is this possible!

A person with perfect shadow hunting skills, but can make the same tyrannical attack as a warrior, and now there is playing the art and passion that only a war cry priest possesses.

And it was still so perfect that it could shake a proud eagle clan out of the sky, and there had never been a second person except for the Bismai clan.

"Buenavon of Clone City, give him up to me!" Murphy could no longer control his desire to fight.

"Murphy of Daros, he is my prey, and I will avenge my good friend Anthony Lika!"

For the beasts, it was a great honor to defeat such an opponent!

That battle song made it impossible to suppress the desire to fight in their hearts, but Zou Liang flickered, he was tired, physical strength was a big problem that constrained him.

The most upset Zou students is that this poor man's beast spirit is too little, apparently the beast spirit are spent on building full data white clothing, there are few left, grandmother, is the master are so cunning?

In a state of excitement, suspicion and frenzy, Zou students flashed, leaving a bunch of beasts who could not send ** power to start a crazy fight.

Leaving from the beast spirit world, the bed of Ernest snoring loudly, Zou Liang also fell on the bed, he found his weaknesses very directly, the flexibility of this body is very good, but physical endurance some encounters with experts or dilemma important quality is relatively poor, this is also an important solution to his problem in this trial.

The other side of a frenzied attack really consumed a lot, Zou Liang is also fallen asleep, but of course the dream can not help but complain about how these poor beast spirits so little.

The beast spirit world but blew up, this person is really Xiu Luo?

Shadow hunting, warrior, war song priest this is definitely not very compatible with the occupation, if a warrior will be a few battle songs, and can make some flexible movements, is not impossible, but a warrior to do can force back the shadow hunting shadow hunting pace, singing only the Bis Mai clan has the forbidden air battle song, the most frightening or solo breakthrough, which is definitely not known forbidden air battle song, but at the same time can also make the warrior only berserk attack .

Any master, a combat academy teacher, will tell you, don't spring for the big dream!

But this incredible thing, appeared.

The beast gods performing martial arts?

The appearance of the brand new Forbidden Air Battle Song completely shook the Mengjia Empire, especially terrible, he announced that the era of the Bismay clan's monopoly on the Forbidden Air Battle Song came to an end, a non-Bismay clan could also use the Forbidden Air Battle Song.

This is like a hurricane swept through the major temples, war colleges, various professional guilds ......

And at this time the temple of Yerushalayimah, Arthur and Ernest, a pair of difficult brothers and sisters sleep very high, apparently the two are curious and excited about the trials that will begin tomorrow, the dream of Zou Liang seems more cool, because he was molesting Olivia ......

At the same time, Thomas high priest also received the battle report from the priests, senior priests have some privileges in the beast spirit world, some priests are also specializing in observing the time that happens in the beast spirit world, such as understanding the situation of the excellent warriors in the cities, evaluation, etc. This information is quite important, while the major guilds are also doing the same thing.

"Beast God Performance? Warrior, shadow hunting, forbidden air battle song, a bit interesting, what does that person look like?"

"The portrait will be out tomorrow morning, now all the major professional guilds are looking for this person."

"Oh, such a teenage genius, whether it's Shura or not, it's worth pulling in, our temple also needs potential beast god order knights, the portrait is out to look for it."

"Oh, it would be good if Shura was also with us, plus Priest Arthur, a literary and a martial arts, the day has come for our temple of Yerushalayim to raise its eyebrows."

"Well, the heart is better than action."

Thomas laughed, in fact, he was already very satisfied, did not the beast god said, excessive greed is a sin.

To the level of the high priest, for the young warrior although will bother, but also the scale, after all, from a potential master to grow into a real strong, there is a very long way to go, and in the meantime, will happen a lot of things.

Eventually reach the Golden Blaze level is very rare, and further up that is even less.

It's not just talent and hard work that's enough, it depends - on life!

As soon as the day dawned, Ernest couldn't wait to get up, a little earlier than usual, was woken up Zou Liang also couldn't sleep, the two brothers did their morning exercises, took a cold shower, eat dinner, Ernest waited in the hall, Zou Liang went to Thomas to say goodbye.

The great master priest got up early, especially recently indulged in the practice of double construction, more focused, see Arthur showed a smile, "ready?"

"Yes, Master."

"This girl, Olisia, has come from an unusual background, you must take good care of her."

To Thomas's old cunning, Olisia point of little calculations obviously can not escape his eyes, but Thomas also turned a blind eye, their team in the bottom layer will not encounter any danger, not to mention that Olisia is in all probability on the body of the artifact.

Zou Liang nodded, there is no need to play ambush between smart people and smart people.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. I can't.

"High priest, the portrait of Shura is painted."

"Oh yeah, show me, what exactly is the three heads and six arms." Thomas laughed and turned to Arthur, "This is a combat genius that appeared in the beast spirit world, it is said to have used the combat techniques of three professions, quite brilliant, a bit like the legendary beast god performance, you also take a look, in case you meet, for our temple, you two swords together, the future is limitless ah."

Zou Liang's heart thumped, this is finished, his character in the beast spirit world and the reality is different, the reality has to consider some security issues, but the beast spirit world can do as he pleases, because it will not be discovered, did not expect that he still underestimated the ability of the beast people to do things.

"Yes, I think all the major guilds and temples are now handy, but he's still a bit behind our Arthurian priests."

Maru is the kind of old priest who has dedicated his life to the cause of the beast god and soul engraving, and in his eyes Arthur is the miracle of the beast god.

Thomas took the portrait and was opening it, Zou Liang's hands were a little sweaty, or curbed his impulse, now there is already a handful of copies, he stopped it for nothing, with the current situation, the exposure, it is a dangerous thing for him.

The first time you see the portrait also eeked, glanced at Arthur, handed the portrait to Zou Liang, "You see it."

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