The Great Conqueror

Chapter 50: The unresolved flight

The battle altar, Zou Liang is also observing the opponent, after the last battle he knew, in order to easily abuse the bird opportunity is very difficult, just how did not expect the beasts are also so "smart", there are such subtle rules.

Just in the crowd to see the Santa Fe wave up when, are very clear to realize that the battle is over.

It is not that Xiu Luo is not strong, can only say that bad luck, the beast gods show martial arts, ah, invincible ah, that is a beautiful legend, occupational compatibility is obvious, and in some specific environment, this compatibility will become absolute.

When an eagle archer with low altitude stagnation ability, against a warrior without any equipment, and certainly does not have the ability to fly, the battle from the beginning of the moment has been destined to end.

In fact, in the reality of combat, the Eagle's ability to fly is mainly embellished, after all, in the air is more likely to become the target of sniping, and beasts are not really fierce beasts, the Eagle beast change in the air after the speed and agility of only about one-third of the land, but in the beast spirit world of the battle altar, facing the "unarmed" Zou Liang, he was The company's main goal is to provide the best possible solution to the problem.

This is not what everyone wants to see, but this is the battle, standing on the battle altar, will have to face a variety of challenges.

"Murphy, why bother, such a victory is meaningless, might as well let me on!"

"Oh, Buenavon, I do not know how you clone city is defined victory, victory is victory, defeat is defeat, do not need other modifiers, not to mention that since this person is called the beast god performance, that the allegedly omnipotent Shura always has a way to deal with an archer." Murphy faint island.

If not Buenavon know that the lion in front of him full of power is not disguised to come, really doubt that this is not the legendary golden lion.

For a powerful Rhine, the cradle of armored warriors, but chose the beast change, for no other reason than that he is also the existence of the berserk state, the Rhine is a tribe favored by the beast gods, no matter which one they choose, they can gain great power, the beast change of the Rhine, while attack, defense, speed, agility quite balanced existence, if coupled with the berserk state, indeed unstoppable, basically, with Murphy's Talent, without any accident, become a golden shine level of existence is destined, so called the golden lion, this person was born is the life of the general.

The surrounding discussion, Zou Liang heard clearly, to be honest, this is really the first archer he encountered, very interesting, very curious.

The archer in front of me is a white suit, the attributes are quite authentic, 1 ~ 5 defensive armor, built quite beautifully, closely connected with the wings, leg guards and wrist guards each add 1 ~ 3 agility, for archers speed is not very useful, and agility can improve the accuracy and shooting frequency, 1 ~ 5 small square shield, of course the most prominent is that 1 ~ 6 strong strike bow.

Here to explain, the general archer is not configured shield, save the beast spirit power can be used to carry out the copper brand level, only those who get the beast spirit quite easy master will be configured full equipment, after all, more a defense is always good, provided that your have confidence, in the white clothing level only need 5 points beast spirit power on the line, but with the promotion of consumption will become larger and larger, the demand for the beast spirit will also strengthen, do not look Now feel very abundant, but to the top is not so easy.

At the same time, the difference between the whole set of equipment can not be more than two levels, simply put is the barrel effect, a short board, will affect the play of the whole set of equipment, so generally are recognized by the guild, and have the backing of the family archers will choose the whole set of equipment.

Undoubtedly, Saint Fibo is such an existence, his goal is to become a super archer, naturally will not be afraid of the beast spiritual power on the challenge.

"Give you a chance to strike, save others from saying I'm bullying you." Saint Fibo looked at the guy in front of him who could not tell his race, his body was average, a little bigger than the fox race, but a little smaller than the other large races, and not particularly strong in muscles, if it is more reliable to say that he is a shadow hunter, just this body, do other occupations are worse.

Zou Liang shook his head and made a please gesture.

This action undoubtedly angered St. Fibo, but also let countless orcs sigh, this is the only opportunity, he actually just let go.

The hand of the strong strike bow rotated into the hand, as the flow of water, an arrow a see hitched up, locked Zou Liang, "is you let go of the opportunity."

Full string.

Miso ......

Bow string violent vibration, an arrow extremely fast shot to Zou Liang, grazing the scalp on the past.

St. Fibo smiled, interesting too interesting, the first time someone facing his attack did not dodge, see through?

"This arrow is just a warning, to tell you something interesting, one of my six arrows is bound to be a sure shot arrow that hits 6 points of attack, you need to be careful."

Zou Liang still calmly looked at his opponent, in the bow and arrow grazed the tip of the hair extremely fast past, that scalp burning feeling, let Zou Liang very satisfied, sometimes he thought he was perverted, and actually like this feeling.

The string is like a full moon, the warning has also been warned, this time St. Fibo has entered his own combat state, he wants to kill this opponent with all his might.

Bang ~~~~

The bowstring shook violently, while the bow and arrow disappeared instantly, a rather extremely fast and smooth arrow, an arrow shot, St. Filippo did not stay idle, his opponent was the guy who took out Anthony Lika, with the agility and speed of Shadowhunter, one arrow was not enough.

The interval is less than a second, very smoothly another arrow shot, but this is not the end, the third arrow is faster, more fierce, three arrows finished zigzag surrounded by the past.

Can your speed be faster than such an array of arrows?

The first arrow pointed directly at the chest, this position regardless of the direction to dodge to make a complete move, while the second piece is the right side of the block, the average person will be accustomed to dodge to the right, and the third arrow seems to be incredibly fast, in fact, according to the opponent's change of center of gravity to make a complement.

The difference between a high hand and a low hand is in the details.

Murphy also quite appreciated that to dodge the three arrows, not only the brain to react, it is important that the body can keep up.

Unfortunately, Zou Liang neither moved left nor right, not to mention jumping up, facing a long-range attacker, vacating is to give people a live target.

The body as quickly as it was hit back down, three bow arrows almost grazed the body shot into the distance, and instantly Zou Liang's body and like a spring pulled, quickly bounced up.

Iron plate bridge!

The body bounced fiercely towards Sanfilippo rushed over, the archer is indeed a troublesome opponent, especially when there is not even a stone in his hand, how to fight birds?

Miso ......

This is all in Zou Liang's anticipation, the wings in eight out of ten is not a good-looking, very fast attack at all without force, the focus is the last bounce, while the other party to their jumping ability to judge inaccurately, to give the other party a downward spiral.

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