The Great Conqueror

Chapter 47 Trial

Zou Liang on the side giggling also do not explain, soon Olivia worshiped, the other party's eyes is so reckless, she can not really dig down, in fact ...... this pair of thieving eyes is quite smooth, "Hum, six pieces of equipment, I all rely on two points of the beast power to start, only success is not allowed to fail. "

Zou students stretched a lazy back, "small meaning la."

"What small meaning, you did not say that there is no certainty well!"

"To others is not sure, we are so familiar, certainly 100%, how about this, I want all successful, let me kiss you, if there is a piece of failure, you kiss me?" Zou Liang said rather smugly, molesting Olisia's feeling is really too wonderful.

"Ahem, joke, joke, ready to go to the trial tomorrow, you are ready?" Before the little beauty gets mad, Zou Liang hurriedly changed the subject.

"That's for sure, but I hope the help Avril found is not too bad!" A mention of the trial, Olivia immediately smile, she can finally be free to see the underground world, of course, for Avril, bones actually the world's first Olivia students or to compare.

Unbridled appreciation of the shining beauty of Olisiana, Zou Liang very wicked licked his lips, the story of the princess and the bear, very marketable ah, they have to perform well in the trial to do, well, must be a hero to save the beauty.

For the battle song, Zou Liang has understood seventy-eight, Olivia taught these long ago is not what he needs, just with the beauty to enjoy the world of two people is not always okay, the so-called battle song, in Zou Liang's understanding, but the beast spirit inside a beast called Ao Yi attributes released through the roar or song, shaking other beast spirit, to improve the battle, the song and roar skills. as well as the strength of the Ao Yi, will also affect the Ao Yi. Any technique that comes to Zou Liang will be thoroughly dissected with a modern understanding to find the various factors that affect the power and expand the factors that you can control to the maximum.

Once the techniques are dissected, Zou Liang will fuse the methods of both worlds to evaluate the plan, only in front of Thomas he still has to keep a low profile, in a sustained blow, Thomas is afraid that he will have to give up his seat as high priest.

Tomorrow will go to the trial, the evening Zou Liang of course to visit Thomas, this cheap master recently to be busy, raise eyebrows ah, Yerushalayim City of the various forces to line up to visit, while booking the period of the beast spirit change, especially those who have children at home, is waiting for the spring festival during the beast spirit change, almost all relations are used.

A good start is half the success, pity the parents, both worlds are the same, in order to get their sons a little more beast power, that is not at all costs.

So Thomas high priest that is quite a busy, although Zou Liang engraved several key points and he exchanged, but Thomas high priest since the discussion is also fifty percent sure, of course, if you spend more time familiar with the other party's beast spirit, and the other party's qualifications are better, then the success rate will also increase, Thomas is now needed to balance this point, sometimes Thomas is also thinking, his own smart and understanding disciple, the success rate Is really only 70%?


"Oh, Arthur ah, do it, tomorrow will leave for the trial, right."

"Yes, master, disciple will not let you down."

"Boy, good job, you have more courage than I did back then, let go, messed up, there is a master, remember, we temple people, only take advantage of not to lose!"

Privately, to their own this clever disciple, Thomas also do not hide.

"Hey, master, you know, the disciple is the first trial, people say that the underground world is very dangerous, the master has no magic treasure?"

This time there is no modesty, the underground world that ghost place information he has made up in detail, but after all, not the beast spirit world, death can start over, Zou Liang is also clear that he must really face this world, break through the trial this level to really become strong, or sooner or later to fall.

But the trial is not to send death, think Thomas has been the high priest for so many years, should not be without something good.

"You brat, I knew it, here, this is for you." Thomas pointed to a brocade box on the table.

Zou Liang is not polite a hand, in front of Thomas opened, look at Thomas straight shake his head, this kid really do not care at all, change a person, certainly take back before you dare to open, but this straightforward personality is also Thomas like.

The box is a long as a half hand sheepskin bottle, look at the bottle jade warm, into the hand or warm, such packaging, the things inside must not be bad, to Mengjia Empire's development degree, certainly did not reach the twenty-first world packaging first, the product N degree.

"Inside are five beast life Dan, is the year I assumed the high priest when His Holiness the Pope rewarded me, I kept nothing useful, so I gave you, do not use it until the critical moment, this thing can treat most injuries, the effect of eliminating toxins and is excellent, but where to stay breath, you can hang on to life, but one to consume a little beast power, but also to be used with caution. "

Zou Liang students unceremoniously sheepskin bottle to the arms of a stuff, compared to a small life, a little beast spirit power is a hair ah, this is a real good thing, their own cheap master in a critical moment or very powerful.

"Thanks a lot master, I will definitely raise the power of the underground world!"

"The strength of your team should not be a problem, but when you go out, any accident can happen, so safety first."

The last few words, Zou Liang could appreciate Thomas's heartfelt concern, old and without an heir, suddenly encountering such an interesting disciple, Thomas's mood can be imagined.

"Yes, Master!"

Zou Liang's heart is also a little touched, he is finally going to start his own path.

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