The Great Conqueror

Chapter 41 - Rule-breaking 2~5 (Request for recommendation)

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The engraving room, two soul priests are helping Zou Liang draw the array, they do white costume soul priests also have a few years, naturally can see Ou Nist's beast spirit level, this beast spirit can only be considered barely, probably can come out a 1 ~ 4 effect even if he bully.

The two soul priests also did not discourage, the boy insisted on a berserker warrior to do armor warrior, rash reputation in the temple also spread, do not also normal, after all, is the Bills, even if the soul priest is still the Bills, and the characteristics of the Bills is a "mixed", bear temper, I heard that even the high priest to stop are useless, young people have The confidence is good, but too arrogant but have to pay the price.

The first time the soul engraving is done, she knows the difficulty of it, the first time the failure of the example abounds, especially Ernest's beast spirit It is not particularly abundant, and a defense of 1~3 is thankful to God.

Olivia silently prayed for all to be safe,...... after all, she wanted to bully a happy Arthur.

Olisia is not bored, because Avril came, and I do not know whether by chance or prepared, the Ripert family has many ears and eyes, often donate to the temple, get such news is not at all surprising.

Olisia rarely care about people, her performance in Yerushalayimah City if no one believes it, completely changed like a person, few people can make her interested, what genius soul engraver, berserk warrior and so on, in front of her are floating clouds, but in this unknown Yerushalayimah City surprisingly bumped into two let her care.

One is Arthur, Olivia not often "rescue" people, rescue a is a great guy.

Out of a has been considered a miracle, but in front of another, according to reason, not to mention a Ripert, even if the six beasts of the young generation of elite, the role of the cities owl in front of the priestess Alicia, is still cloudy, no interest, no feeling.

Bias in front of this Avril let her have a sense of competition!

Obviously this Ribot is not an ordinary Ribot.

There is no Arthur present, two girls very elegantly sitting in the hall drinking tea, good cloud dream, the fragrance of the nose, one as clear and gentle priest, one is a bright-eyed lady of the house.

"Priestess Olisia is from the empire, right?" Avril smiled faintly, her smile was always so affable, but without the slightest hint of weakness, which was not quite the same as the softness of the average Riporters.

"It does not seem difficult to guess, Avril sister is very special." Olisia will not saber-rattling, in this level of competition, who first lost his temper, obviously fell behind, Olisia Priestess when a child but to eat a big loss.

This particular, obviously have other weight, even if the good friends in the city of Yerushalayimoh, get along for many years no one felt the difference of Avril, and this priest who has not seen several times can see through at a glance.

"Each other, the priest of Olivia to Yerushalayimah City should be a pleasure, sister is very familiar with this place, I will take you out for a stroll when I have time."

Avril, on the other hand, directly implied that sooner or later you are going to leave.

This is indeed the weakness of Olivia, time is the most terrible enemy.

"Some people even like a thousand mountains, there is always a day to meet, and some people see each other every day, but also indifferent to each other." Olivia shot back, she is not a good master either.

"That is called a destiny of a thousand miles to meet, no destiny opposite hand difficult to hold." Arthur's slightly rough voice rang out.

Both women showed an unexpected look, this ...... only how long?

A shield, even a skilled hands are half an hour's work, he only how long this?

"Senior brother ah, do not be sad, failure is the mother of success, next time try!" Olivia patted Zou Liang, this is to tell Avril, this is her territory.

Avril smiled faintly, "There is a fate of a thousand miles to meet, no fate of the opposite hand is difficult to hold, huh, Arthur, is that also hearsay, it looks like the first engraving is very successful ah."

This was the first head-to-head encounter between the two women, ending in a magnificent victory for Avril, as Zou Liang's classmate had already completed his first piece of work.

"Really, you really succeeded? The beast god is above, so possible, you wouldn't fool Ernest, right, how much data?"

Olisia said in surprise, the little girl although in judgment lost a move, but more Arthur happy, and in fact this is no move is better than a move, immediately wrenched back.

"2 ~ 5 defense, sloppy, wasted a little beast power is a pity." Zou Liang's regret is not false, he wanted to do as much as possible without damage, but the first time to cast although prepared for a long time, but still some natural loss can not make up, but for Zou Liang lack of experience, the world can not solve the problem, just can not find the answer to the fool.

Hearing the priests who have ended also walked in, just in time to hear the data 2 ~ 5, the crowd is a smile, including Alicia and Avril did not care too much.

"1~5, you're really a genius, not bad, in a few years of practice you can catch up with my senior sister."

Olisia did not avoid suspicion pulling Zou Liang, this is a demonstration, for Zou Liang, there is to take advantage of the time not accounted for that is silly, this hand and white and tender, holding it does not want to let go.

But the correction should be corrected, "It's 2~5."

"Impossible, there is never 2~5 white clothes, below silver clothes, all start from 1!" Soul priest Maru is an old pedant, mixed with half a lifetime is still a white suit soul priest, although no promotion potential, is a good old man in the minds of many people, after all, the price of the temple is much cheaper than the soul engraver guild.

Zou Liang stretched, yawned, and did not bother to explain, because Ernest had come out with a red face.

Clutching a large shield of one meter and three in his hand, his mouth was grinning to the heel of his head, yet everyone who saw this shield data was dumbfounded.

Both the priests, and the knowledgeable Olivia and Avril.

Such luck as 1~6 is there, although rare, but there are always so many lucky talents every year.

But 2~5 is impossible to appear, it is against the law, it has never appeared in the history of soul engraving.

Two priests have rushed over, a hold on the shield, while Ernest held the other end tightly, if not these two priests are old and often send meals, Ernest certainly threw them out.

The two priests' hands shook, Maru surprisingly old tears, "miracle ah, really a miracle, did not expect to see such a rhythm before death, the glory of the divine beast, the glory of the beast god ah!"

The two old men who are over half a hundred years old shivered incessantly there, making Ernest worried, these two people's saliva and tears will be the baby shield dirty.

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