The Great Conqueror

Chapter 39 - Preparing for Engraving (Five more to finish and request for recommendations!)

"Okay, I've already talked to Olisia about the basis of the battle song, I'm going to make a trip to Daros tomorrow, if you have anything, you can go directly to Master Hanny."

"Yes, Master."

Thomas nodded, the temple side suddenly asked him to go over there, and did not know what the matter.

"Arthur, I heard that you are going to the trial, take me with you." When Thomas left, Olisia pulled Arthur's sleeve and said.

"Ah, this can not, you are a young lady, delicate body, there is something long and short, I will not be finished."

Zou Liang's head shook like a rattle.

"Humph, are you my friend!"

"Of course I am, but it depends on what's going on." Zou Liang said with a smile, this little girl fought with him is still very young ah.

There's a saying that you want to catch a break.

Unfortunately, Olivia is also not a frugal lamp, the watery charming eyes seem to pierce Zou Liang's heart as well, the body gently leaning against Zou Liang, a faint fragrance came.

"Senior brother ah, senior sister on such a small matter, you will take me out to see, okay?"

Olivia speaks with this soft and tender voice, when it really makes Zou Liang's bones sour, but Zou students are really not good birds, patience is to gain greater benefits.

"Call a brother to hear." Zou Liang said faintly.

Olivia's small face sank, this bad guy, really want to take advantage of her, "I am your senior sister!"

"Aiya, master sister, master brother is timid, how dare to disobey the orders of the master, I am this food, clothing, housing and transportation are given by the master, master like father ah."

Zou Liang a sincere and honest Bill face, a serious said.

Angry Olivia straight stomp, "brother!"

Although the accent is not quite right, but Zou Liang every sweat hair is very comfortable, teasing this sister is indeed one of the great joys of life.

"Good, take you out well, it is not impossible, but must listen to my words, must be strictly enforced." Zou Liang said with a smirk.

Olivia's eyes twinkled, revealing a sweet smile, "That's for sure." When we go out, let him know how good he is!

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

"First accompany your brother to eat together, and then tell me about the war song." Zou Liang unceremoniously called himself brother.

Seeing Zou Liang's teasing eyes, Olisia immediately changed into a smile, the future war song priest told himself, to become a big deal, you have to endure.

The so-called battle song, in fact, is also a use of the beast spirit power, in the beast spirit, in addition to containing attack, defense, speed, agility in addition to a kind of Ao Yi, that is, the part of the helmet additive, on the one hand, can coordinate the overall data, on the other hand is to release the battle song, similar to the use of spiritual resonance.

It can boost morale and also weaken the enemy.

The little girl loves to show off, especially when Arthur listens incredibly carefully, giving her a double sense of accomplishment.

The same theory to Zou Liang's ears will become another system, simply put, the war song is a stimulus to the beast spirits, and the suppression of the demon beast beast spirits, just like humans in ancient times when fighting to have war drums and horns, only the role of the war song is greater, especially in team combat more obvious.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money for a lot of things.

The next week, Zou Liang lived an incomparable life, the morning training, the afternoon test their engraving techniques, theory is one thing, the technique must be practiced pure a little, on Ernest that point of spiritual power is really not enough to get, the evening is to listen to the good teacher Olivia speak war song, in fact, Zou Liang just want to enjoy the little beauty, proud look, angry look, cute look, are the same beauty, which makes This world without computers became colorful, what movie obviously, are floating clouds, are slag ah, sometimes Zou Liang also fantasize, if Olivia went to their world is not red through the sky.

Thomas really seems to have something to do, was expected to return within a week, but a letter said to stay in the province only for a while.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

In the eyes of outsiders, soul priests, although few, but not so defeated, I heard that other soul priests already have opinions, waiting for Thomas to come back to say that he will have to give him some eye drops.

The soul priests of the Bills are rare, but rare cannot be a meal.

Zou Liang thick skin, all as if not seen still my way, according to their own plans to come, early in the morning called Ernest up.

"Come on, let's show me a move, with full force."

Zou Liang opened his hands in a defensive posture, he wanted to test Ernest's sticker mountain crash practice.

Ernest scratched his head, set up a posture, a burst of roar and crashed, boom ......

Zou Liang caught Ernest's attack, the body cut out five steps, Ernest knew that big brother must have a way, but did not expect it to be so easy.

"Big brother, am I not practicing right?"

"That's right, it's better than I thought." Zou Liang's wrist is also a little sore, this kid is indeed just fierce, this sticker mountain avalanche more suitable for him, timing choice more instinctive, or, for Ernest to learn instinct, than their own brain is more real some, "this morning's training is canceled, rest well, I have to build you shield."

Ernest's eyes bubbled gold, "Do I have enough beast spirit?"

"Enough." Ernest's beast spirit is only eight points, forging a shield base is five to six points, but generally a white suit engraver needs ten points, there is uncertainty in the forging process loss, if a copper branding engraver to build a white suit, loss can be controlled at two points, silver light engraver loss will be even smaller, but obviously, unless it is a large family, otherwise you can not dream of hiring a silver light engraver to build a white suit.

Zou Liang said enough, Ernest thought enough.

(The new week guaranteed three more, at any time without interruption to add more, on the uncapped, there is a more in the early morning!

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