The Great Conqueror

Chapter 38 Change

Respectfully sent away this special soul priest, the old Rick also a little unreadable, he consistently believe in the lady's vision, in fact, the whole family is the same, the Riport family was originally the nobility of the city of Yerushamo, but there is today's influence road is the silent operation of the lady, the Riport family's strength to expand very powerful, not only Yerushamo, other cities, the business is also getting bigger and bigger.

In the Meng family empire, although the six beast race is the main force, but only from the average fighting strength, other races are showing their advantages in other areas, such as the Riport family, their character sincere, compared to the cunning Fox, people are more willing to do business with the Riport people.

So the Riport family has accumulated huge wealth over the years, but also caused some forces to peek, after all, without force, this large amount of wealth can sometimes turn into a disaster, the cities of the Riport's family is also actively operating to maintain good relations with the temple and other major powers, the method is only one, constantly send money, but also actively cultivate their own talent and power.

In the world of Ripert, only the core family name can use Ripert, and Avril is a special existence, unlike other races, the more the Ripert family will act in a low profile in this case, the expansion of the Ripert family in Yeru Samo has been very scary, but in Yeru Samo City is not too much wind, which is also Ripert has always adhered to the line.

The family also has high hopes for Avril, want to survive in this weak world, just by pulling strings like this is not enough, must have enough power themselves, this is the innate advantage of the six races, even the relatively poor Bill race, no one dares to underestimate the power of their huge breed, the policy has a tendency is also justified.

"Miss, you already have a plan, is it worth changing for this person?" Ritter asked concerned, he was watching Avril grow up, Avril made every step is right, who would have thought that the expansion of the Ripert family over the years is from the hands of this little girl?

Even Fox's wisdom, in her opinion, is also a child, not to mention that she also has Fox did not have the bower.

Avril smiled slightly, "Ritter, whether it's worth it or not I don't know, following this person will happen a lot of things I couldn't have predicted."

Ritter was a bit surprised, this is not the usual style of the lady, although a Beal soul priest is very special, perhaps this in the Beal tribe is considered a once-in-a-century wonder, but compared with Avril, it is not worth mentioning, not to mention that there are soul engravers, for the wealthy Ripert family, this is not a problem, in such a small person to change the plan, a bit let Ritter not quite understand.

"Let everyone else disperse, Kurt and Ichabod will have to call." Avril laughed.

"Oh, only Miss can get these two stubborn asses together and still not fight." Ritter laughed.

"How's the information on that mystery man coming along?" Avril asked.

"Have asked the city chapters to investigate, this person calls himself Zou Liang, a very strange name, there is no such type of name in the Mengjia Empire to refer to, it may be a false name, but the previous battle from Florenceus Anthony Lica believes that he is the beast god acting martial."

Fox erudite memory, such information Ritter completely memorized.

"The beast god Yumu, seems to be a very old legend ah."

"Oh, yes, Miss, that is an ancient myth, in fact, whether it has existed no one knows, but this person does have that feeling."

"Keep watching it." Avril nodded.

This is the part of Avril's division, to survive in this world, intelligence is the first, and in her opinion, instead of working on those big people who have already achieved fame, far better to start with the younger generation, these people will become the future rulers, the cities or beast spirit world whenever there is a special character, there will be an intelligence sent here, analyzed by Ritter, and then choose the focus to Avril.

Zou Liang expected Ai Weier will agree, not even too much toss, this similar to the modern feeling of friends, let Zou Liang and Ai Weier talk very comfortable, Ai Weier said will bring two very good attackers, that is certainly trustworthy, in this case, plus Ai Weier, this pharmacist, the team has basically formed.

After returning, Zou Liang shut himself in the laboratory and began to form his own engraving knife, the soul engraver's tool formed without any attributes, simply put, is a "waste" of beast spirit, the existence of any attributes in the soul engraving will produce negative effects, this is also Zou Liang feel more regret, but this step is no way, to The reason is that Zou Liang is very clear.

He does not need help, the whole soul engraving technique is clear, two whole days, Zou Liang did not go out, food is also the priests sent in, the high priest has instructed no one will disturb him, Thomas also trust this kid, generally speaking newcomers are in need of guidance, but this kid does not need at all, and to follow their own way.

Ernest trained hard, he is slightly less perceptive, but persistent enough, focused enough, will not be distracted, tie horse stance, do push-ups, these are simple, but most suitable for him, he will experience the changes in the body while training, but most of all he likes to stick the mountain crash, big brother said he can practice this move, he will be able to, will not let big brother down, and Ernest really wants to be strong, do A qualified follower.

This is Ernest's desire, even in simple people have their own ideals.

The comfortable life in the temple and the honor of the berserk warrior did not change much for Ernest.

On the contrary, Olisia is very boring, Ernest the honest guy is not fun, only know bored training, a person silly constantly hit the tree, and not afraid to pretend to be concussion, and Arthur and in seclusion, which can let the good hearted priestess a little leisurely, but Thomas the old fox is very generous to their own set of battle songs passed to Olisia, in Thomas's view, better than let Olisia run around the safe.

Two days later, Arthur came out of the gate, is the class of Alicia immediately rushed over, made Thomas straight shake his head, the heart also want to see the disciple's first engraved knife.

Zou Liang also did not hide, the engraving knife lit up, so that the expectant Alicia really a little disappointed, is an ordinary dagger, a little thinner than a dagger, no pattern, not at all like the work of the master.

"Arthur, this is what you've been holding back for two days to get out, one hour is enough, right?"

Olivia pouted, the greater the hope the greater the disappointment.

Arthur smiled, "I'm a newcomer well, make do with can use on the line, master, the knife has been good, these two days will use some demon beast beast spirit practice, first borrow, the trial will be returned."

Thomas also can not see what is special about this engraving knife, can only say that it is too ordinary, and his design a comparison, indeed, the difference is a little big, is the eyes of the master low?

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