The Great Conqueror

Chapter 37 - Learning the Battle Hymn

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Onist needs to focus on is to eat and training, other things, his smart big brother can do, basically in Onist's mind, Arthur is smart Bill clan.

The breakfast scene is completely windy, plates a pile a high, originally not quite accustomed to Olivia gradually also like this way, after all, too much fun.

"Arthur ah, what do you plan to do next?" Thomas high priest after all is the master, must be concerned about the disciple.

He did not give Arthur arrangements, because from the time he contacted this little guy knew that he was too opinionated, he said I'm afraid it would be in vain, just look at his stubborn insistence on making Ernest an armored warrior can be seen.

Paranoia, which is not a good character, but remember your own master speak, only paranoia to achieve a career.

For the management of food and housing cheap master, Zou Liang is still very respectful, if we talk about elders, the old man died early, in fact, he has not seen, only from Arthur's soul to experience the kind of gratitude, but the real elders are really only this cheap master.

"First I engraved knife to build a good, Ou Nist's beast spirit is almost enough, to build him a good shield, I am pulling together a little classmates, see if you can group a group to the underground world experience experience, the great beast god said good, do not experience the storms how to see the rainbow!

"You kid is really a good export, how to see the rainbow without experiencing storms, very meaningful!" Thomas stroked his beard and laughed.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

Zou Liang does not deny, this kind of thing can not be explained to explain.

"Do you want me to help you find some people, the underground world is very dangerous, I do not want you to get into any trouble."

Thomas thinks highly of Arthur and does not want him to have any problems.

Zou Liang shook off his hair, "Master, that will not work the exercise effect, besides you can not take care of me for life, and I have to fight for the Yerushalayim temple!"

This is really said Thomas heart to go, this kid is simply not the ordinary way up, this age to think so thoroughly.

"OK, you let go, there are places that need the master, just ask."

"Hey, the need to spend money, I will not be polite." Zou Liang's thieving smile, a side of Olivia is very disdainful.

This person is sometimes like a mysterious hero, and other times is a small rogue, what kind of person did he or she save?

Suddenly Olisia understood, this must be the task given to her by the beast god, this time to Yerushalayimah is probably to save him, save people to the end, since Arthur has such a good talent, she wants to make this piece of stubborn stone into a beautiful jade!

The thought that this could be one of her great achievements, Olivia was happy to open her little mouth, lips red and teeth white, that little look is in the temptation to kill people also.

"Master, teach me some war songs when you have time." Arthur said as he ate.

"Huh, you are also interested in this? Greed is not bad, do not learn everything." Thomas but until Arthur the boy's great, gifted, but also worried that he involved too much, so that nothing will be achieved.

"Master do not worry, I have a measure, although I am interested in many things, but will choose the main, just want to understand a little more, after all, more skills do not press people, the key time will still work, not to mention your disciple I am so smart and clever."

Listen to a Bill tribe in this "big talk" is indeed very funny, which makes Thomas and Alicia are a little bit can not help, especially with the Bill tribe slightly naive face, really interesting, but contact Arthur time long, it is difficult to him and the vast number of hard-working brave and generous Bill tribe linked together.

"OK, I'm a master always teach you the real skills, other than not, the war song is my specialty." As a high priest, battle song skills are necessary, no these two skills have long been driven down, Thomas also felt that his soul priest master when the name is not right, in addition to lead Arthur into the door, and even can not teach, he has a few copper brand level design in his hands, but simply can not take hand, offering ugly rather than hide clumsy, but on the battle song, Thomas high priest is the first master of Yerushalayimoh City.

"High priest, I also want to learn." Olisia immediately raised her hand.

This can make Thomas a little headache, other people do not understand, Ernest only know how to eat, either teach, or not teach, where will be so troublesome.

Zou Liang easily grasp this kind of joint, apparently Olisia above someone, and the people above want her to become a spirit sacrifice, and the people above and Thomas should be a friend relationship, at most pressed so little level, so Thomas is not too willing to offend, but also in the face of the apprentice, this little thing and do not want to hurt face.

"Oh, master, you teach me, let Olivia listen to the good, anyway, teaching is me." Arthur laughed, the "I" word bite is very heavy.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

This ass-kissing made Thomas's legs tremble and he quickly waved his hand, "Don't talk nonsense, how can this little skill of mine be compared to His Holiness, ahem, come back to me after dinner."

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

Olivia gave Arthur a winks, meaning that you boy really know what to do, but careful Zou students are still electrocuted, the heart of this little girl piece is fortunate to save the suffering priests, otherwise it is not a disaster.

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