The Great Conqueror

Chapter 36 - Posting a landslide (second shift)


At this time Ernest want not to do their best can not, keen sense of the upcoming attack incomparable terrible.

The orcs because of their exceptional talent, coupled with a strong body, indeed can no longer martial arts attainment compared to humans, the human body can not but developed thinking, creating a lot of gong techniques, but limited to the body, it is difficult to produce angry, only a very small number of people can experience the mysteries of martial arts, and these in the era of hot weapons can also become a companion, also led to the decline of martial arts, many theories really become theories, Zou Liang even over, but Do not say up, fart, but also difficult to appreciate the power of the moves, only feel that it is flowery fists and legs, look very enjoyable, really fight, not much use.

But now he is increasingly able to understand, to understand, the battle let him feel with his heart.

Eight Extremes Fist - Paste Mountain Avalanche!


An earth-shattering burst of bellow, whoosh ......

Snap ......

Olivia's hands of snacks scattered all over the place, Arthur in front of Ernest has disappeared, flying to more than ten meters away, half a sound can not stand up, feel like the body is not like their own.

Zou Liang walked over and pulled Ernest up, "This move is perfect for you, and you'll be more powerful than me when you use it."

Ernest's eyes were green, "Brother, can I learn it, can I?"

"Bullshit, be a little bit brilliant, if I say you can, you can!"

"What genre is this, what moves?"

Zou Liang showed a smile, that is full of complacency, this is one of the invincible techniques of our old Chinese lineage, it's just a pity that we can't get it here.

"This is my school, the name is Sticky Mountain Avalanche!"

"Sticky Mountain Avalanche, it has momentum, it's very strong, if I didn't have a quilt for it, my bones would be broken."

"Hmph, this move that only like this, I only increased the thrust and reduced the shock, otherwise the iron plate is useless."

Ernest's jaw was going to fall off.

"Big brother, how to practice?"

"Post the eight words of the mountain collapse, remember, strength like a collapsing bow, hair like a thunderbolt."

"Strength like a collapsing bow, hair like exploding thunder!" Ernest nodded desperately, if he said this truth alone he would definitely not understand, but after experiencing it first hand, he understood everything.

"Good, look at my pace, one step, two steps, three steps, the pace is dead, the person is alive, the pace is to match the power, the focus is the moment of power, you have to make the berserk power, crash out!"

"Yes, big brother."

"Now start crashing." Zou Liang scratched his head, in the beast god continent the only thing that is not lacking is the tree, various types of thick, Zou Liang chose one.

"Just this one, bump it, knock down one for another."

Zou Liang did not intend to immediately explain the skills of Qi, which is too difficult for Ernest, in the constant practice of bumping, he will slowly find the feeling of force, orcs can not control the beast spirit power as flexible as himself, but the instinctive gathering of force is certainly possible.

Ouest's relatively slow reaction, flexible fighting style is certainly not suitable for him, but to prevent the main rigid must kill, is the best design of his current stage of excess.

Zou Liang picked up the quilt, sweeping the dust, hanging on the rope to continue to fight, the master led into the door practice in the individual, which feels relatively simple to say in words, but the heart will depend on the perception, Ernest is so, he himself is the same.

Looking at a ground of snacks, Olicia knew that she was again by this play dumb Arthur "bully", just think he was all wrong, did not expect to be so powerful.

What kind of kung fu is this?

It's unheard of for a berserker to be sent flying for more than 10 meters. Warrior?

The corners of Olivia's pouting mouth revealed a smug smile, she was a genius, the first person she saved was so capable, no wonder everyone said she was a blessing.

Thomas listened to the report of the priests under him, a smug smile appeared on his face, "Is it that exaggerated?"

"Your High Priest, my subordinate does not dare to exaggerate in the slightest, I can lip read, and Lord Arthur seems to say that he did not do his best."

Gale nodded quietly.

For his own followers, Thomas is certainly trustworthy, to get such a high evaluation from Blast, obviously not easy, and even Blast seems to be interested in a fight, this kid is really a strange guy.

"The struggle of that group of guys up there is getting more and more powerful, such a subtle design is rated as flashy."

Thomas smiled after looking at the evaluation sent back to the table, I thought how will be rewarded, but the result is a large pile of criticism.

"High priest, the vacancy of the red high priest makes many people's eyes red, ah, there are at least seven high priests in the province of God Yao have the ability to compete, who all want to perform in front of Lord Shaman, but at the same time to combat the performance of competitors."

Thomas rubbed his forehead, this is the current situation of the temple, the temple gradually lost power, a lot of it is also because of internal conflict, but it can not be helped.

In the priesthood system, the highest existence is naturally the pope, the spokesman for the beast god, followed by eight shamans, the town of eight provinces, each first-line cities have a high priest, and the best of these high priest is given the title of red high priest, which is not only a title, but also a symbol of power and future, high priest many, in a city may be a popular figure, but in the whole empire is It's not much, and becoming a Red High Priest means that you can enter the Senate and really participate in the big picture of the whole empire, even if it's just a vote, the status will be very different, and there is also the opportunity to become a shaman.

The road to the red high priest is a hurdle, the past, the future is limitless, not past this life is so.

"Don't tell Arthur about this yet, lest it discourage him, after all these years, it's the first time I've seen such an interesting child."

As a follower, Blast doesn't get involved in commenting, what the High Priest says is what it is.

Thomas smiled, "Blast, what do you think of this child Arthur?"

"Great wisdom, able to take in and let go, his future is unlimited."

"Haha, it's been a long time since I've heard you praise someone like that, sometimes I really suspect it's Fox's brain, the Rhine's body, Leibert's flexibility, Bill's strength, and yes, add Bismai's talent, just short of growing a pair of wings."

"Our Mengjia Empire is vast and talented, there is never a shortage of talented ones, the important thing is to grow."

Gale said.

Thomas nodded his head, when the young reigning, not a few years to die out too many people, as a high priest, Thomas has seen more, but persevered, have become a dominant.

This kid will become what it is, Thomas are a little curious, the thought of this kid in front of him to play dumb, Thomas can not help but want to laugh, funny ah, fate ah.

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