The Great Conqueror

Chapter 35 - Accompanying the trainer

Seeing that no one is coming up to challenge, Zou Liang also finished accepting the beast spirit, this buddy is really powerful ah, unexpectedly brought four points of beast spirit at once, his goal has been completed, apparently no need to consume, in fact, it is also clear that at this moment, unless there is a surety is no one will come up to die.

Although the orcs are brave and fierce, but they are not fools.

The beast god performance?

It is a pity that the message that Lika wanted to convey, Zou Liang students do not understand at all, this mercenary guy is counting his own beast spirit value, the heart is pleased to death, the brain has flown to the moment of manufacturing their own engraving knife.

When Zou Liang left from the beast spirit world, people were like an exploding pot, the originally calm beast spirit world boiled up all of a sudden.

This is the warrior?

Apparently not all!

Shadow hunting?

Obviously not really!

In the orc occupation never such a profession, all kinds of pass is all kinds of loose, do not learn duck, this is every orc understand the truth, but apparently this "meat target" overturned all this, in the meat target called how do not feel appropriate.

Somehow, the combat altar around not all meat targets, or one or two white clothing warriors, there are many complete first level beast change or armor change of various professional warriors, and even some already have copper brand level equipment.


The comprehensive and frightening techniques displayed by this warrior were gut-wrenching.

Who is he?

What did he want?

I don't know who remembered the four words that Lika uttered with shock before he died - Beast God Performance!

The beast tribe does have an ancient legend, a long time ago the beast tribe once appeared a terrible profession, their body is a weapon, revered is the beast itself, the skills to the extreme, the legend is the beast god's doppelganger, representing the highest war spirit of the beast god, invincible, people call this profession beast god martial arts, and this profession of martial artists, only one generation, because of the indescribable difficulty of this, after Nine deaths to cultivate the profession, people call it Shura!

But this is only a legend, because hundreds of years, have not appeared such a person, the warriors also only think that this is only a beautiful legend.

This person ...... is Xiu Luo?

The next morning early Zou Liang and Ernest woke up at the same time, for the victory, Ernest did not seem to feel too much, but rather more believe in the training methods of big brother.

Zou Liang and Ernest are doing push-ups, in this regard Zou Liang really can not do Ernest, but Zou Liang's training focus is not on hard to improve muscle, but stronger combat techniques.

The doorway rope hanging a quilt, Ernest continued the basic strength training, while Zou Liang is hitting the quilt, this point makes Ernest very incomprehensible, never heard of training and hitting the soft stuff, but big brother do things must make sense.

Zou Liang is indeed experiencing, when on earth to study a lot of martial arts techniques, but are handicapped, there are many recipes and reasoning are not very clear, especially when it comes to strength, gas some things that require hard practice, especially hard practice is not necessarily fruitful, many times feel is exaggerated, but in this world innate with gas, also completed the foundation of these techniques.

The battle in the beast spirit world is invincible, grasping the rhythm, a series of strikes, but this is only preliminary, if he has the ability to exceed the entire beast god continent, it is the understanding of qi, that is, the beast spirit power, its mystery is definitely not just on this point.

Now all of Zou Liang's attacks are hard attacks, the skill of strength is not much, the former a little skilled under a little can be easily used, the latter difficulty has caused Zou Liang great interest, some fantasy attacks here with the foundation of the gas are likely to become a reality, and once mastered, can become a great killing weapon!

Olivia mouth constantly eating snacks, the heart also a little sigh, become a warrior is really not easy ah, except that these two training methods a strange than one, Ernest kind of arm a up and down, constantly squatting up and down, may exercise the strength of the arms and legs, but Arthur is engaged in what the hell?

Hitting the quilt?

If it is a little more normal to hit the stone, the kid is full of oddities, they are early in the morning clear here squatting, will not look at these things, right?

Leaning to stand on the balcony, high above, the two men's movements clearly, this is a special room for Alicia, just to observe the pair of eccentric brothers.

Two people just so morning practice for two hours, the two are already drenched in sweat, Zou Liang wiped the sweat, laughing: "Ernest, berserking is only an extreme means, not as a regular way of attack, can be used sparingly, not to mention as a dependence."

"Yes, big brother." Ernest nodded humbly, although he did not feel that there was anything wrong with berserking.

But Zou Liang must be strict about this, a berserker, Ernest may easily win some victories, but this is all overdrawn to get, perhaps the characteristics of the orcs are different from humans, but Zou Liang firmly believe in the truth of the conservation of life, more or less damage, this is secondary, if obsessed with this easy to get to the victory, will relax training, over time, it becomes dependent, and finally will not achieve anything .

Talent is a good thing, but the use of bad is also a hindrance, remember to take the university, his class there is a little prince of mathematics and chemistry, high school for three years, basically easily take the whole school first, usually look at the book bubble girls playing ball, said genius, but in the college entrance exams suffered a Waterloo, to the community is even more so, some good talent, and finally die out, the thing that hurt Zhong Yong, that is the truth, a lesson learned from the past.

The good thing is that Ernest is very trusting of Arthur, another person, would feel that this is jealous, very inexplicable thing.

"Today, I will teach you an offensive move, you full defense, fold the quilt a little to block in front of your body." Zou Liang laughed.

"Big brother, I can't beat you." Ernest hurriedly waved his hand.

"I'm not asking you to fight me, I'm just asking you to let go and feel the power of the move yourself, and I'll attack head-on."

Upon hearing this, Ernest was happy, "Haha, nothing else works, I'm the most resistant, I'm not afraid of anything without striking the vital points."

Ernest thick skin, and many years were practiced out, for being hit really have little concept, and long exercise out of the recovery ability is also quite amazing.

"Really, watch, I'll attack head on, watch my feet and shoulders."

"Come on, come on!" Ernest said excitedly, he has no other merit, is hardy, not that he does not want to accompany his big brother training, just his own movements are too slow, simply can not form the training effect.

Ernest is sluggish in places, but sometimes very smart.

Zou Liang adjusted his breathing, the balcony, Olivia put down the snacks in her hands, that is, well, which warrior training does not fight against,...... Ernest holds a quilt why.

Take a deep breath, a strong wariness pounced on Ernest, instinctive Ernest tensed up, his own big brother seems to change every day.

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