The Great Conqueror

Chapter 34 - Beast God Performance

Finally Zou Liang's face showed a broad smile, this is the most interesting opponent he met when he came to the beast spirit world, can let him use some real things.

Zou Liang is finally going to attack.

Casually took three steps, seemingly ordinary steps, not too fast, but a moment later Lika's expression changed, these three steps were completely targeted at him for a change.

Lika moved, but Zou Liang also moved, each step is pressing the other's rhythm, this is to see through, in the battle just now, Zou Liang has become accustomed to the rhythm and trajectory of Lika's attacks.

Shadow hunting is a profession of insight, because there is no defense, so every time you attack others, you have to put your own life on the line, this is what his master told him since childhood.

Although only seventeen years old, he had already gone through ten years of training, before creating a name, he did not want to disgrace his master, he had always felt that he was very talented and worked harder than anyone else, and the battles in the beast spirit world had verified this, and soon Florence's Lika, the name was also little known in the beast spirit world, and he was going towards the goal of the strongest shadow hunter.

In terms of technique, he did not believe that anyone could compete with him.

But today, he encountered the strongest opponent, a more ruthless opponent, in this section of his own wrist when that touch smile looked incomparably cold.

He still has one hand, he has not lost, for the real shadow hunting left and right hand like pure familiarity is necessary, and he also thought that the opponent's movements have been mastered.

But after his opponent moved so much, he felt a heavy pressure, like a completely different person.

That's right, Zou Liang was excited, whenever he met a decent opponent in a fighting competition, he would be like obsessed, those years, he could do without everything, but not without fighting, despite being an unreal game, as addictive.

In this world, when fantasy and reality are unified, all that is needed is an opponent to excite him.


The rhythm suppression that only Shadowhunter understands!

Lika has forgotten the pain, eyes sharp as a knife, constantly changing his angle and rhythm, but the other side is still approaching step by step, sweat drop by drop from the forehead, the day he left the master, the master said, although his beast spirit still needs to be honed, but no one among his peers can suppress him in rhythm.

However, this person appeared.

Like a dream suppression, the two breath traction, Lika's movements faster and faster, constantly adjusting their angles, but Zou Liang is like a ghost, completely card master, in this rhythm, as long as Zou Liang shot, Lika knows, he will certainly die.

A hunting shadow caught in the trajectory, is a lost lamb.

Get rid of! Get rid of! Get rid of!

Lika could not lose his fighting spirit, once he slackened, he knew he was done for, instantly his body swung wildly, his weight kept changing, this was a high shadow hunting technique - the Lost Fox Phantom Step, which was unbeatable in attacks and often teased warriors out of their heads.

But people do not know why Lika made in situ, the strangest thing is that the sweat on his head fell with a clatter, as exaggerated as in a steamer.

And opposite Zou Liang but just a few easy steps, gave Lika such a heavy pressure, finally Zou ** close to Lika less than two meters.


The inner cry, but the blessed dagger in Lika's hand could no longer be thrust out.

"You are a genius, with the most important sense of smell of shadow hunting, the sense of crisis, as long as still alive, one day will stand at the top of all professions."

Master said with a smile, Lika knew that the master had this qualification, there are countless people want to become the master's disciple, but he chose himself, the beast spirit is not very strong, but also only the fox race, but the master valued him.

"Master, there is no existence beyond the five major professions?"

Once the end of hard practice Lika asked, in this world, he thought the shadow hunting is the strongest, single invincible existence.

Master smiled, "legend, in a long time ago there is a kind of not need any weapons can kill everything occupation, their hands, feet, even teeth, eyes are weapons, can check the enemy to death, this occupation is known as the beast god evolution, this kind of person is called Shura, Shura are a single generation, can use any skills to check the enemy to death, if it is hard to say that there is a profession can surpass the shadow hunting words, that is the beast god evolution martial arts."

"Ah, master, how come there is no more?"

"This kind of person comes out once in a thousand years, so it can only be a legend." Master laughed.

Lika struck, his thoughts were not on his own attack, although this use of the Misty Fox Illusionary Step with the attack in the outsider's view is difficult to defend, basically any profession facing such an attack to defend, if there is no shield, it can only wait for death, but Lika himself did not have any feeling of imminent victory.

A cold chest, by the time he came to his senses, the dagger had somehow penetrated his chest.

The taste of death in the beast spirit world is the first experience, the pain penetrates the soul, but for a long-trained warrior, death is not at all terrible, the pain can also be transcended, even those who lost beast spirit is not what Lika care.

Because, once in a thousand years, the legend appeared!

Before dying, Lika uttered four words - the beast god performance.

Poof ......

Anthony Lika died in battle!

Zou Liang stood quietly, feeling the surging beast spirit into his body, he likes this kind of battle, when the blade comes in contact with the body, it always brings him a great sense of excitement, sometimes even want to try the feeling of the knife into the body.


Maybe, he's getting to like this crazy world!

Zou Liang looked at the crowd surging around the altar, waiting for the next challenger to quell his desire.

But the warriors all looked at the hunting shadows lying on the ground, they witnessed this extraordinary battle, and could even feel the helplessness of being stabbed by their own daggers into their chests, the hunting shadows were crazy, main attacking killers, they were bound to fall at the hands of their enemies because of their fragile defense, but ...... no one could kill the hunting shadows with their weapons, with the hunting shadows of fighting is the most dangerous of all professions.

But the unarmed man in front of him did it, fantastically killing a hunting shadow blessed by the beast god.

No one has ever done that before!

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