The Great Conqueror

Chapter 29: Mad Attributes

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Click ......

With a miserable scream, Matthews' majestic waist was squeezed into a small waist.

Completely losing his fighting ability, Matthews dropped to the ground like a piece of rag.

Ernest pounded his chest and roared wildly to the sky.

--Mad State!

Only one out of a thousand bears will have a berserker state, and a bear warrior with a berserker state is simply the most perfect berserker warrior!

The observer of the warrior guild had a bright light in his eyes, the strength and skills can be exercised, but the Bill with the mad state is the elite of the warrior guild, ah.

The president of the Warrior's Guild today is not the Tegus, nor the Rhine, but the Bier, the dark gold berserker warrior with a berserker state, the symbol of invincibility and courage - Lord Mephistopheles!

The dark gold berserker warrior itself is incomparably terrifying, and if he goes berserk in this state, he is unbeatable.

Mephisto was definitely one of the most powerful existences in the Mengjia Empire.

All of this made the berserk state a coveted ability for the bear race.

In front of the berserk Bill, Matthews that little power would really be a floating cloud.

But the problem is that this is an accidental berserk, berserk Ernest is not conscious, just want to attack everything around, a Matthews is simply not enough, he is looking for a new opponent.

At some point, Arthur had reached the field, Avril tried to grab him, but a handful came up empty, "Arthur come back, now Ernest is not conscious!"

Arthur walked towards the roaring Ernest, at this time Ernest's body rose a circle than usual, and his eyes were red.

Everyone's eyes were filled with all kinds of strange expressions, envy, jealousy, strange, etc. Who would have thought that the fool in the double handicap of heaven and earth would have a berserk physique, which meant that the warrior guild would definitely include him directly, and even if he didn't complete the beast transformation, a guild would naturally step in to hire a soul engraver for him.

A person who might not even be able to enter the second year, all of a sudden became a member of the warrior guild.

This kind of unsuspected berserking and its rare and unprepared, and the beast's combat is not much of a limit, fighting is the nature of the beast, and it takes a little time for the guards of the academy to come over.

The berserk Ernest sensed an enemy approaching and lunged, his huge fist slapped down towards Arthur's head.

Instantly Olivia felt the soul to be scared out.

Bump ......

The bloody scene did not appear, Ernest's hands were touched by Arthur, the outside looked like a handshake, but in fact, Arthur was using a wrist lock, Ernest was originally good strength, after the berserk, the power was enhanced twice.

Arthur also can not face hard, but several techniques enough to stop.

Zou Liang, who is extremely sensitive to beast spirits, could sense that Ernest's beast spirit was in an unstable state of excitement, and what he needed was to calm his opponent's beast spirit down.

People probably thought they would soon see a frenzied Ernest tear Arthur to pieces, but a strange scene occurred, Ernest just quieted down.

A glint of surprise flashed in the eyes of the Warrior Guild observer on the side and quietly approached.

"I wonder which Soul Engraver lord has arrived, and what is your relationship with this warrior?"

Linde knew very well that only a Soul Engraver could settle down a berserk warrior.

"Soul Engraver?"

Everyone could not believe their ears, even Avril froze, how is this possible?

This is more surprising than the emergence of berserk warriors, berserk warriors can only be said to indicate a good future, but the soul engraver means a straightforward nobleman!

The person in front of him was obviously a Bill, so how could he be a Soul Engraver?

But apart from the soul engraver, what else could restore a berserk warrior to normal?

Whether it was or not, Linde had to maintain respect, after all, the Engraver's Guild was something no one would want to offend.

"He is my brother."

Zou Liang said indifferently, his own beast spirit had calmed Ernest's beast spirit.

"He's a Soul Priest, not from the Engraver's Guild!"

Olisia had come over with gusto, correcting the question very persistently.

Soul priest or soul engraver is the same for Linde, see a spirit priest confirm, the expression is more respectful, the soul priest of the Bills, the beast god is above, I'm afraid this is the most interesting news of the year.

"Your brother is gifted excellent berserker, if you have time, feel free to come to the warrior guild to register, or we can come to your home."

Linde said respectfully, a berserker, a soul priest, it is clear that the prospect of this pair of brothers is incalculable ah.

Arthur nodded, Linde very sensible back to the side, and did not immediately leave the intention, there is the brother is a soul priest, and the brother is a berserker, what does this mean?

The younger brother's beast spirit change, the big brother must be a single-handedly, it also means that the future of this berserker is bright, but also without the fighters guild to contribute.

The surrounding students basically do not know the double stupid of heaven and earth, but today they do not know, wave after wave of shock let their brains a little unable to keep up.

Who would have thought that the two most useless people in the academy would turn out like this?

The academy first-year students out of a berserker warrior, a soul priest, this is enough to shake the academy hierarchy, the principal Lord Angelo is busy preparing for the spring festival, suddenly received this report is also frozen.

"You mean, the school has produced a Biel's Berserker warrior and a Biel's soul engraver?"

"Yes, Lord Headmaster, it's a Soul Priest."

"Soul priest? Grandma, Thomas the old fox has dug into my place!" Angelo said angrily, a Bill's soul priest what a huge publicity effect this is, this represents the level of the War College, enough to make him look great in front of all the principals in the empire.

"What else is going on, what kind of expression is this."

"This, Lord Headmaster, we do not seem to treat these two brothers very well, they ......" Fox faculty director put the treatment of the brothers briefly.

Before he finished Ankilo began to slam the table, "this group of fools, eyes long ** on it, such a genius to drive out, Thomas this rascal, when he was young, he likes to dig, this old not repair, immediately to prepare the best room, give me a reservation for the second year class, can not get their approval, hum!"

Fox's head teacher winced at the sharp eyes of the principal, "Yes, yes, don't worry, principal, I'll get it done!"

"Arrange it for me immediately, I want to see Thomas."

"Aye, aye."

Leaving the principal's room, old Fox wiped the sweat on his forehead, the war college, the temple, the engraver's guild three major forces between the competition is quite fierce, and the war college for the engraver's guild monopoly soul engraving industry is also full of cloth, as the beast race supreme skill college, their only blank is the soul engraving aspect, I heard that the war college internal consensus has been reached, which college can put the soul engraving college The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of it.

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